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  1. Engine Light STOP Engine Failure Hazard - Check Anti-Pollution System HELP!!!!

    Hi, I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong place. I am new to this. I have tried to find the answer but I haven’t had much look so far, but based on what I have read I know there is loads of knowledge on this forum, so hopefully I can get to the bottom of my issue. I have a 2012 Scenic...
  2. Laguna III Anti-pollution & code P0235 **Fixed**

    Hi everyone, I have tried doing a search and have found some info related to my problem, but nothing thats exactly the same, not that I can find anyway. I was hoping someone my shed some light on the issue I have with my Laguna III 2.0 Dci M9R engine. About 5 months ago the car was driving...
  3. Scenic 2010 anti-pollution, engine hazard failure, check injection

    Hi; Our struggle with vehicle continue... Since few weeks we have either of above faults; car drives as always great no changes at all. checked at 2 different garages and renault specialist with 99,9% turpo sensor fault which had been replaced but problem persist; Any ideas what else we should...
  4. Megane (10) 1.5 dCi Auto Sports Tourer = Check Anti-Pollution System

    Hi everybody, This is my first post, so please be kind! :d I bought my Megane diesel 1.5 auto in August. It runs fine and continues to run fine. But at the beginning of October, this red warning light "check anti-pollution system" came up in the message section of my dash. Along with an...
  5. Antipollution System

    I have Laguna 2 Phase 1 1.9dci. Yesterday a little yellow engine light came on on dash board and car seamed to be running a little rough. Hand book says stuff about diesel and air filters and go to dealers. Any info or help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Laguna II antipollution light

    Just picked up a few days ago,our new (to us) V6 Initiale, lovely car, but the antipollution light has flashed with a sense of rough running. It went out after a few seconds. The book states to contact Renault, as it would, but could you please give me a clue to the problem, if any (please)...
  7. Renault clio anti-pollution light.

    Good morning all, Have checked the forums but cannot find an answer to my problem. I recently made a drive of about 20 miles and stopped the car. Left it for a couple of hours and came back. When I started my return journey the anti-pollution light came on. The car still runs smoothly and I...
  8. Citroen C5 2.2 HDi

    Other makes
    Hi all, I am Daft_Plonk. You may have read my drunk posts in threads such as "The Last Person to Post". :d Anyhow, my dad has recently bought a 2002 02 Citroen C5 2.2 HDi. Its a nice car, Silvery light blue metallic paint, 79k miles, 11 months MOT, 8 months Tax However there is a problem that...
  9. laguna antipollution sensor

    oops, driving today, engine light came on and stays on, the voice is saying, antipollution sensor faulty:confused:have i a problem or is it the sensor?, car seems to run ok at the moment, also where is it, start work at 4 each day dont want any early morning probs.
  10. Espace IV Anti-pollution monitor faulty / Fuel injection system faulty

    Hi. This is my first post here. Looks like there are similar problems around in other threads, but I can't find one that's exactly the same. We only just bought our 2003/03 Espace 2.0T a week ago with 45500 on the clock. It drove fine on test drive and then did 200 miles without a problem...
  11. clio anti-pollution light

    any idea why this has started flashing 2004 clio 1.6 ,and how can i fix the problem :confused:
  12. anti-Pollution monitor

    Hi all This weekend on a long trip back from Manchester, my Laguna decided to let me know that the 'Anti-Pollution Monitor' was not working, and that I should consult my nearest Renault garage... Nobody is open on a Sunday and I can not get to a garage for a few days.. Can anybody tell me if...
  13. Anti-Pollution Sensor Warning

    Hi there, Just bought a Laguna II 2.0 with 62k on the clock. Was driving the other day, then the warning system kicked in and told me that the 'Anti-Pollution Monitor is faulty'. Can someone please tell me exactly what this is, and how much its likely to hurt my pocket? Also, anyone know...