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  1. Ball joints, how much?

    Steering and Suspension
    I need a new ball joint in my front left wheel, how much on average are we talking for a decent garage to fit it? Parts and everything, job done? Thank you.
  2. Ball joints

    Hi all. Just a thought. are new ball joints already made up on a scenic mk1 phase 2 or do they need shims like the ones on my mini? Cheers
  3. Ball joint for windscreen wiper 54 plate

    Hi Im wondering if anyone knows how i can fix my windscreen wiper. The drivers side has seperated and ive managed to hold the 2 parts together with cable ties, but they keep snapping. Not sure exactly what part i need. I have also been told it is a dealer only part. Can anyone advised how i...
  4. Espace MK4 lower ball joint replacement

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, MOT due soon and i have a lower ball joint that is worn. Looking on ebay I bought seperate ball joints that bolt onto the plate. At present the lower ball joints are riveted. Has anyone tried cutting off the rivets and fitting bolt on ball joints. Everything measures up the same so I...
  5. Trafic ball joint confusion.

    Hi all I've gone and changed the track rod ends and balljoints on my Trafic. The existing ball joints where riveted and the new ones where bolt on. That's no problem, I get that you have to drill the rivets out. My problem is the feckin Haynes manual I have. The existing ball joints are...
  6. Laguna ball joint

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi when i reverse on full lock turning the steering wheel left i get a creaking what seems to be on the passenger side. The car has been checked and im told its the drivers side ball joint. Would this cause this.
  7. lower arm ball joint 2004 scenic

    haynes manual states at time of print that you have to renew the complete suspension arm. I have managed to source a replacement ball joint but how do i remove the defective ball joint from the suspension arm?
  8. HOW TO change front lower ball joint (Scenic) with pics

    Steering and Suspension
    Did this today and thought I'd post a wee how to for future reference. Tools required 1. Ratchet with 17 and 19mm sockets 2. Jack + axle stand 3. Breaker bar 4. Wheel wrench + torque wrench (if you've got one) 5. Set of spanners 17 and 19mm Tools possibly required 6. Heavy hammer 7. Bungee...
  9. Changing lower ball joint - advice please.

    Steering and Suspension
    Right, following on from an earlier thread I've narrowed the noises down to a worn lower ball joint! I can see that I need to undo the two bolts that hold the ball joint to the lower suspension arm and also the pinch nut. However, I've never worked on suspension, apart from a track rod end...
  10. 2003 MKII Laguna Off-Side Ball Joint Replacement

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello Folks, I've started this job on my MKII Laguna and i'm a bit stuck! Luckily the off-side (driver side) ball joint has separated from the hub carrier BUT i can't break loose the locking nut on the thing. So far i've thrown WD40 on it but it won't budge. Is the lock nut meant to unlock...
  11. Bottom ball joint replacement

    Hi guys, have any of you changed a botton ball joint an a Scenic? mine is an 06 plate and it looks like the ball joint is just pushed? not like my older Scenic which was held in by 2 x nuts and bolts. I have had a look in my Haynes manual but it says that at the time of writing no service parts...
  12. Would ball joint issues cause this..... *Pic Heavy*

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi folks, Me again :d So my driver side type is almost dead see the pictures. I was told by a garage that I would need to have both ball joints replaced but I didn't and now this tyre is bad. The car generally veers to the left and I do not have the knowledge to say if it is the ball joints...
  13. Ball joint...

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, hope everyone is well! I just need to know if you can replace the ball joint on a MeganeSport 225 Cup 2006 as an individual ball joint replacement or would you need to replace the complete arm? Thanks in advance guys! :d
  14. HELP: Lower suspension ball joint not pressing out

    Wheels & tyres
    Finally got the wishbone down and out of the rear of the hub on my scenic and have tried using my puller / pusher to get it out. To the point where the nut weld started to go. Not that that's a problem as I can reweld that. But it's being a pig as of course the shaft of the balljoints...
  15. megane suspension arm ball joint

    Steering and Suspension
    hi guys, I am in a deep sh*t. My car failed mot because both front suspension arm balljoints have an excessive play in them. i thus after a great trouble i sperated the ball joint from the hub . i then bought 2 ball joints to replace the existing one but i could not take them out at all as...
  16. Replace Ball Joint on Scenic

    Steering and Suspension
    I need to replace the LH ball joint on my 2006 Scenic. Is there a clip that hold's it in the lower arm? Is it easier to drop the sub frame and replace the lower arm, or is the ball joint easy to press out?
  17. Removing/Installing lower ball joint megane 1?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi just wondering if anyone has replaced a lower ball joint on a megane 1? If so are they easy to take off? It looks like it is held on by two bolts on the control arm but I'm not entirely sure. Also what parts do I have to take off first or jack up for the ball joint to come off? As you can...
  18. Alpine ball joints

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I am looking for replacement lower front ball joints for an Alpine A310/4, unfortunately the first 909 examples have a different lower front ball joint and i dont know what it comes doesn`t have a Renault part number.The only annoying thing is that all the rest of the ball joints are...
  19. ball joint tool

    Tools & equipment
    Hiya guys could anyone tell me how to remove the ball joint from a renault trafic 2005 1.9 dci? and what tool if needed do i need also how do i remove the the 3 rivets bolts holding the ball joint to the wishbone? is that a drilling job?
  20. Renault Laguna 2 - Ball Joint Replacement

    Tools 19mm Socket / Wheel Brace Jack & Axel Stands 17mm Socket 19mm Open Spanner Grinder 2Kg Hammer & Chisel Ball Joint Separator (Wedge) 21mm Socket 24mm spanner Torque Wrench. Removal 1. Using 19mm Socket or Wheel Brace slacken wheel nuts. 2. Jack up car and secure on axel stands 3. Remove...