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  1. Air bag and service light fixed then electrical fault and poor running.

    Hi All its been a long time since I have posted here, mostly because the Clio (2003 Clio 2 1.4L 16V RHD) has been running ok. (past tense) It is approaching winter here in South Australia and we have had quite a bit of rain in the past few days. Now on to my problem/s. This morning I took a...
  2. Air bag light and oil temp?

    Hi all, I have recently bought a 1999 renault master lwb high top ex patient ambulance and have spent several weeks converting it into a campervan. The build is pretty much done but now I turn my attention to the mechanical/electrical side of things which I must add I'm not so good at but I am...
  3. After air bag activation advice

    Ask the Experts
    Hi to all and thank you for allowing me to join your club. So I***8217;m desperately trying to help out my friend whom has had a very bad amount of luck and it trying to raise her kids alone. So the car is a 2007 Megan 11. She bought the car to get her about but was sadly seen coming. The airbag...
  4. Clio 2008 Air bag issue

    Hi, My good lady has a clio 1.2 2008. The air bag and service warning lights have been coming on intermittently for ages. Today I went out to try to find out the problem. AGAIN. When I jiggle the ignition key the light goes out. Comes back on after a while, so I jiggle the key and off it goes...
  5. Air bag 11g fault

    Hi one and all,another nightmare with renault clio 2,computer locked issue and a drivers airbag fault,which i suspected the squib,so bought another one,still shows on fault code,computer locked,so got 3 airbag modules and changed still showing same thing (locked),with the diagnostic machine went...
  6. 2005 Clio Authentique air bag and service light.

    Read the relevant section and have done the passenger seat connector chop and solder. No joy with the lights going off so put on a Delphi reader and came up with the codes in the pic. Anyone any clues?
  7. Air bag off light on dashboard?

    Anyone no how to fix this issue or the cost to fix it?.think its the wiring under passengers seat as my mrs stuffed her handbag under their ???***x1f600;
  8. Dreaded air bag light

    Hi just checking with you lads in the know, I have the following codes: (11g) computer locked on request (6g ) drivers side airbag circuit resistance, Short circuit. (7g). Pass side airbag circuit resistance, short circuit Before I start chopping wires under the seats ,just checking in case it...
  9. 2002 Megane\scenic Air bag light

    Hi, I'm new here so here goes. I have a megane\scenic 52 plate Airbag light on all the time Icarsoft i907 obd scanner reads on Airbag>pretensioners>df039 Drivers side sensor. no communication. Can anyone give me some advice as to where the drivers sensor is. Wires below the seat go directly...
  10. air bag replacement

    Hi all, very new to this kind of thing. I recently bought a Trafic DCi 1.9 '06 plate as a part converted camper van. We have had some fun! But now unfortunately I cant find an answer to my question, hence this post and forum. The previous owner has replaced the steering wheel with an after...
  11. Clio 1997 air bag computer needed

    Hi, I'm a newbie and need help :surprise: My Clio just failed the MOT because the air bag light - on day and night! crying2: Having moved since last year I found a new renault garage with diagnostics. Couldn't repair it because the air bag computer that's broken. Renault don't make the part...
  12. Service light and air bag light coming on at the same time

    Hi, As explained in a previous thread, I recently had my Renault megane 2006 3dr serviced. However when driving the car the service light and the airbag light on the dashboard come on before disappearing with time particularly when I indicate to turn left or right. Is there any specific...
  13. passenger bag off dash light

    on Clio 2 you know if you turn off the passenger airbag with that key type switch on the front passenger side door should the airbag off red light light up on the dash over on the right hand side? - only its not doing that. I know all the light bulbs work on the dash because i have done that...
  14. Multiple Electronics problem, one cause? Central locking, window wider, air bag warn

    Hi, I have multiple problems with my 06 Grand Scenic which may have one cause. It started with the remote key when in range would 'clatter' the central locking, ie open / close rapidly and randomly. This happened every few journeys for several weeks. I replaced the key fob battery as a...
  15. Air bag fault

    I have code read my clip 2002 and it coming up with drivers side circuit 1 ( where's this sited plz is it the clockspring)
  16. 2010 scenic air bag module coding

    Hi guys, new to this forum, so Hello. I have a 2010 scenic, the air bag light came on, after reading the fault codes the module was replaced with a brand new part. I have managed to get the Vin coded in with CLIP, but now have two fault codes for REAR LEFT and REAR RIGHT inertia reals. These...
  17. air bag faults

    hi, could someone tell me all the possible faults for the air bag light to come on, its a 2005 laguna, thanks
  18. air bag light on

    hi, i have a 2005 renault laguna, about every 2 months the air bag light comes on, i have it plugged in and no faults are found, they reconfigure the air bag system and the light go`s out, then a couple of months later its on again, reconfigure it again and its of, i have changed the air bag...
  19. Air Bag light on

    Steering and Suspension
    Good Morning, I replaced my steering rack and now the air bag light wont switch off anyone able to give me some advice please on how to switch this off as it is a failure on the MOT. Thanks in advance.
  20. Laguna 2007 check air bag light

    I have an annoying air bag light that continually goes on and off on my Laguna. I have a diagnostic tool but because it doesn't stay on I can't pin point what's happening. Any help? Thanks