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  1. Teflon Egg Proof Avatar

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    Well now over 24 hours and my avatar remains un-egged a triumph for ingenuity >:):wink2:
  2. avatar

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    hi how can I upload my pic of my car as in the avatar selection there is no option for it I would like this as my avatar
  3. Titchy-Tiny Avatar

    I have just changed my avatar for the first time in a long time and I am only allowed one that is 50x50 pixels,I'm sure they used to be bigger than that even pre-my moderator time on the forum.Any chance of giving me back my big one please?.:d Thank-you.:)
  4. avatar

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    Can anyone tell me how do i download a piccy of my clio as a avatar:)
  5. Avatar...??

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    Hiya everybody........ is this forum subscription related at all..... The reason that I ask is I see some have an avatar of their own choosing, others do not.... Just wondered how it works, do you have to subscribe for this privilege....Thanks.... Stacey.
  6. Custom Avatar

    Hi, I may be being VERY dim (possible after a testing day) but I want to add a custom I'm in "Your Dashboard" and clicking on "Edit Avatar" but I can't see anywhere I can add my own - it's just all preset ones... any clues? Cheers!
  7. changing avatar

    Hi wonky, I am not able to change my avatar now any reason why please? vbulletin saying unable to save file
  8. Can we get a Twingo avatar?

    Can we have a Twingo generic avatar to go with the other models now? :driving:
  9. How do I use a custom Avatar?

    I dont see the facility to use a custom Avatar ? Also I cant see how I would use a sig either , ? cheers Kurvz
  10. Avatar request!

    Hi At the moment I am unable to select a custom avatar - I assume this is because I am not yet in the diamond club... Anyway, can I request a new pre-set avatar in the User CP to choose from please? A Renault Safrane - Mk2 & 3/Questor Pretty please with a cherry on top?
  11. New avatar

    My mottah!
    Hello Peeps ! Just testing to see if my new avatar has gone online. Catcha L8tr all!!:moonie:
  12. lagdti's avatar

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    Just come on to find lagdti's avatar has changed to a picture of that cheating Kraut F1 driver. Vote to make him change it please
  13. Selwonk's Avatar

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  14. Selwonk's new Avatar

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    Do you think he may be getting a complex
  15. Avatar of the week

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    My favourite avatar this week is Oakley's:
  16. Avatar of the week

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    My favourite avatar for this week: Nice one!