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  1. Electronics
    Hi guys, I recently bought a Clio 3 dynamique S, the radio was locked showing error all the time. after buying the code from Renault, I followed some instructions I found online (waiting 15 mins, unplug the battery for few minutes) with no luck, I contacted again Renault and they said the radio...
  2. In Car Entertainment
    Hello guys. I've got a Laguna II ph II with the cabass auditorium tronic with frontal 6cd radio. I'm having problems with his sound. Randomly it stop playing any kind of sound: calls, radio, cd, navigation, voice settings. I ear a POP and it gets quiet. everything "visual" works, I can play...
  3. In-car entertainment
    Hello, I wanted to change my radio with a new one. My car is Scenic MKII and the radio unit is Cabasse Auditorium. I went to Halfords and guy there tried to install a Sony but he couldn`t figure what adaptor to use. Since then I am trying to find any information online and in the forums but...
  4. Electronics
    hi my 55 initiale 6 cd changer has developed a annoying fault when playing cds it will make a loud crackle noise then reset all the discs and all the settings on the sat nav it can happen every couple of minutes where u have no alternative to listen to radio is this common fault or has the cd...
  5. Electronics
    I have a Laguna 2 Privilege Saloon with Cabasse auditorium tronic stereo with MP3 CD and 6 CD changer. There might to be 3 ways of achieving this. 1 Find a second hand Cabasse radio -mp3 CD unit from a later model and replace the existing radio and or 6CD changer with it. 2 Connect a blue...
  6. Electronics
    Hi All, I have searched far and wide on this forum to find out how to access Expert mode on my Cabasse Auditorium Tronic but apart from it being mentioned few times could not find info on how to access it. I own 2006 Laguna Initiale 3.0 V6. I have Cabasse Auditorioum Tronic with DVD sat nav...
  7. Electronics
    Hi My Laguna II has the Cabasse stereo. Above the 1 and 2 buttons it says MP3 with up/down arrows either side. Does anyone know what this means? thanks
  8. Electronics
    Does anyone know who manufactures these units. Phillips perhaps ? Have a disc read issue as per the the thread below and suspect the CD transport unit, therefore looking to understand who makes the transport so I can get repaired
  9. Electronics
    Hi I am trying to find a USB adapter for my car. I thought I had found something from Connect 2 but they told me and the listings on ebay state their products are not compatible with audio systems that have 6 CD changers. I have been unable to find out as yet whether that simply means I...
  10. Electronics
    Help have entered code after 33 min and still says error any ideas please
  11. Electronics
    Hi I've got a Laguna Initiale with navigation and Cabasse Auditorium, is it possible to get aux in it? I've ordered a cable for Cabasse, but can't find aux in the menu as in the expert mode in my old dynamique:( Anyone? Thank you for answering :)
  12. Electronics
    Hi i have not long brought a clio mk3 dci 106 It has a cabasse 6 disk auditorium tronic changer and there is another unit under the drivers seat. i am looking to connect a aux lead? Any help welcome thank you
  13. Electronics
    hello all,, how do you add the code to get the radio to work....when i press the on button i here a noise. (so it works).. on my display a bar comes across the top.... but from there i dont know... i press the buttons nothing happend exept a beep....i need a manual or just help....thanks all
  14. In-car entertainment
    Hi all, So having given my wife the Cabasse Auditorium speakers for her Laguna after upgrading mine, i thought i might as well get her the stereo as well. So i picked up a Cabasse Auditorium head unit on ebay for a silly price. As i was changing them over, i thought i would look at the...
  15. Electronics
    hi there,how i can change my cabasse auditorium tronic 6 CD to aftermarket stereo on my laguna initiale 2003 with gps
  16. Electronics
    Hi i have in my Laguna fabric music Cabasse Auditorium 6CD How is posible to connect another CD player(Sony,Philips)? Where are wires for speakers or does someone know pinout of Cabasse?
  17. Electronics
    Hi I'm having problems with the Cabasse HU CD and Renault 6 CD changer installed in my Lag. After maybe 30 mins of operation, the Renault 6 CD changer sound becomes garbled and the unit turns off. The CD player in the HU is ok for maybe a couple of hours but displays a message saying it is...
  18. Electronics
    The radio works OK but the CD player part is bust. Any ideas on where I could get a replacement CD player? It looks very easy to change it.
  19. Electronics
    Hi guys, I have a Cabasse Auditorium Tronic going spare, but have no clue as to which renaults of which particular years it will fit? The part codes listed on the product are as follows: 8200064337/MH9RN910 01. If anyone can tell me which car it will go into then that would be a great help...
  20. Electronics
    Hi all i have chance of cabasse auditorium out of a 2007 laguna is it possible to do a straight swap into my 2006 scenic II any advice welcome. gibb