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  1. Alan Hellmeister suffered two broken legs

    Mercedes GT Open racer Alan Hellmeister suffered two broken legs in a horrific crash after the chequered flag in race two at Monza on Sunday. His Mercedes-AMG GT3 suddenly veered to the right after crossing the finish line, and crashed head-on into the Armco barriers – just after the pit lane...
  2. Sloshing Noise

    I have a 2004 1.2 Clio extreme with very low mileage, the car has proved to be reliable but occasionally a strange noise can be heard while travelling which sounds like water running through a pipe. I have thought the answer may be the sunroof but the interior of the car is perfectly dry
  3. RIP Alan Rickman

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    Fantastic Actor
  4. Alan from yorkshire. ( now living in spain)

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    Hi just a quick one to say hi,as I now live in spain, I hope when I have a problem you can help, I've just bought a megane scenic 2006 1.6. 16v and everything works, but can any one help me how can I find out roughly what mph it's doing on screen,everything I have is in Spanish (I will learn).so...
  5. Alan

    Does anyone know the cylinder numbers? My 2001 Laguna V6 says problem with cylinder five. It's misfiring but I don't know which one to check. I was going to replace the pencil coil and plug first.
  6. alan

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    hi i am a newbee to forums but need help on abs warning light coming on at 40 mph ?
  7. Alan Sh

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    Hi there..... I've been driving renaults on and off since 1984 when I got the Fuego. Had various Laguna's since then and now have the 2006 model. I am also well into motorcycles - and have 3 modern and one classic in the garage Alan
  8. Alan S

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    A Renault owner who enjoys driving
  9. Alan jenkins

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    Hi everyone my name is alan jenkins i run my own mobile auto electrical and diagnostics company in south wales i work a lot on renault cars and vans and i also own and drive a clio 1.2 2002 i am hoping to use this site to help me in my work but also to help other users THANKS...
  10. Alan

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    hello all, elderly scenic owner saying hi,thats the car and not me, I have a 98 model which is rusting around the rear wheel arches, is there any after after market add on's, ie. plastic trims etc available ? Alan.
  11. Alan

    I have a 1.4 megan 2002 24000 mile with a missfire ive changed the plug and the coils any sujestion on where to go next any help would be apreceated
  12. Welcoming New Members Part 1

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    Hi razza, and welcome to RenaultForums We only launched the site today, so you are one of our very first members! Hope you enjoy your visit :)