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  1. Vibration after balancing

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, Renault MK1 1.6 112,000 km I reckon the vibration started after an engine mounting was changed. It vibrates between 130/140 kph The other day I had the wheels/tyres balanced at the place where the mounting was changed. I was told that a wheel might be damaged. Maybe an excuse. Anyway...
  2. Wheel Balancing

    Wheels & tyres
    I bought 2 tyres online and had them fitted and balanced at a local tyre fitter. The numpty tyre fitter fitted the tyres the wrong way aound, after some discussion and me pointing out that it has the word 'outside' in 5 different langauge on one side of the tyres, he finally agreed to turn them...
  3. Steering Wobble even after balancing

    Steering and Suspension
    I had 2 new tyres fitted about 3 months ago, they were balanced after they were fitted. The steering wobbled still after about 60mph so i went to another tyre dealer and they balanced them for me, on motorway after 60mph still wobbling, the wobble is through the steering wheel no through...
  4. Tracking and balancing recommendations, Manchester

    Cars & motoring
    Folks The car seems to have had a bit of a knock. All tyre pressures etc. are Ok but there is a definite drift and a bit of a squirm under acceleration and braking Next plan is to have the wheels balanced and the tracking checked Any recommendations for the Manchester area greatly receive...