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  1. Antifreeze change - Process?

    Hey guys I have a Renualt megane mk 2 299y 1.6 16v petrol 5 door. U need to change out my antifreeze fir fresh new stuff. Can anyone detail how it is done please? Thanks again all Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. Type D coolant - Concentrated or pre mixed

    Heating & cooling
    Hey guys just bought a 5 litre bottle of genuine type d coolant 5 litres. Does anyone know if this is concentrated or pre mixed? Cannot seem to see it on bottle. thanks guys
  3. Modus (2006) antifreeze concern

    Heating & cooling
    I went for a car service that detected the coolant was below min mark. So I stupidily went to a supermarket and bought a basic one that I used to "top up". After that, while driving, I noticed the heat indicator bar on the panel was increasing unusually fast and reached 5 bars after just 10...
  4. Antifreeze and cats

    General Chat
    It's antifreeze time of the year but please don't over fill as cats and other animals not only like hiding under warm cars but they like the sweet taste of antifreeze which is a poison it's also quit searching so will find places to leak, they get under the car lap up the antifreeze and good...
  5. Clio 1.2 Antifreeze amount

    Heating & cooling
    Y reg march 2001 Clio 1.2L ... How much antifreeze should be used please
  6. Laguna 2 (2005 2.0 petrol) which antifreeze?

    Heating & cooling
    I was going to flush and replace my coolant - the car is a Laguna 2 (2005 2.0 petrol) 205GT. My local autofactors told me their computer says use the green antifreeze but the stuff that is in there (and quite old) seems an orangey colour. My handbook does not mention which antifreeze to use at...
  7. is it waterless oil coolant or just normal antifreeze?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi All daughter's car needed to topup coolant, But how to know is it waterless oil coolant or just normal antifreeze? when I looked a coolant on eurocarpart using her car's reg number it shows only oil coolant which is very expensive!!! cheers
  8. OAT antifreeze

    Heating & cooling
    Does anyone know if you can use oat antifreeze in the Clio 1.5dci engine. I want to flush the system out and use this stuff as it lasts 5 years but the info on line is confusing. If you can does anyone have a recommendation. Thanks for any help.:confused:
  9. Which Coolant/Antifreeze?

    Heating & cooling
    Hello all As so many of you are great fountains of knowledge, please can you direct me onto the correct coolant/antifreeze ? I have a 2010 Megane 2.0 GT I'm sure it's the OAT coolant, but wanted to check and see if anyone recommends a particular brand/make/colour etc etc Cheers all Si
  10. 15% Off Gear Oils, Coolants & Antifreeze

    Opie Oils\
    Until next Friday Opie Oils are giving an additional 15% Off All Gear Oils, Coolants & Antifreeze with voucher code: DEAL Other offers include Free 1 litres on selected 5 litre engine oils, Fuchs Fully synthetic 5w-40 engine oil reduced from £34 to only £25 and 15% Off top quality brake...
  11. 2002 Laguna V6 (L7X). What antifreeze ?.

    Heating & cooling
    Hi All, Bad weather supposedly comming soon. Coldest winter for 50yrs, or so they say. In prep, what Antifreeze should the L7X use ?. Thanks in advance.
  12. topping up antifreeze ,2005 laguna 1.9dci

    i want to top up the antifreeze .that is let a bit of water out and replace it with new antifreeze . i was told to let a bit of water out from the overflow pipe(the pipe into the top of expansion tank) then top up tank with new stuff . trouble is the temp has to be up for the water to come out...
  13. Renault 5 antifreeze

    Heating & cooling
    Hi I have a 1987 5TL 1.1 & a 1990 5TR 1.2. I went to Halfords today to buy some antifreeze. The colour in both cars is redish orange but the red now on sale states, 'For vehicles 1998 onwards', and is the OAT type. The antifreeze they sell for pre 1998 is blue and is straightforward ethylene...
  14. antifreeze

    Cars & motoring
    stupidly i picked up zerocol red anti-freeze by mistake will this be alright in a 2000 scenic?
  15. Antifreeze

    General Chat
    Need to refill with antifreeze as bottom hose blew off after mechanic left clip off any idea of the capacity of coolent system so i know how much antifreeze to buy. Thanks
  16. Anti-freeze

    I have just bought my Renault 1.5 DCi a few months ago. I am wondering whether there is anti-freeze already in it.
  17. antifreeze colour

    Heating & cooling
    I have brought a 5 litre antifreeze for my previous car. The antifreeze is blue colour the same as that I have been using for the last 14 years. On my Renault Scenic S Dynamic 57 plate diesel, I am sure the colour is redish or orange. The coolant is still full. I will take pictures of the...
  18. Scenic dti T Reg Antifreeze

    Heating & cooling
    Hi. Does anyone know which antifreeze I should use. I had to replace my thermostat a few weeks ago, and can't remember which colour was in it. It is a 1.9 Dti 1999 (T) Thanks James
  19. antifreeze coolant

    i have a renault scenic fidgi mk1 phase 11 1.6 16v 2003, i have had it only 8 month, the coolant in the system is red, the coolant in the expansion tank seems a bit murky is this `normal`. it is not overheating or anything like that. can anyone point me in the right direction. fred
  20. mixing different colour antifreeze, help

    Heating & cooling
    There's red, blue and green A/F available, but I am told you are not supposed to mix them. I can't remember why. I have the red GL12 in my Skoda as it's VAG compliant. I usually use standard blue for my other cars. The coolant in my 53 plate Scenic however, appears to be yellow.:confused: I...