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  1. Clio MK3 1.2 TCE Hesitant from idle

    Hi all, I've got a MK3 1.2tce from 2007 with 100,000 miles on the clock which is still a great drive, but for the past few months I've noticed a bit of hesitation if you don't press the accelerator enough from idle. What I mean by hesitation, I hear a few taps and then it powers into life, and...
  2. Part of Air Intake/Exhaust

    Hi I've got a clio mk2 1.5 dci and I have two questions. Firstly I'm trying to figure out what one of the components attaching to the air intake is and whether it can be easily replaced. Ive attached a photo and its the component to the right of the no. 15 with the rubber hose into the air...
  3. Laguna 3/III Air Con a/c condensation drain location?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi folks, Recently getting in my laguna to find it smelling like a wet dog, and rear footwells have water sitting in them. There appears to be more in the passenger side rear, and the front footwells aren't wet at all. I can remove the foot mats from the rear, and hold them up and it drips on...
  4. Trafic Air con disabled?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi All 2012 2.0 Trafic I recently had my aircon compressor replaced and a Regas. All was well but then it stopped. I got the aircon man back and of course it worked. It hasn’t worked since. He thinks it’s because there are faults and the van is disabling the air con. Does this make sense...
  5. Air con 0-ring ** Solved **

    Ask the Experts
    Could anyone tell me we’re I can get a brown o-ring or the size of it for my air con pipe on my Megane coupe 2013 I’ve ad it pressure tested and found a leak Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Disable Air Bags

    2001/2 Laguna 2 1.8 Expression. Having bought a child seat for transport of any of my many grandchildren, my know-it-all son tells me that I have to disable the air-bags in the back of the car if using a child seat. a) Can this possibly be true; (b) Can it be done without 'killing' all of the...
  7. Air bag and service light fixed then electrical fault and poor running.

    Hi All its been a long time since I have posted here, mostly because the Clio (2003 Clio 2 1.4L 16V RHD) has been running ok. (past tense) It is approaching winter here in South Australia and we have had quite a bit of rain in the past few days. Now on to my problem/s. This morning I took a...
  8. Air bag light and oil temp?

    Hi all, I have recently bought a 1999 renault master lwb high top ex patient ambulance and have spent several weeks converting it into a campervan. The build is pretty much done but now I turn my attention to the mechanical/electrical side of things which I must add I'm not so good at but I am...
  9. Fitting a air filter

    can somebody tell me how to fit a new air filter to my renault megan scenic
  10. 2010 clio initiale dashboard centre air vent repair or replace

    hi i reciently purchased my lovely 2010 clio initiale carminat tomtom 1.6 automatic. have a couple of problems i would like to share incase someone can help. 1) the centre air vent console has the plastic direction flaps dislodged and wont work.... can i replace the unit and is it a garage...
  11. Air vent tabs missing

    Heating & cooling
    Hi I need 2 tabs for my 2016 Megane. Probably the same part on a wide range of models. Renault Australia and breakers want to sell me entire vent assembly for $100's. Anyone able to help? Thanks
  12. Renault Master Air Suspension

    Steering and Suspension
    Ok, I have a 2009 Master Ambulance. After replacement of a flat battery air suspension stopped rising. Checked a few things, and changed the pump as only working intermittently (when tapped). Now not doing anything, and showing a series of error codes. Can anyone recommend a diagnostic tool...
  13. 1.5 dci 2004 air in fuel rail

    fitted recon pump and recon injectors blanked 3 pipes off from new fuel filter and sucked on pipe and no leaks but air in inlet pipe and froffing from return car ticks over and then a fuel knock can be heard and cuts out intermittently diag showing low fuel pressure and High fuel pressure in...
  14. Renault clio 1.2 16v, is it ok to drive with snapped air intake tubing?

    Hi 61 plate clio dynamique tomtom 1.2 16v I was doing a weekly check on my car today. I've noticed the plastic tube leading from the bumper grill to the bottom right (facing front of car) part of the engine cover had completely snapped, leaving only a small part of it hanging from the engine...
  15. help finding clio mk3 air resonator location

    hi, i have the '07 clio mk3 1.6L k4m auto and i noticed that the air intake pipe doesn't connect to anything from below. after search on google i realized that it supposed to connect to the air resonator but i couldn't find its location. can someone tell me where it located? thanks
  16. Missing air intake and unknown part

    Hi All, I recently purchased a clio mk3 1.4 petrol for my son and i noticed that the air intake pipe that goes from the front grill to the filter box is missing. When looking at pictures on the web there is also two holes on top of the pipe that i guess something goes onto it. On the...
  17. Modus poor air flow through vents.

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Evening all, having an issue with poor air flow coming from air vents. Changed cabin filter and it has slightly improved but not by much. I can hear what I assume is the fan which increases accordingly to the speed control dial. the air flow seems strong when I place my hand where the cabin...
  18. megan sucking air

    Ask the Experts
    55 plate Megan 1500 dci sounds like its sucking air under acceleration. all pipe work checked seems ok , no lights on dash . any idea's
  19. air idle valve

    Ask the Experts
    where is the position of the air idle valve on a 2004 renault clio 14 16v can you help please.
  20. Air conditioning

    Heating & cooling
    I have had my aircon recharged four times in the past 18 months and it sill only lasts about a week before packing up again. The last recharge was done by Renault last summer. They couldn't find any leaks and no issues on their diagnostic machine found. I have had the condenser radiator replaced...