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  1. Don't mess with the army!!!

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    Self explanatory >:)>:)
  2. The Camel and the Army Captain

    Jokes & funny stuff
    A Captain in the foreign legion was transferred to a desert outpost. On his orientation tour he noticed a very old, seedy looking camel tied out back of the enlisted men's barracks. He asked the Sergeant leading the tour, what the camel was for. The Sergeant replied, "Well sir, it's a long way...
  3. Army Training

    Jokes & funny stuff
    This Army training is running low on funds:grin2::grin2: First thing that sprung to mind when I saw this was Dave and Frank:grin2::grin2: I can just hear Frank saying "make sure your holding it tight Dave" :grin2::grin2:
  4. Paddy's Army

    Jokes & funny stuff
    The French President is sitting in his office when his telephone rings. 'Hallo, Mr. Sarkozy!' a heavily accented voice said. 'This is Paddy down at the Harp Pub in County Clare , Ireland .. I am ringing to inform you that we are officially declaring war on you! We voted to reject the Lisbon...
  5. Life in the Australian Army

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Text of a letter from a kid from Eromanga to Mum and Dad. (For Those of you not in the know, Eromanga is a small town, west of Quilpie in the far south west of Queensland ) Dear Mum & Dad, I am well. Hope youse are too. Tell me big brothers Doug and Phil that the Army is better than...
  6. Almost Dad's Army

  7. Tartan Army has Georgia on its mind

    A Nation expects .....:) News - Scotland - Tartan Army has Georgia on its mind " THE Tartan Army was flying into Georgia yesterday ahead of tonight's crucial European qualifier. And back home, an even larger army of office workers, labourers and professionals, was preparing...
  8. SAS, Army and Police

    Jokes & funny stuff
    The SAS, Army and Police have a competition in the Woods to see who's the best. The Instructor sends the SAS first to go and catch a rabbit for tea, they're gone about 10 minutes when not a sound can be heard, they come back with a Rabbit with a bullet straight between the eyes. The Instructor...
  9. Army to get new grenade machine gun

    General Chat
    Army to get new grenade machine gun for use in Afghanistan. Army launches 'grenade' machine gun | the Daily Mail