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  1. Clio 3 Airbag

    I’ve got a 2006 Clio 3 I’m working on, the fault code I’m getting is Df072, which is the drivers airbag circuit 1 open circuit, and I was going to do the resistor bodge as a temporary fix, I believe the clock spring has failed, but I would like to know exactly which pins you connect the resistor to?
  2. Check Airbag ***x1f615;

    Hi guys I***8217;ve been searching through the forums trying to find a definitive answer. I keep getting Check Airbag did anyone come up with a fix for this? Ive asked this forum questions in past and it***8217;s always came up trumps !!!
  3. Scenic II Airbag Fault Code - help...

    Hi there Nice to be part of the group. Already fixed a few errors on the car I purchased, electric windows and handbrake fault. This next one does not see. So easy but here goes.. I just purchased a 2007 Scenic as a second car, the fault I am struggling with is a passenger airbag fault...
  4. Horn doesn't work; how to handle an airbag ( Solved )

    Hi all, So I noticed my horn doesn't work at all on my mk3 Clio. The circuit diagram shows is doesn't go through a relay and so is literally the switch, the fuse, or the horn itself that could be faulty. The horn worked fine when tested independently and the fuse is fine so that leaves the...
  5. Laguna 2.0DCI Airbag & Cruise Control

    Hey guys. Originally my Laguna didn't have cruise control fitted. However, after some research I added the cruise control switch, changed the squib for the air bag and cruise controls making sure the pedal and clutch pedals had the relevant switches. After fitting everything the cruise control...
  6. how to reset airbag pretensioner warning

    Hi i have an old clio II Jan/2001 x65, ddt2000 show that an error with the pretensioner , also it shows on the dashboard. usually i clean the connector beneath the driver seat and it goes for a week then comes back .. i wonder if i can reset through ddt2000. please see attachments. any help will
  7. Megane II airbag problem

    Hi guys changed my ribbon after the airbag service light came on photo says it all lol. I read all the helpful posts on the forum how to sort it.reconnected everything and the lights are still on im lost now checked plugs under both seats cleaned with contact spray just incase but its still the...
  8. airbag light on megane mk2

    Hi everyone, I have a megane 1.5dci manaul with 100k on clock. I have got the airbag light and service symbol on the dashboard and its MOT time in the next few weeks. I thought it was the clock spring so decided to put the 3.3 ohm resistor in to sort it out and it failed to work. I have...
  9. Scenic mk 2 steering wheel airbag warning light.

    Ask the Experts
    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone could give me any extra ideas to remedy the issue with the airbag warning light. I asked my friend who has an diagnostic laptop to see what the fault may be, so we plugged it in and the code given indicated to the steering wheel clock squib. I got a...
  10. Kangoo mk2 2014 Airbag ECU location

    I***8217;ve been having the usual airbag warning light issue, it used to go on then off, now it just stays on. I changed the seats for better condition ones, and soldered the plugs under the seats. This leads me to think the issue must be with the ECU ( either faulty of dirty connections? Or the...
  11. Clicking noise from doors + check airbag light?

    Hi My Megane III 1.6 dCi stc. (2012) has recently turned the service light on along with a "Check airbag" message. It turns on shortly after starting the engine; a clicking/locking noise appears from the doors, and the lights are on. I have found several mentions of "Check airbag" errors...
  12. Laguna II 2.0 automatic airbag problem *** Solved ***

    Hi my laguna II 2.0 automatic have an airbag problem with B100D, B100E, B100F, B1010 and B1044 error codes. I have checked many wirings and made some diagonostics but no solution yet. Here is the error codes explanations: B100D rear driver throax side airbag circuit B100E rear passenger throax...
  13. amber airbag warning light showing

    Ask the Experts
    HI, I have a Renault Megane 2004 and the amber airbag warning light showing :frown2:. I need to get it through it's MOT next month. I have read about how this could be possible on another thread, which gives me hope that it could be done, but I am not confident enough to do this myself. I am...
  14. renault megane 2009 esp, abs, break system, airbag and power steering fault

    A couple of days ago the sensors on my Megane started playing up, showing every possible error and completely bugging out. On top of the errors mentioned in the title, the doors kept locking and unlocking whilst I was driving. The speedometer went blank, the car temperature disappeared and revs...
  15. Check airbag warning light

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I have this problem with my 1.9dci Laguna 2 estate. Turn on ignition, warning lights come on. Drive around and they switch off completely, sometimes for a good hour or so, then may suddenly come back on. Having used the search facility I’m guessing it’s a faulty connection but would like...
  16. Megane 1 changed seats, airbag light on **Fixed**

    Okay, here goes. I have a Megane 1 face lift soft top, 03 reg, 1.6 16v. I have changed the seats to full leather as the originals were shot but there's a problem, the old seats had airbags in them and the new ones don't so my question is how do I get the airbag light/service light to go out? Do...
  17. Airbag warning light in hot temps / Tyre sensor warning light in cold temp

    Hi! First of all hope its ok to post this, I did search forums beforehand and found similar problems to mine but no real answers. I have a 2007 Clio Dynamique auto. When its been a warm day I always get the Airbag warning light and the amber spanner on the dash - it then disappears after about...
  18. 2006 Renault master airbag light has just come on

    General Chat
    HI My 2006 renault master airbag light has just came on today while out and about in the van. Had the diagnostc machine plugged in but no codes were found. Following reading a few posts on the forum I disconnected the battery and checked the wires and plug under the seat and all seems fine...
  19. Captur Airbag fault DR003

    CHECK AIR BAG - this is flashing up on my Renault Capur 2014 and when the garage plugged it in it came up as fault code DR003 Passenger airbag. He tried to clear it for me but it just kept coming back up when ignition was re-started so had to fail its MOT. It is a cat D and when I first got it...
  20. Clio Service and airbag light again

    Hope the admin dont mind me opening a new thread on this. If you trawl back through this page, you will see I have had the usual Clio problem of airbag and service lights being on. So far, I have done the pre tensioner wires under the passenger seat, changed the airbag ecu, the steering wheel...