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  1. We Painted O.Z. F1 Cups in Renault Anthracite

    Exterior styling
    firstly we took of th current paint after that started to sanding the wheels bought 2 center caps here is the primer coat bought 500g renault 205.110 antrhacite and standox laquer basecoat topcoat painting the center white
  2. 182 alloys ANTHRACITE Paint Colour

    Wheels & tyres
    could anyone help me with the 182 anthracite paint colour thanks marc
  3. anthracite paint code for clio 182 alloys? HELP

    hELLO, i have 182 alloys and there slightly kerbed rubbing the paint off, does anyone know the paint code for these? i tried halfords but they require some sort of paint code or colour name :confused: any advice would b much apprenticed thanks
  4. Anthracite 182 wheels wanted

    Wheels & tyres