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  1. Norwegian guy looking for answers

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi! I love my Renault, but as most of French cars - it has issues. I am joining Renault forums all around trying to get my questions answered. Hope my English is understandable. :) I am 33 years old, working as a professional photographer and live close to Oslo.
  2. Hi Espace driver looking answers

    I am going to post a few queries. I am from UK but living in France so bought an Espace to fit in.
  3. Reduculous Answers From Garages!

    General Chat
    My friend rang the garage the other day to ask about changing her air filter, the garage told her £45 because they got to take the wipers off to access the engine lol, bloody cow boy:devil: wish she asked me first!
  4. i need answers

    Hi everyone I recently posted because my husband's Renault megane 1.6 2002 model with petrol engine has recently started jumping and juddering as we are driving along and has even cut out a couple of times we took it to the garage and it has had new spark plugs and coil packs new filters a...
  5. Airbag and SERV lights on: Answers

    Hi all, having recently purchased a 2003 Renault Laguna II Phase I DCi 1.9 Expression, I have been gradually sorting out a few issue with it before the Irish equivalent of the MOT (NCT). One the main issues was that the airbag and SERV lights were permanently illuminated on the dashboard...
  6. renault espace tank (urgent answers please )

    can anyone help i have an 2001 2.2 dci that i have come to terms that it is dead but my brother has a 98 dt espace with an air leak that seems to be comin from the tank area / hoses will they swap across or are they different tanks etc
  7. newbie needs answers please

    Hi guys, just signed up to this forum as iv just got a megane 120dci 03 plate on monday. I was looking for the pollen filter at lunch time and came across this wire above the clutch. The wires have been cut but would like to know what this is? It looks important. Thanks guys! P.s is the white...
  8. No point in asking questions no one answers

    Loads of people look but no one answers. Not only me but looking at the statistics down the page . I got a good answer from Yahoo Answers so won t bother here again . I am a specialist in something else but cars so am very fraught when the thing goes wrong so I presume other people are so really...
  9. any answers for this idiot????

    hi guys, im still a little thick when it comes to my lag 1.9dci engine:o my defence it is my first diesel and turbo engine. anyhow i took the egr valve and cleaned it ,as best i could. but it still runs better when it is disconnected, does this mean the the egr valve could do with...
  10. Help ASAP! Buying A 2002 Clio Dynamique But Need A Few Answers!

    Cars & motoring
    Just been to look at a 2002 Clio Dynamique 1.2 16V for my Girlfriend, looks in excellent condition but have a few queries? Biting point on the clutch seems a little high, is this adjustable or are we gonna need a new clutch, if so, how much are we looking at? Also the Service Light stays on, was...
  11. Hi evreyone . going crazy with the clio and needing some answers.

    Hi , I have a clio 51plate. I am currently fixing it up after it sat off the road for 9months. Fitted new front and rear brakes , new tyres , and a few other wee things. Then put it into the garage and spent £500 to get it through an m.o.t ------ Now I have it back and it refuses to go over...
  12. Searching for answers

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi Guys and girls, im Chris. bought a 2000 laguna monaco auto 2 days ago and today its started juddering at low speeds :crazy:. ive signed up to browse threads for clues to the problem, and if not beg for answers. Chris
  13. Infra-Red Central Locking and Immobiliser � some answers

    Infra-Red Central Locking and Immobiliser – some answers I see a lot of questions on here about central locking and immobiliser problems. I’m not an expert but I have recently completed some research on this subject in order to solve a problem on a ’97 Clio. I started this post as an answer to...
  14. Threads with no answers

    I visit the Fiat Forum now and again,and one feature that they have in the top bar is a 'Threads with no replies' option.Is it possible to add this to our forum as it seems like a good idea to me.We all try and keep up with new posts/threads on here,but some do get missed. Your thoughts and...
  15. Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Heating and Cooling - Aircon problems ? (Answers + useful info.)

    Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Heating and Cooling - Aircon problems ? (Answers + useful info.) I have a small problem which I'm hoping someone can help me out with. When I press the Aircon button nothing happens apart from the light illuminating. I used to here a click when the aircon kick's...
  16. Renault Megane - Engines - Auto answers?

    I've taken the sick Megane in for a look-see at the gearbox. Which has lost 3rd and 4th intermittently (this morning it was back to normal at first, then as it warmed up it jumped into 2nd with a thump and stayed there). The error code suggests a solenoid has packed up. I don't really...
  17. any answers will help

    Hi its simon s from scotland i still have a problem with my 2000 1.2 grande clio it will not start in the morning or at night. when i leave home it takes about 5 mins to get it started.......some of you guys say it maybe my emmobiliser, Do you know how to test this out........i have read about...
  18. How to organise the forum answers

    General Chat
    As this board is becoming more and more busy ( welcome everyone btw ) a lot of the same questions are cropping up. To save time and also to keep all the info on that topic in one place would it be a good idea to organise them ? I though about sticky's ? Any ideas... OK here's another idea...