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  1. 2011 clio bizu aux input

    In Car Entertainment
    I’ve just got a 2011 clio bizu, I bought an aux cable for 2 inputs infront of the year stick by the cup holders. The handbook says they are 3.5mm and my cable is also 3.5mm but I cannot get the cable in. It feels like the inputs are too small because no matter how hard I try it aux cable won’t...
  2. Renault Clio 2008 Campus 1.2 NO Aux function in Update list radio

    In Car Entertainment
    I have purchased the cable via eBay however when I have gone into the hidden menu there is no Aux function only the standard ones. Is there a way to activate the AUX if the radio doesn't have the function I have attached a picture of my radio
  3. Espace aux

    Is there a aux cord available for 2004 espace. Everything on ebay/amazon is 2005+
  4. Tunerlist AUX cable

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I have a Renault Modus 2005. I bought a cable (link) to add an AUX input to the radio, but the plug does not fit into the back of the radio. I read elsewhere on this forum that the cable will work on a Tunerlist radio, so are there two types of Tunerlist radios? Re-reading the cable's...
  5. No AUX mode

    Ask the Experts
    I have a Twingo 2008, looking through online I found I could add an aux cable. I bought one and put it in the slot at the back, however on the expert mode there is no option for aux. My stereo has the expert mode and update list which everywhere I've looked said I need. Any way to find the...
  6. starting problems after replacing aux belt and pulley

    Scenic on a 07 plate not sure which forum would be best? Drove from UK to Spain 2 days no problems left car for a day when it came to starting big crash and bang, found the aux belt off and the crankshaft pulley had failed. For various reasons it was 2 weeks before I replaced pulley and belt...
  7. fitting aux cable

    In-car entertainment
    I have a 53 plate megane which i would like to fit an aux cable to the back of the radio. looked on ebay and they offer from 2005 onwards. Is it possible to do please? Thanks steve
  8. Checking version of Satnav maps and Aux in Laguna 3

    Hi, Does anyone know how to check what version of maps I have on a 2009 Initiale Laguna Estate. My radio is the Cabasse Tronic Carminat CD with bluetooth (no cd changer or CD/DVD in the glovebox). Aslo does anyone now if version 32 of the maps comes with a system update. I've seen...
  9. Aux Mode Radio Laguna 2

    Hi guys. I have a Laguna Privilege from 2004. I have searched on all Youtube videos to enable the Aux mode by pressing the (Music) logo and then use the Vol+ to change the Aux mode ON/Off. Now funny thing is that in my radio in order to access that menu I need to press the SRC (Source) button...
  10. How do you set up an Aux cord on 2010 iMusic Clio?

    In-car entertainment
    I have bought an aux cord for my Renault Clio 2010 imusic and I have looked around the car to see where it goes and it does not seem to want to go anywhere. In media settings aux is an option but I have no idea where it actually connects. I bought an aux to go into the back of the radio as I...
  11. AUX belt slipping? (MEGANE III)

    Squealing noise coming from the AUX belt. Slight delay/hesitation when the gas is pressed when idle. Squeal isn't as bad when the gas pedal is held at a higher rev count. Belt looks in decent condition, and but very dirty to the touch. The smallest cog in the pulley system, central lower...
  12. Renault Master 2016, aux battery route?

    Hi, I've recently aquired a Master as a work van and would like to install a auxillary battery in to the cargo area. What is the best way to route cabling from the factory battery through to the rear cargo area where the auxillary battery will be located? Not sure if all commercial Masters...
  13. Aux connection for 2007 Clip dynamique

    I am looking to have a Aux connected to to factory made clio 2007 dynamique. I saw it on YouTube and It seems pretty straight forward. I don't want to invest in purchasing a stereo as I feel it looks tacky against my interior. The only issue I am concerned about is maybe experiencing...
  14. Laguna 2 2004 Stereo - Want to add Aux - options?

    Hi Folks Great forum. I can't quite find the answer I'm looking for but gained some much needed knowledge en route. So I have a 2004 Laguna II, 2.2 dci with a single cd stereo. I want to add aux input. I don't care about controls from the wheel, seeing the display on the clock bit etc. All...
  15. 07 renault laguna aux cable

    Right i have the green plugged aux cable and i know where it goes, trouble is theres no accompanying yellow plugged cable already in position, ive tried doing without but to no success any info would be greatly appreciated Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  16. Aux beam

    Cars & motoring
    Has any one ever used the aux beam web site
  17. DAB and Addiitonal AUX socket

    I want to add a DAB player to my 2015 Megane stereo, but would prefer not to have to use the front AUX socket. Can one be added to the back and into the glovebox (as was the case on the 2010 Clio I had)
  18. USB / AUX Connection

    Hi The USB & AUX Connection are not working on my Scenic Expression 2010. Is this because it was never enabled as an option I wonder or could there be a fault. Not sure what I can do to fix as want to avoid booking in to main dealer, any advice appreciated.
  19. 2004 espace adding aux input

    In-car entertainment
    Bare with me, I am not very technical! I have the carbasse auditorium tronic stereo but not the autochanger. When I cycle through the source selection it gives me and option of aux. I've seen instructions online but all seem to be for the autochanger. I have also seen cables ok for the 2005...
  20. AUX Renault clio

    Hello! Ive just bought a Renault b clio 2004 and i want to add an AUX cable. My stereo is a tuner list, can anybody tell me how you did yours?