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  1. FS:- Sony Alpha SLR

    For sale
    Sony A100 DSLR, Sony 18-55mm lens with skylight filter. Also included:- Original Sony Charger & Battery USB Cable 1Gb, 2Gb and 8Gb memory cards. Lowepro Camera bag. All in excellent condition. £130 including UK mainland delivery.
  2. Today is the 20th anniversary of the Piper Alpha disaster

    General Chat
    167 men from across the globe lost their lives, 61 survivors . A high price to pay for our fuel I will be attending the Memorial service at Aberdeen's Hazelhead park today My thoughts are with those who lost loved ones and the survivors who are still marked by this tragedy R.I.P Piper...
  3. Meaning of alpha letter in service display?

    Hi, from the really useful tips found on this site, I have been able to cancel out the service spanner on my 2003 Laguna Initiale 1.9 DCi, - BUT.... am still left with the letter M istill showing on the display. Does this mean Malfuntion ?, And if so, any suggestions to how I find out what...