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  1. MK3 Megane Ball Joint

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi Im after a bit of advice please? I hit a pot hole the other week and have had a slight knock ever since. Got time today to jack front up to have a look and the Nearside Ball Joint as some play in it. I have ordered another one which as come with 3 bolts like the one from link but mine...
  2. Never take your eye off the ball

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    Never take your eye off the ball
  3. Sc�nic I Boot Strut Ball Joint loose

    Scénic I Boot Strut Ball Joint loose Hi All, In our Scénic I the boot struts ball joint has come apart from the cars frame.. we had someone try & spot weld it but there was so much wobble that we bent another boot strut. Any ideas how to fix?
  4. Replacing front lower ball joints

    Hi People im new to this site and also new to owning a 1998 s reg clio, could someone tell me if it is easy to replace the front lower ball joints:confused:
  5. Bottom ball joint query - Megane 2

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi After a garage spotted play in the bottom ball joint I am looking round to get the parts. The garage told me that as one had been replaced there before (12k miles) the wishbone might not be able to take another ball joint and the wishbone might need replacing along with a fitted ball...
  6. Renault Megane '98 Track rod end ball joint

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi I'm attempting to get my old beat up Megane through a MOT cheaply by doing the work my self. I am currently trying to replace the Track rod end ball joint or just the dust cover. I have undone the upper bolt connecting the rod too the wheel and the back bolt that secures the rod to the...
  7. renault master ball joints

    Wheels & tyres
    Any advice on changing ball joints on 1999 Renault Master please.
  8. nsf bottom ball joint

    The bottom ball joint on my 2003 scenic is worn. Looking at it , it looks as though there is only 1 nut and bolt and 2 nuts hold it in place but according to my Haynes manual, it says you have to remove this and remove that. Is it as easy as tak:confused:ing the 2 nuts and 1 nut and bolt or not?
  9. offside front track rod end ball joint slight ply

    Steering and Suspension
    my car has just passed a MOT, but there is one recommendation offside front track rod end ball joint slight ply. He said that it should probably last about a year after but I should get it done. Is this job easy and if so instructions please? Or alternatively how much will it cost with a mechanic?
  10. ball joint play

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi all, i have replaced the megane (1.6 vvt new shape 04 plate) wishbone on both side due to ball joint play . i was shocked that after 1 year i had an advisory note saying that slight play on the ball joint i did replace it on Nov 2011 and had the note on Nove 2012 . i ignored it but when...
  11. The Ugly Bug Ball - All Invited who's joining in ??

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    This is the real 'Renoir White'
  12. bottom ball joint

    Can you just replace the ball joint on the steering on its own,or do you have to buy the complete arm Thanks dave
  13. Renault megane II Lower Ball Joint

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi All I have Worn lower ball joints on my Megane II 1.4, I have seen that you can buy the joint on its own, but i was wondering whether to fit new wishbones then saving hassle of removing and refitting the push in joints. Any Advice would be helpful. thanks
  14. Laguna mk2 inner track-rod ball joint removal

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi My mk2 Laguna has play in both track-rod end inner ball joints. I have just looked at them from above the engine and they look a pig to get at. The gaiter on the drivers side is under the steering rack pipes and I wonder how you can get the gaiter clip off let alone remove the balljoints ...
  15. Clio MK2 - replacing lower ball joints

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a Clio MK2 (2002) 1.2 Petrol. It has just failed its M.O.T on the front suspension, N/S and O/S ball joints have excessive play. The garage didn't quote me a price and I just drove it away. I noticed on the M.O.T refusal that it stated £80 + M.O.T then the £80 what scribbled out so unsure...
  16. Espace suspension ball joints

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi guys - new to the forum, so hope I'm posting in the right place - be gentle with me! lol I have an Espace Mk3, 3l V6 that spectacularly failed its MOT today. Most of it is do-able for me, but what I am stumped on is the "O/S/F lower ball joint has excessive play". Apparently, offside is a...
  17. Scenic II Track Rod End & Lower Ball Joint Help Needed

    Steering and Suspension
    Good Evening All, So the car has gone in today to have the dash error fixed (it had completely gone), that went well & was charged £150 (had it in my mind at £100). Anyway it's due the MOT shortly so decided to let Evans Halshaw Renault do the work (I usually use a local mechanic but figured...
  18. Scenic RX4 ball joints.

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, On my Scenic RX4 2003 the ball joints are the pressed in type. When I removed them I noticed that there was no circlip or ring holding them in. The only ones I can find are the ones with a circlip/ring, BUT, they are not as deep (approx 20mm). The cast wishbone is approx 23.5mm deep. PLEASE...
  19. lower ball joint

    Hi, I suspect this is not the correct forum but I couldn't find a section for suspension..... Clio 2 2003 1.2 expression.. I found quite a lot of play in the nearside lower ball joint. Despite removing it and showing them the part, dealer says this is no longer available separately and I will...
  20. n/s/f ball joint removal

    Hi can anyone help i have a megane gt 2.0td and it has failed its mot with wear on ball joint i have tried to remove the wish bone but there does not seem to be room to remove the front bolt does this have to come off or is there another way to remove the ball joint cheers :confused: