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  1. Exhausts
    Hi all Thinking about upgrading the oem exhaust. I have a clio mk3 2008 1.5 diesel and the back bumper doesnt currently show the exhaust pipe tip. Do i need the bumper modified for the replacement? Are backboxes easy enough to fit? Thanks all
  2. Exhausts
    I am having a problem with the rear exhaust mount on my mk 2 laguna. I am told this is a common problem is there a solution to this other than having rubber mounts replaced every couple of months . Can anybody help me thanks
  3. Exhausts
    hi all i need a new back exhaust section for my 2001 2.0 ide cab euro car parts dont list one for the 2.0 ide but the bloke on the sales counter said the 1.6 one will fit as exactly the same before i purchase can anyone confirm this thank you
  4. Exhausts
    Please help!!!! i have a 2000 w reg renault clio 1.4 sport hatch back. i need to know the pipe size for the back box? please help i dont know what size and i want to put a new exhaust back box on. Gibbo
  5. Exhausts
    I was wondering if i could fit this to my dci60 just cut the standard backbox off and weld this on? Only...
  6. Exhausts
    I've been getting a rattle when closing doors and boot on my scenic. Discovered it was the back box heat shield. Few options. Get it fixed, replaced or removed. My question is can I remove it, is it really necessary?? And if ok, is it easy to do......?
1-6 of 11 Results