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  1. Nissan Note Air-con repair advice.

    Other makes
    Back ground the MIL Nissan note 1.4 2007 - i've just mot'd it and as it went straight through, after a few small jobs and just done a full service and brakes for her for the price of parts - so saving the in-laws ££££'s they had £400 put aside to fix it.... spent about £150 now. They want...
  2. Remove Clio III Aircon

    General Chat
    I have a Clio III 2007 1.5DCI. The aircon only worked until about a week after the warranty ran out. I now have a hole in the rad so neeed to buy a new one. Has anyone Junked the compressor etc and replaced the belts with shorter ones, and different rad etc?
  3. Aircon freezing Megane 3

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone,i have a megane 3 2012 model,i was driving yesterday,after 30mins,i noticed that the air conditioning on my car is not normal,it's not blowing enough air and cooling inside the car,also,the fan becomes so noisy,after an hour of driving,i decided to stop to check what's goin on,lo and...
  4. Aircon Rad

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, I have a 2010 Clio Dynamic Tomtom 1.5dci estate car, RF10 *** and I need a replacment aircon radiator, but cannot find a part number on mine, can anyone tell me exactly which rad I need to look for?
  5. aircon not working

    Heating & cooling
    Had a look today at why air con not working (2008 grand modus) first thing I did a scan and surprised to see the words " air conditioning Missing" in the Multplex network configuration (see attached). Would this be due to it only having manual air con as opposed to auto air con? I have...
  6. Scenic 2012 Aircon problems

    Heating & cooling
    Our Scenic 1.5 Bose Edition has a problem with the climate control/aircon. It works for about an hour or so, but then the cooling stops and warmer air is then blowing in the car. We got it re-gassed a few weeks ago and the garage said that there wasn't a leak, but they also were unable to...
  7. 2001 Scenic - Aircon Dryer Receiver needs replacing - any ideas?

    Heating & cooling
    My car just went in for its MOT (it passed!) and at the same time I asked garage to investigate air con as it's not blowing out cold. Assumed it needed refilling. They tell me it's not that, instead I need to replace the Dryer Receiver. The cost of the part itself is not much (seen them on eBay...
  8. Modus aircon and odd noise

    Heating & cooling
    The aircon on my 2009 Modus doesn't work. The compressor clutch clicks and seems to engage OK but no cold air. When I turn off the engine, there is a series of five or six clicks from somewhere under the dash on the drivers side. Any ideas on this first? COuld it be a fan slowing down? How do...
  9. Megane 3 aircon fault

    Ask the Experts
    Hi all just got a 2011 Megane grandtour and when the air-con is pressed a hiss sound comes from the vents & air-con doesn***8217;t seem as cold as it should Is there a thread regarding removal of dash to check it
  10. 2011 Air con Issue Cost vs Worth

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Everyone, My first post on a forum. Today at 32c heat my air con on my 2011 Modus decided to give up the ghost. I am going to try the fuse in the engine bay first. If its not that then from reading on here its going to be about 700 pounds to replace the AC compressor as there is no click as...
  11. Aircon not wokring

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, When starting my car the other day the key clicked into place and has since been very loose everytime I start the engine. Whille this isnt an issue as it still starts I thought it may be worth mentioning as my next issue is the aircon in my 2004 Renault Clio Dynamique has stopped working...
  12. Megane 2013 Privilege Air-Con Problem

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I have a 2013 Megane privilege and the dual zone climate control air conditioning is playing up. When it is around 10 degrees outside and I put it on 24 degrees it makes the car colder then it is outside. But when you put it on 27 degrees it starts heating the car. Also on the left side it...
  13. Megane MK3 Aircon Hiss

    Heating & cooling
    I have a 2010 Megane Coupe which I've regarded the Aircon recently since it had ran out some time ago. Upon having it done I noticed a slight hissing noise which after time has got louder. Now there is no cold air and only hissing noise. The gas is fine as the pressure was checked before being...
  14. No aircon after swapping UCH/ECU

    Heating & cooling
    I was having trouble with a faulty UCH which was causing the indicators/wipers to malfunction, so I replaced them with a new one. I got a complete set of UCH/ECU/Key which all had the exact matching part numbers. Everything works (even fixed an issue with a dodgy window) but the aircon. It was...
  15. 2010 Trafic Aircon Repair

    Condenser Failed. Oil stain shows Leak. Piccy's should be self explanatory. BRAND NEW CONDENSER (AIR CON RADIATOR) RENAULT TRAFIC/VAUXHALL VIVARO/PRIMASTAR | eBay Despite what it says in the Advert, It DOES come with two New O rings. Which is better than paying Renault Prices. Hardest bit is...
  16. Renault Kangoo Retrofit Aircon

    Heating & cooling
    I bought a 2001 Renault Kangoo 1.9 Diesel with 47 KW. The type is KC0JEF, and the VIN nr is VF1KC It is a left-hand drive which I bought on a Police online auction, and I exported it to Austria where I now live. The car is as new, and was in Police storage for several years, with only 47000 km...
  17. Clio MK2 AirCon drain location

    Heating & cooling
    Hi All, I've not been able to find an answer to this for a Clio MK2 but where is the AC drain pipe so I can check it is not blocked. My central scuttle drain was blocked but I'd like to confirm the AC drain isn't too. Thanks Tim
  18. aircon compressor

    Heating & cooling
    Hi,had the aircon regassed today,no leaks but compressor is not kicking in,he said leave it as it could kick in now it's fully charged ?,I smell bull poo ,if there's relay or fuses i can check I'd appreciate a point in the right direction,if it's compressor it'll have to wait cos the trip to...
  19. Scenic aircon compressors

    Heating & cooling
    My 2005 Scenic 1.5Dci has dead aircon, the compressor is kaput. I have the opportunity to get a working compressor off a 2005 Grand Scenic 1.9 Dci. Are they the same compressor for both engine types? From the pics I've been able to find, they appear to look the same, but it would be nice to...
  20. 03 scenic auxillary belt,aircon to non aircon

    hi all my 03 scenic 1.9dci aircon pump has gave up the ghost,,ive been to my local motor factors and got a belt for non aircon,,for love nor money I cant get it to fit the number on the new non air con belt is 6PK1138 ,have just phoned them back and they assure me its the correct belt for non...