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  1. Clio limp mode

    My misses has a 1.4 16V Clio automatic that keeps going into limp mode and a light comes on saying AUTO on the dash. It comes on after driving for about 5 minutes and won’t go past gear 3 unless you drive for about 10 minutes doing around 50-60mph then turning the car off and back on. Does...
  2. megane 2010 1.5 dci check automatic gearbox

    Hi all, I'm new here also this is my first Renault car. I have Megane 2010 1.5 dci with automatic gearbox, and it is showing check automatic gearbox, when I put on manual mode I have noticed that when alarm is on even (1,3,5) gears are not working, it use only odd (2,4,6) gears. I'm not sure...
  3. Renault Megane I 1.6 16V Automatic Transmission Error 9G

    Ask the Experts
    Hello guys I have a problem with a Renault Megane I 1.6 16V (K4M701 engine, DP0 Automatic Transmission). After a short time i turn on ignition it starts to buzz and the D (for DRIVE position) is blinking on the dashboard, but car is in P. I can switch the position and it also accepts the...
  4. Automatic handbrake not releasing

    I have a 2011 1.5dci Renault grand scenic automatic. When I put it into reverse the automatic handbrake don’t always release. But works find manually. I have a fault code come up DTC0226F1 Implausibility, accelerator and brake pedal intermittent. Can any help me on what exactly this is...
  5. Check Auto Gearbox/Check hill start assist (Automatic)

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    Hi there, Was looking for some help and advice. I have a 2011 Automatic Diesel Renault Grand Scenic. Car passed it MOT last week with no advisories. I got in my car this morning to go about my day as normal and when I started the car started getting the following error messages. -...
  6. Renault Scenic 2014 automatic gearbox fail

    My Renault Scenic (7 seater) came up with a check autogear box on the cars computer screen. This was after the car became very juddery and limp when moving through the gears. Took the car to the garage, they rebooted the computer, it worked for 3 weeks at the cost of £250. It's failed again and...
  7. Trafic "Automatic" gearbox **Sorted**

    Does any no how or can you top up the gearbox and auto actuators with oil I was told that the gearbox oil can't be changed as it is a sealed box but not sure if it can be topped up , also if either can be topped up what type of oil would I use in each unit Cheers Graham
  8. EDC automatic gear box fault

    Hi there all. I'm posting one more time, because I want to find someone that in fact has had this problem. and knows what needs to be done. Everyone has been kind enough to give me some pointers, what the problem could be, but I can not find a mechanic in Sweden that knows, Ok there is...
  9. Laguna II 2.0 automatic airbag problem *** Solved ***

    Hi my laguna II 2.0 automatic have an airbag problem with B100D, B100E, B100F, B1010 and B1044 error codes. I have checked many wirings and made some diagonostics but no solution yet. Here is the error codes explanations: B100D rear driver throax side airbag circuit B100E rear passenger throax...
  10. Kangoo mk1 automatic windows?

    I'm not sure if my Kangoo is supposed to have them, I have tried holding the button for a few seconds to re calibrate the closed position but I still have to hold the button to go all the way down (first world problems lol). Does anyone know if it should have auto windows and how to make them...
  11. Renault trafic automatic

    Ask the Experts
    Good evening all. I currently have a 2010/11 (60) Renault trafic 2.0 115dci and have been considering an automatic. I've read nothing but bad things about the 'quickshift' robotic manual and was wondering if the Laguna 2.0 auto would be a realistically possible swap? Or even better keep my...
  12. Clio IV, installing automatic start/stop button (S/S), how to activate ?

    Hi, I'm the happy owner of a Clio IV, 1.5 dci Expression ST I'v recently bought a eco and a automatic start/stop button. The eco works great :grin2:, the eco lights up in the dashboard and the A/C changes its behaviour. Then I installed the automatic start/stop button (S/S), but it does not...
  13. Megan's 54 convertible 2.0 battery starting issue **Fixed**

    Hi all Can anyone offer any advice regarding my megane? Have recently got car but have yet to start it! I got it off a friend that had not used it in 2 years and been sat in the yard getting covered in mould and spiderwebs! My friend said it would probably need a new battery but everything else...
  14. Megane 1.9 diesel automatic issues

    davety online Junior MemberJoin:*Dec 2013Posts:*2 less than 5 seconds ago*· #3 Hi guys I did the stupidest thing and took the wife to a car auction.... ended up with a 2006 megane 1.9 diesel automatic convertable. Picked it up saturday drove it around town about 50 mile, Sunday drove 130...
  15. DP0 Automatic Transmission Software

    Hi folks, Yes, I did search, but I never seem to have much luck that way. I am about a week into ownership of my 2002 Espace 2.0 16V gas with the DP0 transmission. My friend put 2 new solenoids and a new pressure sensor in it. That stopped the fault light/limp mode from happening, but it is not...
  16. Adjust the automatic headlight darkness sensitivity?

    I feel the lights come on pretty late, later than everyone else driving around me (and the streetlights) anyway. Is there a way I can adjust the sensitivity in the Laguna Mk3? Or where are the light sensors placed, is it the one on the mirror on the front windscreen? Tempted to get to it and...
  17. Automatic window

    I have a MK2 scenic and was just wondering is it possible to make the passenger window automatically close on double lock like the drivers door if so how easy is and what do I need.
  18. 2008 Scenic II (1.6 petrol automatic) - intermittent loss of power

    Hi all I am experiencing a problem with my 1.6 petrol automatic Scenic, which is a '57 plate. Occasionally, during acceleration, the pedal will become totally unresponsive and revs will rapidly drop. After a few seconds everything is fine and power is restored. No warning lights come on. The...
  19. Grand scenic 2, 2007 petrol automatic 2 litre

    Heating & cooling
    The normal airflow with AC is good on full flow, when I select recirculation the airflow decreases to a trickle at full blow. I can hear the flap moving. New internal air filter fitted.Selecting up. down , both directions, front vents makes little difference.Climate controls version. I took...
  20. automatic light fault

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    I have just bought a Renault Megane convertible year 05 and there seems to be a fault with the automatic wipers and lights i took it to the garage today and they managed to sort the wipers out but said cant sort the lights out but i love my gadgets on my car and wondering if i can sort the...