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  1. Engines
    Hi all, I'm an owner of a Mégane Sport RS2 2008 and I live in Costa Rica. I'm looking to change the coolant of my car. I know that the easiest answer is to buy Renault's Type D Antifreeze. However the local dealer doesn't offer it (yeah, the dealer sucks - but that's another topic). So, what...
  2. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hello i am searching for an alternative brake load sensing valve that will fit an 1992 Renault Trafic Elddis motor home What other make would fit that thanks
  3. Engines
    My engine died. What could i replace it with and where would you recommend sourcing a replacement? I heard Iveco do a model. Thanks.
  4. Electronics
    Hi I've got a non functioning audio system but Sat-nav appears to be working (minus voice commands obviously). I can live without sat nav and loss of functionality but would like to fit a basic cheap aftermarket audio system to at least get radio/cd/mp3. I'd be really grateful if someone...
  5. Interiors
    I'm looking to put only just 2 seats in the front of my Renault Master as I'm converting it into a camper, and get rid of the double. Are there any other Renault or misc seats with height adjustment that may easily fit? Perhaps from an old Laguna or something. Thanks, Graham
  6. Interiors
    Hi there, I've a 2004 Renault master with the original 'boring' steering wheel with no airbar. Is it possible to use another logo'd Renault steering wheel in place of this, and for it to fit straight on? Thanks, Graham
1-6 of 10 Results