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  1. Please HELP! I have a Renault Clio Alize 1.4 16v.

    Hi All ***x1f917; In not in a position to pay to have fixed. As in not working due to only just being out of plaster cast. 2 broken heal bone's and 2 broken wrists. So had to have a go myself. My Alternator went. It was tested by a garage. But when he told me how much I just couldn't have it...
  2. Interference or non-interference engine? (Laguna Mk1 Alize, yr2000, 1.8 16v, petrol)

    Hi, Can anyone clarify with certainty, whether the Laguna Mk1 Alize, yr2000, 1.8 16v, petrol engine is an interference or a non-interference engine? I have googled, but could not find a definite/reliable answer. Many thanks!:grin2:
  3. Laguna Alize 1.8 16v Yr,2000: Throttle sticky when engine is running.

    Good day everyone, I have just acquired a Laguna Mk1 'Alize', 1.8 16v, manual, petrol, hatch/saloon (yr:2000), which I like very much. The car has done 82,000 miles. The car has one small niggle: The throttle is sticky, but only when the engine is running. Can anyone tell me the likely cause...
  4. Renault megane scenic alize 2001

    Hi Guys I have recently purchased a Renault megane scenic alize 2001 1.6 and I am having a few issues. Need to check the fuses on the interior lights door sensor and the front fogs although fitted don't work.. The lights work when I unlock the car with the remote but not if the car is unlocked...
  5. 1.4 8v clio alize sluggish and under powered help!!!

    Hi guys n gals, posting all the way from SA. I have a 2001 mk2 ph1 clio alize, love the car and this forum but have a bit of a worry though, car is seriously sluggish and i have checked things like icv, spark plugs, throttle cable, butterfly ect. Cambelt was apparently done just before i bought...
  6. Renault Clio alize 1999. Intermittent over revving

    Hi all. I am new to the forum thing so if I do something or post in the wrong place, please forgive me. As stated I have a 1999 Renault Clio Alize. The car is in great order and only done 49000 miles when I bought it. It has started to over rev, sometimes when sat at a junction or traffic...
  7. Renault Alize (clio) 1.4 8v 2000

    Hello people my name is Johan and i desperately need some advice , please I really need some help to get my vehicle running again. I have a Renault Alize. (Clio) 1.4 8v 2000 which has red immo light flashing, central locking not working and will at times start but immediately cut out again. It...
  8. espace alize,1996, MkII - NO LIGHTS!!

    My headlights, inc sidelights and main beam plus rear tail lights have stopped working ( Brake lights, hazards and indicators all fine) The fuses in the glove box have been checked and all fine, the stalk on the steering wheel has been checked and is fine. Is there a single relay that deals with...
  9. Clio Alize 1.4 16v os drive shaft

    Hi. I've read a number of posts on drive shaft replacement ( it looks fairly straightforward) but none that I have seen have answered my question. When removing the drivers side drive shaft will the gearbox oil drain out. I thought I saw somewhere that the male splined bit was was part of the...
  10. 2000 Renault Megane CAB.SPORT Alize 16V

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, just got my hands on a 2000 reg Renault Megane CAB.SPORT Alize 16V with 1 owner from new ( a family friend ), 40000 miles and full service history. Its in immaculate condition so seemed a bargain at £600. The back seats have been converted to a storage box by the original dealer but I have...
  11. Megane Scenic Alize 16v Misfiring??

    Hi Guys, proper newbie here, but really glad you guys are here. I hope someone can help me out. I'll no doubt be here again in the future as I do like Megane Scenics. Anyway, I've just bought a 2000 Alize 16v. I had a mate come with me and he's told me it was missing. He said it didn't seem too...
  12. Renault scenic Alize immobilers not working

    Hi there I have a 2000 reg Renault scenic Alize 1.6 auto it's been sat for a while The Central locking does not work or the immobilising light in the dash isn't doing any thing not flashing or on at all the car turns over but isn't starting you can also hear the fuel pump engaging the...
  13. Clio Mk2 1.4 Alize Automatic Speedo

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me here. I have a LHD Mk 2 Clio 1.4 Alize Automatic that i am soon to be importing from The Netherlands to the UK. I have to make some changes for it to pass a British MOT, i know what i have to do however i am having some trouble finding a speedo/instrument...
  14. Radio instillation Renault Clio Alize

    Hello. I recently bought a renault clio alize, 1.4 16v 5 door hatchback. Everything is fine with the car, however i had to jump start the battery and the radio required a code. entered it too many times apparently, and it is now saying error. i want a new radio anyway, one with an aux input/usb...
  15. Clio Alize door problems

    Hi, recently bought a 5dr clio Alize, unfortunately the osr door won't unlock by central locking or by manually pulling the lock tab. Has anyone experienced similar problems? Thanks
  16. Renault Clio Alize (Year 2000) Help...

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi everyone... I've just purchased a Clio Alize (year 2000) from a friend of mine. No owners manual and no sticker inside the drivers or passengers side door. I was wondering if anyone knew the tyre pressures so that I can get them a little air boost. Thanks so much for your time.
  17. 2001 Clio Alize 1.4 16v possible multi relay box issue?

    Hi, My wife has a 2001 Clio 1.4 16v Alize. The sunroof seals gave up the ghost recently, which hopefully I have repaired but i think where water has leaked into the car it may have damaged the multi-relay box. The heater, rear window heater and ac controller doesn't get any power, I assume the...
  18. Clio 1.4 Alize auto 5Dr cutting out

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Stressed owner seeks help/advice on Clio Alize 1.4 Auto petrol,starts first time runs fine and then when she's hot just cuts out when stationary, at lights , islands, junctions or whilst selecting reverse, has regular services and just removed and cleaned throttle body, garage says age could...
  19. renault megane sport alize 1999 convertible roar screen

    Hi all, i have :moonie: and i have to change the rear screen because its old. Somebody can help or give me any ideas i live in Lowestoft, Suffolk, Uk Thanks
  20. renault megane sport alize 1999 convertible roar screen

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, i have renault megane sport alize 1999 convertible and i have to change the rear screen because its old. Somebody can help or give me any ideas i live in Lowestoft, Suffolk, Uk Thanks