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  1. Round the world Solar aircraft flight.

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    For anyone interested Solar 2 as taken off on the first leg of it's round the world solar powered flight from Abu Dhabi and is now heading down The Gulf of Oman, it can be tracked on line it's reg number HB-SIB. This should work. but only when it is in range of a receiving station...
  2. For anyone interested in old WW11 aircraft.

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    The Canadian Lancaster the only other flying besides the BBMF one in the UK will be arriving in the UK around the 8th Aug and will be flying in company with the BBMF flight Lancaster, this will be a once in a lifetime chance to see 2 Lancasters together for most of us...
  3. Aircraft landing in the Hudson Video Sim.

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    US authorities video with A.T.C Transmissions, Pilot reacted so quickly in so little time !
  4. Anyone else involved in the new aircraft carrier project?

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    Was just curious to see if anyone else is involved in the new carrier project in any way, Especially at Rosyth dockyard:)
  5. Mobile phones soon to be allowed on aircraft

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    Jeez that's all we need some a*** sitting near you on a mobile the whole flight recounting their minute by minute woes :( Mobile phones soon to be allowed on aircraft | The Register " Mobile phones will soon be heard on commercial aircraft, subject to regulatory approval. UK communications...