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  1. Stereo not working (even aftermarket)

    Hi all, I've been reading through and seen that in 2009 & 2010 there were a lot of stereo issues, but nothing seems to fit in with my problem. I bought a used 2008 renualt grand scenic a few days ago and the guy I bought it off told me the stereo just stopped working about a week ago and was...
  2. steering wheel controls not working with aftermarket stereo

    I have a Renault Clio dynamic 05 plate. I bought a pioneer MVH-X850DAB stereo and the extra wiring harness for the steering wheel controls. I have connected everything but the steering wheel controls still aren't working. Does anyone know why this may be? Thank you
  3. What happens to stereo display on dash if I fit an aftermarket head unit on Kangoo 1

    Can it be made to display from the new stereo, or does it just display the clock? Kangoo MK1:smile2:
  4. Replacement Aftermarket Head Unit - Clio Mk4

    In-car entertainment
    I recently purchased a 2015 Clio MK4 (Dynamique MediaNav) and experienced heavy bluetooth stuttering issues. Upon searching for a proposed fix, it looks like Renault brushed any responsibility of it and its basically a piece of crap. I'm looking to bin it and get something more competent...
  5. Changing TomTom Carminat for aftermarket HU problems.

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all... I have a 2011 Renault Trafic which was fitted with the TomTom Carminat system, I have changed this for a Pioneer Double Din HU but I have an issue. The Pioneer only gets power if the TomTom screen is also plugged in. If I unplug the screen it cuts all power to the Pioneer? I***8217;m...
  6. Megane Tom Tom Dynamique Aftermarket Head Unit/Screen

    Hi, I am looking to replace my head unit and screen completely, hopefully replacing it with something that has CarPlay on it - however I am unable to find any aftermarket replacements to fit my model. Long shot, but has anyone changed theres, or seen a unit/screen that will fit? I have a 2011...
  7. Clio 2004 aftermarket stereo steering wheel controls?

    Hi all, have been trying to get my steering wheel controls to work with my Kenwood aftermarket stereo for months now. Purchased a Connects 2 lead and more recently an Autoleads CP2 for Renault vehicles but none are working at all. I’m not very good with changing wires and all that but I presume...
  8. Renault Clio III aftermarket radio

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know any tutorial on how to install Steering wheel adapter (Clio III)? I got aftermarket radio, but guy in audio store told me that I would have to remove dashboard to connect all 3 connectors to the adapter. So I just want to know if anyone replaced that part and have...
  9. CLIO III - Aftermarket Radio and keeping Navigation (TOM TOM Carminat)

    In Car Entertainment
    Hello, I have a CLIO III , dynamique S 1.5 DCi from 2011 It has the automatic Air Con and the GPS TOM TOM Carminat Navigation I wanted to replace the original Radio with and aftermarket Radio, while maintaining the Navigation functionality. I didn't want to spend 200euros on the Paser...
  10. climate control aftermarket

    Hi Kids i think the answers no as i assume that there will be a lack of sensors. if i but a climate control, control panel from a scrap vehicle and swap it with my non climate control cluster (turning switch style) will it work or is it just a pipe-dream. Just an idea
  11. Clio Dynamique Tom Tom aftermarket head unit.

    In-car entertainment
    Hi guys, hoping someone on here can help me out. I have a 2012 Clio Dynamique Tom Tom. It currently has the standard stereo/sat nav setup installed. I want to replace the head unit with my own Sony unit. I'm aware that I'll lose the function of the built in sat nav but I don't use it anyway as...
  12. aftermarket central locking

    I have a Laguna II 1.9dCi 2004 with both key cards not working and due to finance shortage i want to install a aftermarket central locking unit, is there a tutorial, where to connect the wires ?
  13. 05 Kangoo dci 1.5 van aftermarket stereo removal

    In-car entertainment
    Hi guys, I've recently bought myself an 05 kangoo van, 1.5dci It's already got a decent head unit in it (JVC KD-R741BT) but the two standard dash speakers just weren't going to cut it. I've replaced them with some pioneers which helped but wanted to make use of the currently unused rear speaker...
  14. Clio MK3 (2007) Change to Aftermarket radio

    In-car entertainment
    Hello, I'm purchasing a 2007 Clio TomTom Mk3 in a few days and I'd like to change the radio instantly. I use Spotify on my phone for all my music so a AUX input is pretty much required. Changing the stereo in my VW was pretty straight forward but I'm having a hard time finding information on...
  15. Laguna III - Aftermarket SatNav/Tablet on head unit

    Hi, I have an 07 laguna hatchback 3 (without a sat-nav) I have searched the thread but have found no results where someone has added one to the head unit - I have seen it done on the Megane see picture in link; Wondering if anyone has done...
  16. Megane 1.5dCi Diesel 2013 reverse sensor. Aftermarket.

    Hi, Looking to drop the rear bumper off to fit a rear bumper sensor strip. Seen 7 bolts underneath. 2 in each wheel arch. Expecting some under the lights. Anywhere else? Also i need to find the reverse light live in the nearside little pocket in the boot. looks to be the brown wire but any...
  17. Cant find any Laguna mk1 aftermarket suspension! Help!

    General Chat
    Hi guys! I need your renault knowledge. Next week ill buy a 95" Renault Laguna mk1, the one with the glorious F4 for a daily use. Im planning to do a very light handling tuning to it, but im struggling to find ANY aftermarket parts. I just want to fit an upper strutbar and a suspension set, but...
  18. Grande Scenic TomTom & Aftermarket Head Unit

    Hi, I am new to the forum and apologise if this has been asked before. Just bought the car new and found the radio poor in sound and missed my DAB. Asked if I could upgrade to Bose, but was not possible according to the dealer. I bought an aftermarket Pioneer head unit, had it all fitted and...
  19. Fitting a Sony aftermarket stereo to Grand Scenic 2004

    In-car entertainment
    Hi, this is my first post - I've got my Grand Scenic recently and have been trying to replace default CD player with a Sony MEX-N4000BT. I've purchased CTSRN003 off from eBay but am struggling to make a wheel controller work. My Grand Scenic doesn't have any stereo/radio infor on dashboard...
  20. aftermarket projector headlights mark 2 phase 1 clio

    Cant get the adjustors to move the position of the lights and theres a hogh kick off to the left of vehicle. Can this be fixed?