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  1. R-Link/Media annoyances and gripes

    I got one of the first Scenics with R-Link at the end of last year, and some of the features are quite good, but the radio/media part is beginning to annoy me When I start the car it often either plays a different station to the one I was tuned into or switches to the ipod. On a long journey...
  2. Lots of little electrical annoyances.

    ok, first is a stupid question... what are the differencials between the wiper settings? i think i have 'smart' wipers, whereby they adjust themselves to how heavy rain is falling. however, when set on 'intermittent' so i can change the part of the stalk which has the rain drops on, the wipers...
  3. scenic annoyances - Heater motor clicking

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all! got a real problem on my 97 scenic 2.0rxe that is making me pull out the last of my hair.....when on recirculate mode of my heater, there is a repeated cyclic relay type ticking coming from the heater motor vicinity on the passenger side where something "clunks" like a vent opening and...
  4. niggling annoyances

    Cars & motoring
    Is it possible to set the sat nav in my Lag to automatically show the map on startup, rather than the notice about reading the instuction manual and highway code? Also when i start the car, the rear tyre sensor warns me that the pressure is low and the warning light on the dashboard flashes...