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  1. Heating & cooling
    Hi all, seeking some help for my Megane, hoping you are all knowledgeable and willing to help in this department. :d:mad: So the air-con in my Renault Megane only blows out ambient air temperature it seems, and being Summer here in Aus, it has been blowing out really warm air. I happen to have...
  2. Electronics
    Hi, I have an 06 long wheelbase trafic dci 100 1.9l. Can anyone tell me exactly where the outside (ambient) air temprature sensor is located.Thanks:cheers:
  3. Heating & cooling
    Does anyone know how high the external temperature needs to be before the a/c will kick in on a 2004 grand scenic? Had the car for just over a week from a dealer and would like to check it works before my stat warranty ends. It has not worked as yet but the outside temp has not gone over 4C so...
  4. Electronics
    Could any tell me were the Ambient Temperatue gauge is on The renault Megane Coupe and why it is always giving a temperature 52 degrees. One other problem could any one tell me why the rear electric windows do not work but the front windows do work