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  1. Tuning & Modding
    Hi all, My 2010 scenic just has steel wheels on at the moment which I’d eventually like to change. I fancy putting some Megane 225 alloys on it but wondering if they’d fit or not. I’m guessing the PCD will be ok. Just the offset etc Any help appreciated. Oh and if you have a scenic III with...
  2. Wheels & tyres
    Trying to find 1 or more alloys, so I can swap out my spare, and maybe replace one that seems a bit worse for wear. But I can't find the alloys that are on my car anywhere, and don't know what to search. Its a Laguna Mk3 Initiale and i'm starting to think whoever specced this put something...
  3. Wheels & tyres
    I have a well looked after (aka spent a LOT of money on) 2006 megane coupe/cabrio ... a couple of months ago, a thief broke both window regulators forcing his/her way into my car through the windows to steal a backpack ***61516; Turns out Insurers just wanted to write off my car, unseen...
  4. Wheels & tyres
    ok so i've found a nice set of orginal 16" alloys for the motor - finally Now the question is Wheel bolts - way to many to trawl through , ive figured that they are m12x1.5 its just the length, joggle washer or not or can i use the ones off the steelies until i get some ?
  5. Wanted
    As per the title, I am after a set of 4 18 inch Celsium or Mille Miles alloys for a Laguna 3.
  6. For sale
    I am selling a set of 4 Drenalic alloys from a Laguna 2. Thought they would fit my Laguna 3 but they don't hence they are for sale. Looking for offers around £250. For full details please see my ebay listing here
  7. Wheels & tyres
    Have Celsium Alloys on my 2013 GT Line. After 22,000 miles the dark metallic paint is both bubbling (apparently corrosion) and peeling off. I believe this is either a manufacturing defect or the use of materials not fit for purpose. Renault advise me this is either caused by weather or external...
  8. General Chat
    whats so special about used renault alloys? when looking for nice alloys that arent kerbed to high hell they seem to be £2-300 on the 5 bolt pattern. and basic 16" vary from £90 for a single to £200 for a set, to the point im now looking at new with tyres !!!
  9. Vans
    Hi folks thanks for the add. I have a trafic 2013 it has 16 alloys but I have have just got a set of range rover sport alloys size 19 can any 1 tell wit i need to fit them to van nd the right size of tyres I can put on without rubbing? Thank camie
  10. Wheels & tyres
    Looking to upgrade my kangoo's wheels away form steels to some original Renault alloys. I see an advert for some Clio 4 Stub 185/55/15, and I wonder if they'll fit my mrk 1 2008 Kangoo? Thanks for any info
  11. Wheels & tyres
    Hi Looking for some advice please... I have just purchased a mk3 Clio 2008 Extreme. It has 165/55 R16 wheels. Can I replace these with 16" alloys with 205/55 R16 tyres? Without any problems, rubbing etc Thanks
  12. For sale
    I'm selling a set of 4 proteus alloy wheels fresh from my car , all in great condition. one has a slight scrape and is easily touched in. so the pictures added show all 4 wheels ,each individually and an extra close up of the scrape so you know what your buying. no buckles no kerb rash except...
  13. For sale
    Set of 15 inch x 6.5 inch Alloys for sale in very good condition. No damage to Alloys & all four tyres are road legal with lots of tread £160 ono based in Coventry
  14. Exterior styling
    Hi, could anyone carry out or recommend someone in the South (Dorset/Hants/Sussex) that can increase the central bore of a set of alloys? Got a set that are 60.1 but need to be 66.1 to fit on to the Megane! Thanks
  15. Wheels & tyres
    Hi, just wondering if anybody here has had these funny little white marks on their alloys. Back in my Skoda days it was called 'spider whitening' and as recently as last month i had the same on my Golf but the wife's Clio has this on 3 alloys and we only bought it new in sep last year so after...
  16. For sale
    not sure if im allowed to advertise things for sale on here if not please let me know ill delete it straight away. looking at selling my ronal r7 alloys 4x100 anyone interested Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  17. Vans
    Fitting Alloy wheels To Trafic, Second generation (X83; 2001–2014) Info also applies to Vivaro & Primastar. There are some Trafic models fitted with alloy wheels as standard, but the majority have ugly steel wheels. They have a PCD (Pitch circle Diameter) of 118mm. 2014 onwards, Trafics have a...
  18. Wheels & tyres
    Hi, I'm looking to buy 182 alloys 4 stud for my mk3 2006 Clio. I recently hit a pothole which ruined two tyres and two rims hence buying new alloys. I'm a bit worried if the Clio mk2 182 alloys would fit a Clio mk3? I don't want the wheels to rub anything in the arches or components. Any...
  19. Exterior styling
    Hi folks, Pondering some new alloys for the Trafic and wondered what people were using. I'm changing this it to a camper so will be lowering (-30mm) and changing the wheels. Can't decide on 17" or 18". I don't want the ride to suffer too much, if at all, nor do I want to increase the road noise...
  20. Wheels & tyres
    Hi All , i joined today , i want to fit clio PH2 16 inch alloys with 195/45/16 tyres to my 2002 renault kangoo van and was wondering if anyone knew what size spacers i would need for front and back or is there any way of measuring the distance or if anyone local to me in essex , also a cheap...