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  1. Electronics
    Forgive me if the answer to this is somewhere else in the forum, but I couldn't seem to find it! 64 plate Clio 4 1.5 DCI start/stop. Went to start it this morning and wouldn't crank over. I was in a rush for work so put a battery trickle charger on and left it until I got home. Car started...
  2. Electronics
    New alternator but after car remains dead every morning seems alternator is starting to charge the battery showing 14.6 but then after 5 mins of driving only shows 12.4 not sure if dodgy alternator
  3. Electronics
    Hi, I think I've scrolled through at least a 1000 threads here on the forum pertaining to my problem, but still haven't found a solution. It all started early spring, my Clio mk2 2003 1.2 58hp hade been standing still over winter and I started it for the first time. Cue screaming from the...
  4. Electronics
    Hi, I have recently been having a few electrical issues. The low battery light has come on a few times with no real pattern to when this happens. The voltage on the battery is fine and she has also had a new alternator so I'm thinking I could rule out those. In addition to the low battery light...
  5. Engines
    Hello guys , I have a megan mk3 1.6 110 hp 16v . I want to remove the alternator but without removing the front bumper etc . Most of the videos on youtube suggest that I have to remove the bumper .Do you know any tips and tricks to do it without removing the bumper .
  6. Engines
    Hey, I’m not very ‘car-minded’ at all but have been getting nowhere with looking what the issue is. About 3 weeks ago, I went and drove out for about 10 minutes, popped into a shop and then started the car again for the red battery warning light to come on and the STOP light too. I revved the...
  7. Ask the Experts
    Hi Guys mechanic let me down and i need to get the new alternator on, is this something i could do myself and if so is there any videos or source of instructions to do so, i need the van monday night so hes dropped me right in it. Any help would be gratefully appreciated Kind Regards
  8. Electronics
    Lots of lights on the Clio (battery, abs, STOP, ...) and hardly turning over. But eventually fired so electric windows etc sluggish. Son called AA and they think it's a break in the main alternator lead ... it is over 14 years old and a Renault! So they managed to get him home with a...
  9. Engines
    Hi everyone Yesterday my daughters 1.2 Clio broke down, only to find the alternator belt had gone (shredded under car) AA took her to local garage & was replaced within a couple hours....she drove away no probs This morning it was screeching upon starting & then went quiet but started screeching...
  10. Engines
    Some advise please. I have noticed that my voltage on my alternator varies when driving, in the morning when I first start my car the voltage is around 14.6 volts once I've been driving for 30 minutes or so the voltage drops to around 12.6 is this correct or do I have a faulty alternator.
  11. Electronics
    Hi All, Calling anyone who has changed an alternator on a Clio II 1.5dCi (02 reg) please - the lower mounting bolt is quite hard to get to, my normal spanners and socket are a bit short. Is a long breaker bar or a longer offset ring spanner the best tool to get to it? Cheers in advance
  12. Electronics
    Hello, The alternator on my 2004 SL17 80+ (62kw) has packed up. My problem is that it was incorrectly replaced only about 2years ago. I would not expect it to give up so soon (Lucas LRA01990) but I don't have the original alternator to confirm what was originally fitted. There are several...
  13. Engines
    Please HELP! I have a Renault Clio Alize 1.4 16v. In not in a position to pay to have fixed. As in not working due to only just being out of plaster cast. 2 broken heal bone's and 2 broken wrists. So had to have a go myself. My Alternator went. It was tested by a garage. But when he told me how...
  14. Engines
    My V6 3.0L 2003 series ii Laguna with LX7 engine has a failed alternator... sounds like the bearing :/ Am finding new/replacement to buy the part locally is almost A$800 (have seen whole scrap cars for less]... so wondering if anyone has repaired such an alternator... have seen some repair...
  15. Engines
    So, Christmas Eve I break down in the middle of Xmas rush hour. It flashed low battery before the steering and brakes stopped working, then wouldnt start again. So I went and got a new battery and car fires up again, not long after and it flashes low battery again. So now rather than get...
  16. Electronics
    I need to wire a 2pin alternator (purple and white) from the existing 1pin white wire alternator any help apreciated thanks
  17. Electronics
    Hi all, New to the forum, my name is Michel from Holland, 30 years old and driving the Laguna 2 1.6 16v. A big hobby of mine lead to this question which is Car Audio. Since I got a bassheavy build I'm looking for a bigger alternator with more output since it simply can't keep up with...
  18. Electronics
    Hi All About 2 weeks ago I had the dreaded battery/stop warning light come on. I tested the alternator output and there was nothing. I bought a second hand alternator and with the help of a friend managed to install it and it worked fine. We were able to complete the job in around 3 hours...
  19. Engines
    have a 2005 1.5 dci megane, there is a high pitched noise coming from the alternator that gets louder as revs increase, put the screw driver to my ear then the alternator, i think it might be the alternator clutch. can these be bought, easy enough job? or best changing alternator
1-19 of 333 Results