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  1. Wiring the amp and subwoofer in my clio mk4 2013

    Morning guys....i want to install a amp and sub in my clio 4 2013. Where does the wires go through in the firewall? Is there an unused grommet? I did look but everything looks to tight. Im not going to install it myself. But I would just like to know. Please!!!!!. Whos got amp and sub in a clio iv ?
  2. Bose amp 2008 Koleos

    Ask the Experts
    Hi guys , having a nightmare with the sound system in our 2008 4x4 koleos , it has the bose system in and the amp has blown it was serial number 28060-61000 , I've obtained a new one serial number is 28061-61000 and there is power but still no sound looks the exact same amp and I'd heard there...
  3. megane 3 coupe Amp remote help

    In-car entertainment
    Im adding an amp to the factory radio. The amp takes high output from the rear speakers so that Okay, Live to battery sorted. earth sorted. The problem I have is the remote. I was going use a piggy back to a fuse but everything seems to be live when the ignition is off. Where the hell to I...
  4. help fitting an amp ( RCA output)

    I am looking to fit a mini amp to bost the sound system of my 2011 trafic sport. I have upgraded the standard speakers and fitted rear speakers but the sound is still not quite what I want. Ive bught one of the mini 1000w amps and a fitting kit. I may be being a bit dim here but from what i...
  5. Kangoo 1.5dci 04 16 amp drain. 80amp fuse problem

    Hi, basically when engine is off and everything turned off the battery is being drained by 16.4 amp. I know this by removing the negative lead and linking the multi meter in series. I have found by process of elemination that when I pull out the 80amp fuse that is located near the battery the...
  6. Remove cigarette lighter for amp remote in Clio 4 (2014)

    In-car entertainment
    Hi, I'm working on upgrading the sound in my Clio 4 (2014) 1.5 dci. Since I want to keep the stock stereo I need to find a remote (+12v) for the amplifier I have added. I'm aiming get the +12v from the back of the cigarette lighter, but I'm having some trouble removing it. Do anyone know how...
  7. 25 amp starter fuse keeps blowing

    Hi all, On Xmas eve I jumped into my scenic to go the shops, pressed the starter button all electrics came on as normal but the car never turned over. The car seemed to think it was on though. After getting recovery out we started it with a bump. He thought it was the clutch switch, which I...
  8. espace mk II 4inch 10 amp wire in in fuse box.

    Hi there, i was searching for a blown fuse in the glove box of my MKII espace when/where a wire that is about 4inch in length with a 10amp fuse in the centre dislodged from some where above the fuse box. The engine wil now NOT start. Any pics or info as to where this wire attaches to please.
  9. 15 amp fuse continuously blows

    Hi. I'm hoping very much that someone can help (can't presently find the problem posted elsewhere). I have a Megane Scenic RX4 2002 (75k miles, petrol engine). One of the 15 amp mini bay fuses blows very frequently, it's the one for the rear window risers, back brake lights, heated rear...
  10. Sony Aftermarket Radio + Amplifier (AMP REM?)

    Hi Guys, I have bought a Sony MEX-BT3900U It's for a Megane 225 2004, its all fitted by myself OK. Everything works expect when trying to hear the other person on a call. The only problem I am having is when making calls via the Bluetooth the volume is very low, others have said it could be...
  11. FUSE 30 amp under bonnet - Cuts engine out?? PICS 172 2002

    Hi new to the forums and looks like a interesting info site. Got a small question im wondering if anyone can help... The Engine keeps on cutting out when running, varied times, no exact reason, electrical lights / management & stop light all on dash. Engine just turns over, all other items...
  12. Where is the amp?

    I have made a post in the "interiors" section but thought it may be better placed here. I have a 2007 Grand Espace (LHD) fitted with a Cabasse Audiotorium stereo radio/6CD player system. I m looking to fit an aux lead and to do so need to access the amplifier unit - but I simply cant find the...
  13. Whats under the rear wing and where's the amp?

    I have a 2007 Grand Espace LHD. It has the Casbasse Audortorium 6cd changer and I was told the amp would be under the drivers seat - but there is nothing there on either the driver or passenger seat. Then someone said its in the rear wing on the left - on that wing (drivers side for me) there is...
  14. 2013 Clio Sub install

    In-car entertainment
    Hey guys. Anybody had any luck installing a sub and amp to a new 2013 Clio? The Bass Reflex speakers are quite awful and need something to get that bass really thumping! Thanks, Josh.
  15. Installing an amp Renault Clio MK2 1999 3door 1.2

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all, I am new to this forum and am in desperate need of help. I have been having a problem running a power cable from my amp through to the car battery. I have searched on both this forum and a few others but can not find any information whatsoever! I am looking for some way to get the cable...
  16. 2004 Master 2.5dci - 12 Amp draw with engine off...

    We've had an issue with our 2004 Renault Master 2.5 for some time now, pulling batteries down over night, this has been traced to a mystery 12.5A draw which is present even with the ignition off, a relay can be heard activating when the battery is connected but as yet we've been unable to...
  17. Car amp is on, but not playing music

    Hello, I have a pioneer DEH 7300BT headunit, which i have connected to my new vibe blackbox s4 amp, which is connected to 4 speakers, which i know work. when i turn on the power the amp turns on, as does the head unit. but no sound is coming out of the speakers, i've turned the gain to 50...
  18. 80 amp fuse

    Hi guys still having problems with the clio, only got back on it today as my only day off. Done every earth cable now all I get is two clicks and a loud buzzing from the back of dash. I went through all of the large fuses under the bonnet and all looked ok apart from the brown 80 amp looked...
  19. Help Needed Please, Megane 3 Sub And Amp

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all.. Im in desperate need of some of your help, I have bought an Active Sub. Can anyone give me some advice how to get the Power wire from the battery to inside the car? Also how is the best way to tap into the Speaker Wires? I have the Coupe and was wondering how hard it is to get...
  20. Cabasse amp 30 pin red wiring

    Help please does anybody no what wires are used in the big red connector at the back of a cabasse amp and what they are used for and colours many thanks