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  1. Anyone with a Renault OBD reader in the Brighouse, West Yorkshire area?

    General Chat
    Hi, I have a 2007 1.9 DCI Grand Scenic. I have the P0235 code showing on a generic bluetooth OBD reader. When I let the revs drop to idle I get the Service/Check Ignition warning and the turbo stops working. If I keep the revs above idle the car drives fine. I am hoping that the specific...
  2. Strange Metalic Rattle From Timing Belt Area

    Hi everyone, Yesterday night for some reason my car was driving strange, revs were jumping up and down and car was bopping on the road as if I was constantly pressing and releasing the accelerator. I ignored it as I thought it was due to a cold start as normally for the first few minutes when...
  3. Anyone in Leeds/Harrogate area with a lock nut key to lend me?

    Wheels & tyres
    I'm trying to get the security nuts off my car. I managed to get the front 2 off, but can't get the rears off. My key is damaged. It's a type A, if anyone has one I could borrow for a few minutes, please let me know!
  4. Load area accessory socket Trafic 1.6 2017

    Hi I have a Trafic 2017 1.6 sport nav and all i wish to do is enable the accesory socket in the load area. I have found the 2 wires and plug behind the vent type panels on the rear door pillar but they have no power. I looked at the fuse chart in the hand book and assumed that the use must be...
  5. Sc�nic 1 squeaking noise in camshaft wheel area

    Scénic 1 squeaking noise in camshaft wheel area Hi everybody, My Scénic 1 (2003) 1.6 16v automatic makes a squeaking noise that seems to come from the back camshaft wheel. I have had mechanics look at it in three different garages, but they all cannot find the cause (unless I have a lot to...
  6. Renault mechanics in Bolton area

    General Chat
    Hi all Are there any good Renault mechanics in the Bolton, little lever area ? Looking for local experts with Renault knowledge without using the dealers! Renault specialists, Renault mechanics Thank you
  7. Renault mechanics in Bolton area

    Fuel Economy
    Hi all Are there any good Renault mechanics in the Bolton, little lever area ? Looking for local experts with Renault knowledge without using the dealers! Renault specialists, Renault mechanics Thank you8 Please delete Sorry I posted in wrong part My mistake
  8. Timmy found this..............Any ideas which area?

    hi, i have chenged my pump and now have variable fault code 113. do you by any chance know what this is?
  9. White faded area on right of dashboard screen

    Does anyone know what might be causing this effect in the attached photo? It's a white triangular white area that starts on the right of the dashboard screen that displays the speedometer etc. It's strong white on the extreme right of the screen and then fades away to normal as it moves left...
  10. Floods Fylde Coast area

    General Chat
    Just had a flood warning for the Wire estuary for 1 am tomorrow the 25th wind and tide I dont expect it to come to much but worth bearing in mind if you are in the area.
  11. Rubber piece fell off from front chasis wheel arch area

    Hello, My Megane 1.5DCI 5dr Dynamique started making a light thumping noise at low speeds last week. Same again this weekend and had a look underneath and found this part hanging down from the front of the fwd left wheel arch. Tried to move it back in place but it came off. I've attached a...
  12. Fuel tank empty when gauge just in red area, computer says 60 miles left

    I've just bought a Laguna 2 and the other day it cut out on me with the message "Injection fault switch off engine" and refusing to start back up, it had happened before a couple of times, but it started straight back up - I have since learned that this was caused by it having no fuel, despite...
  13. 2005 Kangoo - Squeal on alternator area - belt changed

    Hi, I'm new to this site and wondered if anyone has any ideas what is causing a squealing noise at the front of the engine. I'm a retired mechanic. I've changed the alternator belt and the squeal persists. I took off the belt and the squeal stopped so it looks as though it's between the...
  14. Can clip in the Southampton or Portsmouth area

    Hi. Does any one have can clip in the Southampton or Portsmouth area. I am having some difficulties with glow plugs and had the software changed to the 7v fast plugs however it would seem that the new plugs I got are in fact the 11v version and I have read that you can select which type on can...
  15. Anybody with can clip in Derby area?

    Hi I'm looking to get my cruise control reactivated after my remap disabled it...I'd rather chuck somebody off here some money than give it to the stealers. I'm in the DE5 area if anyone can help.
  16. Clip Machine in the Rochdale Area

    Hi, Does anyone know of someone with the Clip diagnostic kit in the Rochdale or surrounding area please ? I have a fault on a 1.9Dci Megane, with the Check Injection light. Originally it showed MAF Circuit, replacing the MAF Sensor cured the running problem, but the light won't clear, so I...
  17. Grand Espace Mk3 2.2dci Help required Sheffield area.

    General Chat
    Hello, I'm new to this site and wondered if anyone knows a good Mk3 Espace mechanic in the Rotherham / Sheffield area (not main dealer). I have a Y reg Grand Espace 2.2 dci that I have owned for about 8 months and it has recently developed a judder that I can feel through the front of the car...
  18. **remap essex area**

    General tuning
    hey, I used to own a 120 dci 2004 master, I now have a vx movano 100bhp 2.5cdti, the master pulled like a train and the vx struggles, it also has a whooshing sound is this normal? (pipes/hoses etc been checked) as im comparing the 2, ive been looking into a remap from or...
  19. Anyone got Clip, near to Macclesfield area?

    I have a Scenic that has a parking brake problem and my local mechanic has hooked up his generic diagnostic machine, but, cannot retrieve any fault codes or data from the control unit. Renault want £59 to diagnose and need car all afternoon, which worries me that final bill could be MUCH...
  20. Scenic DP0 Solenoid Diag, Fix & Reprogram in London Area

    Cars & motoring
    Folks, I have a 2001 Scenic Dynamique, 1.6 Auto with 51K miles which appears to be suffering from the dreaded 3rd gear 3K RPM cold engine limp home evm pressure solenoid curse. I am an optimist- which should be evident because I am driving a French car- and would like to solve this issue...