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  1. I'll Start The Ball Rolling

    General Chat
    It was a Fun site while it lasted Hopefully be able to say the same on the 27th.. Anyone thinking the same.
  2. Renault Megane 2004 lower ball joint

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all Just wondering if anyone might know where i may get a press tool to allow me to change the bottom ball joint on my 2004 Renault Megane as Ball Joint is easier to replace than the whole lower arm.
  3. Clio mk3 front ball joint - need advice

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, So my mk3 clio basically failed its MOT because of an excessively worn ball joint on the passenger side. The drivers side was an advisory as too were both suspension arm pins/bushes. Given that the bushes are about to go it would make sense just to replace the entire lower control arms...
  4. Clio Mk II steering ball joints - alignment

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, Have searched the extensive posts on ball joints in general and didn't see this question answered already. Apologies if I missed that! Since I run on quite a tight budget I'm keen to save money where possible, otherwise I wouldn't even be asking. I just booked in to have two new front...
  5. Lower ball joint removal - correct tool

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, Renault grand scenic 2007 petrol. Front lower arm ball joint removal, it will not come out if the arm. What is the correct tool or method? Everything is apart, caliper out way bar removing this from the trailing arm. It's 40mm across the splines. I've hit it but decided I needed advice. Kev
  6. Track rod end ball joint dust cover

    Steering and Suspension
    Can anyone tell me which part is the Front Track rod end ball joint dust cover? Apparently mine is badly split on my 2011 Megane. The only rubber part I see is that big rubber in the attached pic. Is that the dust cover they are referring to? I take it this rubber comes fitted already to a track...
  7. Lower ball joint replacement - advice please

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all. I've just gotten back from a safety check. I need to have the front right lower ball joint replaced. Parts and fitment, I'm looking at around £160. Fair price? Any recommendations on where to have it done in Harrogate area? Thanks.
  8. Lower arm ball joint fitting nut and bolt

    Steering and Suspension Son had MOT on his 60 plate Kia rio 2 petrol yesterday and had advisory on N/S ball joint..part is as link..been searching for 2x nuts and bolts for securing on the lower arm and finding nothing can anyone help with a possible supplier for...
  9. Can't remove Clio MK2 ball joint!

    Steering and Suspension
    Help...! I've watched every video, read every article, and still cannot escape the feeling I must be doing something wrong because I cannot get this thing out. At this point my biggest worry is I feel like the flat part at the bottom is going to separate from the ball before it comes out of the...
  10. Renault Master MK1 - Ball Joint?

    Steering and Suspension
    Help! We have a 96 aster MK1 Horsebox, it has failed the MOT on what looks like a ball joint at the end of a bar, it has three bolts on Triangle shaped plate, Renault say it is discontinued and it i proving almost ipossible to get hold of one. Any idea where m have one, it is a TRW part. I...
  11. Ball Joint Removal Tools - Renault MASTER

    Steering and Suspension
    I’ve got a 2005 Renault Master that needs the passenger side, Upper Ball Joint replacing. I’ve had a variety of quotes (£350, £250, £120 > Mobile replacement), though from what I can see, it’s not a hard job (I had both hubs off recently, so that part should be easier this time) and can be...
  12. Buying ball joint pinch bolts

    Anyone know where I can buy pinch bolts cheaper than renaults at nearly £9 each?
  13. Inspection today, ball joint loose and foglamp blinding

    Steering and Suspension
    So I got inspection done for my car(RENAULT CLIO III 2012) today and have to replace ball joint front left and was wondering if its easier to replace the wishbone or just the ball joint? Is it very hard to replace? Also have to fix my foglamps as they are blending, how would I go on about...
  14. Laguna III 2007 - Childs ball in heater - HELP!

    Heating & cooling
    I have a 1.5dci Laguna III and my daughter decided to roll a small rubber ball on the top of the dash. It rolled down towards the screen before falling into the vent. Bought a cheap endoscope off eBay and I can see the ball but it's jammed the flap that controls the air flow, so now I get...
  15. Megane iii tce lower ball joint

    Steering and Suspension
    For all those people out there who need to do this but don't have the funds, here's what I've done instead of changing the whole control arm, I tracked down a knocking noise the other day to a failed ball joint, being a cheap skate I couldn't fork out for the full control arm, so shopped around...
  16. Scenic Mk1,2003, Ball joints failed AGAIN!!!!

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, I try and not bored you all. I have a scenic 1.6v fiji, 2003, mk1 shape. Problems...Car has had new wheel bearings in both front wheels, new ball joints and 1 wishbone n/s. I had to re place 1 of the new ball joints after 2 days fitting it - this is the one which came already fitted to...
  17. Lower ball joint torque values ?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I am to replace the lower ball joints on my Clio over the weekend and need before I start to know the reassembly torque values, has anyone any idea ? For both the mounting bolts on the wishbone and the fixing bolt on the hub.
  18. Ball joint Fiasco

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi In Dec last year had 2 new front tyres fitted to my 57 plate Mastervan so ,asked the garage to track the vehicle They could not because the o/s/f lower ball joint was shot .So they replaced it ( not a genuine Renault part ) Cost £ 261-00 This month ,Feb, it went back in with a knocking noise...
  19. Bottom Ball Joint.

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, Apologies if this is a repeat question, i've tried having a look but couldn't find anything... Still getting used to this forum. I've had a MOT failure on my O/S Bottom ball joint, fair enough, got a replacement part, today I went to fit it...... Erm...? The Factory fitted ones are...
  20. Laguna II identifying problem (ball joint/tyre ware)

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi! Trying to identify problem. 1. Worn inside of driver side tyre. 2. Wobble in steering when driving strait on tarmac 3. Recently had broken spring replaced at back (both sides replaced) I'm thinking ball joint on passenger side, as that tyre seems to have most play. and joint looks...