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  1. Electronics
    2001/2 Laguna 2 1.8 Expression. Having bought a child seat for transport of any of my many grandchildren, my know-it-all son tells me that I have to disable the air-bags in the back of the car if using a child seat. a) Can this possibly be true; (b) Can it be done without 'killing' all of the...
  2. Tools & equipment
    Hi We are going on holiday to Yorkshire in our Megane ST 4 adults & two dogs in travel cage etc . etc. Have looked at roof boxes but to honest we don't have the storage space to keep one between uses. Saw a car on the motorway the other day with a roof bag & thought this could be our...
  3. Interiors
    I would like to get an idea of the cost of having the air bags and seat belt tensioners replaced on a Renault megane 1.9 dci year 2001,renault say in the handbook they must be replaced after 10 years,does anyone really do this?
  4. Interiors
    OK, I might come to regret asking this, sometimes better not to know, but... has anyone ever 'serviced' their airbag/pre-tensioners with a car >10 years, like it says to do in the service book? And has there ever been an example where an insurance co. has declined to cover an injury claim in...
  5. Steering and Suspension
    Hi I have a 2011 Clio tomtom 1.5dci 88bhp, I am going traveling around France next summer with a bike rack on the tow bar and enough kit for a month inside the car and two passengers, I have done this before with less stuff and the rear suspension was majorly sagged with less weight in it so id...
  6. Interiors
    can anyone tell me how to re-set the air bags in my 2003 scenic. i turned them off with the switch by the drivers door now i have switched them back on and it has decided it has a fault now none of them are working!!! the orange airbag light is on, on the dash also the orange service light, i...
  7. Electronics
    Air Bags 02 Clio Hi i have a 1.2 02plate clio dynamique. I have had nothing but faults with it since day one, but i have had a good few months when yesterday, being the plonk i am, got freaked when warning lights flashed up, veered off to the left and caught the curb, unlucky for me there was a...
  8. Electronics
    hi guys :confused: i'm wanting to fit a kiddy seat in the front of my espace (1999, grande) does any one know if there is a way of switching the air bag off? can't see it in the hand book but as only got the veh last sat i'm still trying to ind my way around it. cheers tiggz
  9. Interiors
    can anyone tell me if i can turn off my passenger air bag in a 2001 y reg clio thank you
  10. Cars & motoring
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there could help. I have a 1999 Scenic DTi & was wondering how many air bags its got. Also could anyone tell me the Kerb weight of the car. I havnt the paper at hand. Just wondering about towing a caravan. Thanks:)
  11. Laguna
    Renault Laguna - Interiors - Is it safe to put baby seats in the rear of a Laguna - What about the Air Bags ? I have read through my new lagunas handbook and it looks like the only warning about babies car seats is when they are mounted in the passenger seat. My concern is with all the other...