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  1. Backlight probles

    Hi, I bought a Renault Clio 2000 yesterday, and I found some problems. I check all fuses and they are ok. -So the first problem is a not working Horn. I think that the connections might be corroded but I need to check that. -Second and the bigger problem (at least for me) is that the...
  2. Scenic MK3 Clima backlight

    Hi all, I have a 2013 MK3 Scenic (1.5 dCi) and the climatronic panel starts to fade out the readings on co-driver temperature. Is there a way to be repaired or do I have to get a new unit? Also, how easy is to remove the unit by myself and what do I have to do with the battery (eg do I have to...
  3. Dash Backlight Question

    I've just been given a 2003 Scenic by a family member, following the untimely death (non economical repair) of my 2011 fiesta at the hands of a tired lorry driver in traffic. Needless to say, it's taking some getting used to. The one thing currently driving me mad, however, is the backlight on...
  4. Rev counter backlight

    I've just bought a 2003 Megane dynamique 1.6 and when the car is all locked up there is a backlash still on behind the rev counter lighting up the lines between 1k and 2k on the counter. Anyone had this before and is three a fix.? thanks
  5. Renault Clio II - 2003 - Dash clock backlight

    Hi, Anyone have any idea why there's no backlight on my dash clock? I can see the display, but the backlight is not working. I removed the dashboard and replaced the dashclock with another one, still the same problem. When I fixing the clock into place, the backlight came on for 2-3 seconds...
  6. Instrument cluster & backlight

    Hello to everybody, I have an issue and I was wondering whether it has occurred to anybody else. The backlight in the instrument cluster flickers in a specific area, namely the lower right side of the rev counter and the lower left side of the speedo. The flickering occurs only in this area...
  7. Grand Scenic 2 - replace heater controls backlight Fixed

    Hi folks. First time poster to this site! Ages ago one of (I guess) two heater control backlight bulbs failed. The other was fine and illuminated the controls enough so i did nothing about it. Tonight, however, it seems the other one has also failed so now my heater controls are dark...
  8. Laguna ii A/C Unit stays lit up constantly?

    Hi there, ive read through some of the articles on the forum but all i found was if there was a problem with no light atall, my problem is the other way around, as soon as i put the key card in, the heater screen illuminates even though the heater is turned off, ive tried turning the lights on...
  9. 54 plate renault traffic dash backlight fault

    Hi I have had a fault with the dash back light on my renault traffic over the last couple of weeks. I installed a second hand cluster today and the light is still not working. The rest of the cluster works fine. Any help or advise would be gratefully appreciated Many Thanks
  10. Heater unit backlight bulb

    I have a 2011 megane One of the backlights (drivers side) had stopped working, it's the one behind the air direction knob Does anyone know how to replace it?
  11. Backlight of heater panel not working

    Back lights/bulbs not working. At night I can't see heater panel? Help! :crazy:
  12. Espace Rev Counter backlight issue

    Hello all Newbie here. Great forum. Good wealth of knowledge. Recently acquired a 2000 Grand Espace with the 2.0 16v. I work on classics every day but this newer stuff is a lot of plastic and finesse so I'd like to be carefull. So far I've pulled the dash by the steering column to get rid of...
  13. Megane II instrument panel backlight won't turn off!

    Hi all, I have searched but not found my exact problem. I have a 2004 Megane 1.6 Dynamique. Since last week, intermittently, now permanently, the backlight for the speedometer and rev counter stay on after the car is off and locked. I have disconnected and reconnected the instrument panel itself...
  14. Clio MK2 (Instrument Cluster Backlight Issue)

    Hi all, I had another post regarding a problem which happens on an intermittent basis which is the orange backlight illumination of my Clio's instrument cluster where it sometimes flickers or turns off completely. Please watch my youtube video I've made...
  15. Clio Instrument Cluster Backlight Flickering

    Hi, I have a Renault Clio 2002/52 QS5 Expresasion 1.2 16v (1149cc), Semi-Auto. My Clio has developed an issue with the instrument cluster backlight flickering/malfunctioning. When the lights are on the orange illumination backlight of the instrument cluster will intermittently flicker...
  16. Access radio backlight 2002 Renault Classic Expression 1.4

    Hi there, The radio backlight seems to be gone in my car - 2002 Renault Classic Expression 1.4. Is it hard to replace this myself? Can I pull out the whole unit or is it screwed in somehow? Also where to buy the exact bulb for this type of car/radio? Thanks in advance to anyone who can point...
  17. 2003 Kangoo 1.9 Air-condition backlight ?

    Hello, Ive searched to forum for a solution, but I didnt found one. I own 2003 1.9 Disel Kangoo .. wondering why the air condition backlights dont seems to work. are they even exists? if they do, how to fix it ? Thanks :cool:
  18. Clock & Temperature Gauge backlight.

    Hi all, after some advice, my clock and temp backlight is not working, changed the bulbs, still not lit just very faint, went to the local scrap merchant, swapped it for another and still the same, the backlight bulbs don't light up! Any suggestions? It's a 2001 scenic. Cheers.
  19. Climate Control backlight

    Heating & cooling
    Laguna II Heater Control Panel Lights! I've recently purchased a 200 (54 reg) laguna 2.2DCi GT., with climate control. All works fine apart from the LCD display does not have any back lights, so you cannot view the settings in the dark. In the day its OK. I've taken the control panel out, but...
  20. Clock and info screen backlight

    I was wondering if anyone can help. The backlight on the information screen (clock radio channel, temperature etc) on our 2007 Renault Clio is on permanently, even with no ignition on. Consequently over a period of time, especially after 1 or 2 days of no use, the battery is flat. Any...