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  1. Exhausts
    Hi all Thinking about upgrading the oem exhaust. I have a clio mk3 2008 1.5 diesel and the back bumper doesnt currently show the exhaust pipe tip. Do i need the bumper modified for the replacement? Are backboxes easy enough to fit? Thanks all
  2. Exhausts
    I am having a problem with the rear exhaust mount on my mk 2 laguna. I am told this is a common problem is there a solution to this other than having rubber mounts replaced every couple of months . Can anybody help me thanks
  3. Exhausts
    hi all i need a new back exhaust section for my 2001 2.0 ide cab euro car parts dont list one for the 2.0 ide but the bloke on the sales counter said the 1.6 one will fit as exactly the same before i purchase can anyone confirm this thank you
  4. Exhausts
    Hello :d The back box rubber mountings hav snapped , purchased new ones , havent a clue how to fit them, any help . . Thanks steve
  5. Wanted
    Im after a backbox (with tips) from a megane 225/r26 Condition is not exactly important as i mainly need the v-piece and tips. Or if any one has the part number so i can get one direct from renault it would be a great help! If any one has one laying around collecting dust after having a new...
  6. Wanted
    has anybody got one for sale,standard or sports.Prefer sports ta.....
  7. Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for a lowering kit for my 1.2 16v clip mk2. Also looking for a backbox for it - not a hugely loud one but one that gives me a nice grumble! Thanks
  8. Exhausts
    Please help!!!! i have a 2000 w reg renault clio 1.4 sport hatch back. i need to know the pipe size for the back box? please help i dont know what size and i want to put a new exhaust back box on. Gibbo
  9. Exhausts
    What exhaust system do the grand scenics use? Looking to get scorpion backbox or similar but no where dose anything for the scenics.... Would it be identical to the megane or Laguna or neither.... Sent from my HTC Desire S using Tapatalk
  10. General tuning
    hello i am thinking of buying a custom exhaust( cherry bomb) for my clio mk3 but the problem is the fittig bracket i carnt find one anyware how do i fit the custom backbox to the standered fittings and if there is a custom fittings where can i get one from anything wl help as i have searched...
  11. Exhausts
    I was wondering if i could fit this to my dci60 just cut the standard backbox off and weld this on? Only...
  12. Exhausts
    I've been getting a rattle when closing doors and boot on my scenic. Discovered it was the back box heat shield. Few options. Get it fixed, replaced or removed. My question is can I remove it, is it really necessary?? And if ok, is it easy to do......?
  13. General tuning
    hi new to this so not really sure what im doin so bare with me , iv got a 1.2 2004 renault clio and am looking to make it sound abit better than the standard exhaust like a backbox but because the exhaust is designed to be hidden on clios its turning out to be abit of agg wondering if any1 as...
  14. General tuning
    Hey Guys Im new to the forum, so please be kind. Looks like a good site so will definately be making more posts.:) Im an engineer and have just finished fabricating a 2.5" backbox. Need to make a reducer now in order to fit to my clio. Havent got access to the car untill next week, but need...
  15. Engines
    hi any1 no if the back box are the same or will fit ? im after a stainless steal back box for a scenic 2001, and havin trouble finding 1, thay look pritty much the same
  16. General tuning
    Hi i'm looking for a backbox for my DCI any ideas? Need it nice and cheap, anyone know anything about Cherry bombs?
  17. Engines
    Looks like the mot pass and quick fix after the aquaplaning incident was indeed too good to be true as the backbox has detached itself :( Goes like a beauty though and doesn't sound too bad!!! :d If MIJ can book it in do you think I can get it to Walsall (190 odd miles)? :crazy: Where else...
  18. Bodywork
    Not sure if this is in the right section or not? but i need two sets of clips for the backbox, the rubber on the ones i have has rotted and now the backbox rattles like a an old lady. I've been to Reanult and they want to pull my pants down over it, 23 quid each!!! does anyone know where else...