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  1. Engines
    Hi all, I'm an owner of a Mégane Sport RS2 2008 and I live in Costa Rica. I'm looking to change the coolant of my car. I know that the easiest answer is to buy Renault's Type D Antifreeze. However the local dealer doesn't offer it (yeah, the dealer sucks - but that's another topic). So, what...
  2. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hello i am searching for an alternative brake load sensing valve that will fit an 1992 Renault Trafic Elddis motor home What other make would fit that thanks
  3. General Chat
    You get the idea, sillier the better........ Pictures Please...... Sorry about the focus, well tis the smallest room :frown2: Been doing some bathroom Cladding. Piggin Cloaking strip wouldn't stay still whilst adhesive was setting. This is the method. Tools from the 1970's helped.
  4. Engines
    My engine died. What could i replace it with and where would you recommend sourcing a replacement? I heard Iveco do a model. Thanks.
  5. Electronics
    Hi I've got a non functioning audio system but Sat-nav appears to be working (minus voice commands obviously). I can live without sat nav and loss of functionality but would like to fit a basic cheap aftermarket audio system to at least get radio/cd/mp3. I'd be really grateful if someone...
  6. General Chat
    For 8 years I have owned and serviced my Saabs with parts from Parts for Saabs in the UK. I am in New Zealand. Is there a similar alternative Renault parts supplier. Often genuine Saab parts were so expensive it was good to have another option if I wanted it.
  7. Interiors
    I'm looking to put only just 2 seats in the front of my Renault Master as I'm converting it into a camper, and get rid of the double. Are there any other Renault or misc seats with height adjustment that may easily fit? Perhaps from an old Laguna or something. Thanks, Graham
  8. Interiors
    Hi there, I've a 2004 Renault master with the original 'boring' steering wheel with no airbar. Is it possible to use another logo'd Renault steering wheel in place of this, and for it to fit straight on? Thanks, Graham
  9. Transmissions
    Hello chaps, picked up an S reg 1999 MK1 Scenic Monaco Automatic with the venerable 2.0 8v engine, and i'm having a real problem getting a cheap driveshaft for it. Its the only thing stopping the old girl getting back on the road. The N/S driveshaft has ruined itself at the gearbox end, and...
  10. Bodywork
    considering and planning to fit an alloy aston fuel cap to my clio mk2 going to fit to side of original fuel cap then fill over original flap anyone done this modification yes or no comments please
  11. Engines
    Hi, Been a member for a while but first post as have found most of what I want on this brilliant site - but now could do with some help / advice. I drive (was driving) a Lag II 52 plate 1.8 16v Priviledge until it broke down about three months ago to and from garage trying to work out who or...
  12. Engines
    Hi. Unfortunatly I have just had the turbo blow on my Rx4. I think it has taken out the engine as well and I am asking whether any 1.9 Dci engine will fit or will it have to be from donor Rx4 as there are a lot more standard scenic/megane diesels out there.?
  13. General Chat
    Times are hard atm, so i'm looking for an alternative to screenwash - anything you might use in a normal household. Will fairy liquid do any harm? I need it for first thing in the morning as i'm all out of screenwash. I know i'm a skinflint, but a penny saved and all that ;)
  14. Wheels & tyres
    Hi guys. First post. My 03 Laguna 2.2 dci Initiale Sport Tourer needs 2 front tyres and best Michelin Primacy I can find on web is £224 fitted etc. Any less expensive tyres you can recommend? I want quietness for motorway cruising but with good grip in the wet. Cheers.
  15. Cars & motoring
    With the price of diesel being a hot topic at the moment, I was wondering if anybody had gone down the biodiesel or vegetable oil road? Read a lot of info on the internet about using a vegetable oil mix, but the only person I know that's done it has a V reg Escort van. Now that Revenue &...
  16. General Chat
    Mozilla firefox has just updated to version Also if you require a chance of cheaper alternatives TO THE 0870 EXPENSIVE PHONE CALLS Try this forum ALSO there is a new firefox plugin for this site Mycroft Project: Sherlock & OpenSearch Search Engine Plugins...
  17. Computer Club
    This website is hosted on a shared Linux server at The server is fine, fairly cheap and there are no bandwidth charges to look forward to each month. However, we are trying to install some vBulletin software to help our search engine promotion and have found that we...
  18. General Chat
    Some alternative Christmas Carol titles. Post your answers here: Quadruped with crimson proboscis 5 p.m. to 6 a.m. without noise Miniscule hamlet in the far east Ancient benevolent despot Adorn the vestibule Exuberance directed to the planet Listen, aerial spirits harmonizin Monarchial...