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  1. Espace seat backs

    I want to remove the plastic backs from my Espace seats in order to sand and spray them. I've read the thread about using heat to revive them but I want to paint mine. Does anybody know how to remove the backs? There are 2 plastic screw / plugs, one on either side at the bottom but once...
  2. Raikkonen backs Ferrari's 2015 shake-up

    Formula 1 news Raikkonen believes the recent changes at Ferrari, including the recruitment of Sebastian Vettel and Maurizio Arrivabene, will help drive them forward in 2015. Vettel was formally confirmed as a Ferrari drive on the eve of the...
  3. anyone know why? different backs of front seats?

    My 07 scenic both front seats have this flip up table fitted on back of front seats.. Why... is both seats different? Drivers seat only the table but passenger seat got the plastic surround as well as table. Whats so special about that surround? Lol Just curious so I would know.
  4. Advice on damaged seat backs

    Hi all I have a Renault espace and the backs of the seats with cup holders in have been scratched and have marks all over them from previous owner who used to throw buggy and prams in back any advice, was going to rub down and respray but someone mentioned using a heat gun!!! Not sure what will...
  5. F1 community backs FIA's Make Roads Safe campaign

    Formula 1 news Formula One community has committed its support to improving global road safety and has backed the Make Roads Safe campaign and the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020. From the Australian Grand Prix, cars competing in the...
  6. Scratched plastic seat backs

    Hello, The rear seats have had the backs scratched quite badly. Does anyone know where/if I can get replacement or a way to repair these please. Thanks, Jat.