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  1. Clio 1.4 2004 auto long reving

    Hi I just bought a little 1.4 clio for a new driver all seems to be good going through the gears however when I got it on the duel carriageway I open it up using kick down got to 70 OK and held it at 70 but it was reving high for about 7 to 10 seconds before changing up a gear. Is this normal...
  2. Gears not changing when car is hot

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    Hi , I have an 2011 grand scenic . Which runs fine when it’s cold . But after some Miles the I think the first or the second gears latches on until 3500-4000 rpm for it to change over and then after again. Runs fine until you come to a stop. Again it takes excess rpm for the car to start...
  3. Traffic auto gearbox

    I have a Renault traffic auto year 08. Problem after a long journey of about 2hrs when I get home I have a problem where it gets stuck in one gear usually reverse and I have to turn engine of and then back on to get it back to N. When cooled down it all works as normal. Could this be the gearbox...
  4. Scenic mk3 auto -obd port

    Hi guys, I have a 2016 Scenic mk3 XMod auto, trying to locate the obd port but can't find it. Anyone know where it might be and how to get at it! Cheers
  5. 2015 kadjar auto windows

    Hello everyone, I***8217;ve just bought a 65 Kadjar 1.6 dynamique 130hp s nav 4wd and was wondering if the side windows auto close when the car is locked, if so could you please provide instructions, thanks in advance.
  6. Auto gearbox overheating

    I have a 12 plate Renault megane 1.5 automatic when I start it up there is a warning message coming up with auto gearbox over heating. Could anyone advice what it could be and how to fix it please.
  7. Laguna mk2 auto 2006

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    When pressing the brake pedal the car will turn over but won't start After about 5 attempts it will fire I also got an error of check air bag and abs has anyone come across this before or has any suggestions. I am thinking it might be a brake switch/sensor
  8. Semi auto gear box help

    I have a 2012 Trafic with the semi auto gearbox, the other day it started making a squealing noise from the engine compartment, I pulled over, put in neutral lifted the bonnet, squealing was coming and going, them smoke started to appear from between engine and rad, it was an odd smell more like...
  9. Clio 2008 auto lock?

    Does the Renault Clio 2008 auto lock after a while? I have lost my keys and believe I may have left them in the boot when getting my shopping out, shut it without realising and only noticed a couple of days later. But is this possible, would my car lock itself if left for a period of time?
  10. Grand Scenic II - auto box no pressure *Not Sorted*

    Hello all I have a problem with a 2007 model. DP0 box. Got the car a year ago spares/repair gearbox issue intermittent. Seemed to drive okay for the 10 metres or so I drove it to the trailer/off trailer/into garage. No faults on dash. Laid up for a year and finally got around to this. Given...
  11. Master 3 dash message - check auto lights **Fixed**

    Hi 2010 Renault master 3 with 2.3 euro 5 engine - workshop light on and dashboard message saying check auto lights. Can***8217;t find any info in book, workshop manual, online or even from the Renault mechanic I spoke to..... Anyone got any ideas where I can start fault finding it?
  12. Check Auto Gearbox/Check hill start assist (Automatic)

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    Hi there, Was looking for some help and advice. I have a 2011 Automatic Diesel Renault Grand Scenic. Car passed it MOT last week with no advisories. I got in my car this morning to go about my day as normal and when I started the car started getting the following error messages. -...
  13. Megane 3 Door Auto lock

    I've just bought a 2015 (65 plate) Megane 110Dci Expression Sport Tourer. Trying to work out if if has auto locking or not. There are sensors behind every door handle, but it will only lock or unlock with the key card. There are no buttons on the handles. Was also wondering if it has auto...
  14. Issue with auto shift lock

    Kangoo ML19P105 + auto 2009 petrol. Gearbox DPO106 M000871, having an issue as gearbox light keeps coming on, next to the shifter is a motor or solenoid which gets stuck and press break pedal light clicking on and off gets stuck.
  15. 2010 Scenic Auto, loss of power & fault messages

    Just picked up a seccond hand 2010 Renault Scenic 2.0L petrol automatic as a new family car from a dealer and it went wrong on the ride home! We were at a junction, waiting to turn right and it just lost power, my mum was driving at the time, the pedal was pushed right down and nothing happend...
  16. 2013 renault megane 3 sport tourer auto gearbox fault

    2013 renault megane 3 sport tourer 1.5 dci tom tom dynamic auto gearbox fault car has done 125k and it has just come up with auto gearbox fault car has full service history until 100k then was serviced at 120k by me car came up with gearbox fault last night was revving higher than normal and...
  17. Scenic 1.5dci Auto 2013

    Heating & cooling
    My air con seems fairly feeble. Air coming out doesn't seem that cold and fans seem to work but seem "quiet". Is this normal or does it need a regas? If so how much is a ball park for a regas?
  18. Scenic 1.5dci Auto

    Had an issue recoccur today with my new car. Has done it three times so there must be an issue. On pulling off in D it's very sluggish and won't rev, it's like it's changing up way to soon but seems not to change if that makes any sense. Did move it into "manual" mode but no different but when I...
  19. 2013 Scenic XMod 1.5dci Auto

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    New member, just purchased the XMod Auto. Did post in general chat section before seeing this section.
  20. Clio Mk2 1.4 Auto coil pack/wont drive

    Hi all My 2005 Clio Automatic is being a pain again. I have had the car for 2.5 years and in that time have had the coil pack replaced maybe six times. When driving yesterday it went again, started the familiar juddering and the emissions light came on. I am very used to this. Managed to drive...