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  1. For sale
    GENUINE Renault Clio RS wheels. Bought for my Clio RS rep but sold the car with original wheels, so they’re just taking up space All 4 alloys are in very good condition with 1 or 2 very small defects in the paint Tyres are Dunlop Sportmaxx 205/40/18 with plenty of tread left on them There...
  2. Wheels & tyres
    will genuine renault traffic alloys from a 2010 van fit a new 2017 traffic van
  3. Wanted
    I am looking for a set of 2007 CLIO DYNAMIQUE alloy wheels with tyres in good condition in the Manchester/Salford area (the picture of the type I want is attached).
  4. Wheels & tyres
    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone here knows what the name/code of these alloy wheels are. I've looked what feels like everywhere and have not turned up any results :/ May be tempted to get some if i can find out the name for them >:) If it helps, I believe they are 14" and for the old...
  5. Wheels & tyres
    Our Clio 2 2003 failed the NCT (MOT) on quite a few things and mechanic said wasnt worth repairing so friday picked up an old 2002 clio 2 out of the paper cheap with MOT on it for a few months just to get us out of trouble - our 2003 clio 2, has alloys on it and the tyres are 185/55/15 and could...
  6. Wheels & tyres
    Hi all, I'm hoping that someone in the Reading or Petworth areas might be able to help me out... I have lost my alloy key and need to get my locking wheelnuts off urgently (and will thence bin the pesky things) but can't get a replacement key before next week. I'm pretty sure of the one I need...
  7. Wheels & tyres
    I have checked through the forum and there seems to be plenty of options for the Trafic but unfortunately not the Master. I would like to put some alloys on the van, cheaply of course so happy with second hand. PCD is 5 x 130. Any ideas what other brands fit Cheers
  8. Wheels & tyres
    im having issues and probably over thinking this, but, im looking to get new alloys for my 2006 laguna, currently have (nearly square) impulsions fitted. whats confusing me is that renault say an offset of 35-50 mm but having checked the actual wheel fitted it appears to have an offset of...
  9. Wheels & tyres
    Hi, Does anyone know where i can find the paint code or recoment a supplier for touch up paint? I have some alloys for a Megane 3 GT coupe that require attention , the wheel is called Celsium and its finnished in a dark metallic silver. Any help would be great, thanks.
  10. For sale
    Andy, Forum rules preclude buying & selling for those with a post count of less than 5, as the PM System is not available till then
  11. Wheels & tyres
    Can someone help me I've just bought some silverstone alloys for my 1.8 2001 laguna after a long search I had 16 steel wheels on I've bought new bolts with locking nuts I've FITTED them on the car but when I've tightened the nuts the wheels won't move are the wheels the wrong ones are the nuts...
1-11 of 128 Results