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  1. Modus Xenon replace ballast

    Hi people, I have been facing a problem with the Xenon lights in my 2005 Modus. It had standard Xenon from the factory, both of which had low brightness and thus failed passing the Mot. I replaced the bulbs with no improvement. Then I visited a renault service and they told be it is from the...
  2. Grand Scenic II (2005) ballast

    Hi - my front right headlight does not work - that is, it does not work on dip, but does work on high beam. I am sure it's not the bulb itself, as I have switched it with the bulb from the left - and that doesn't work in the right hand side headlight unit either, while the bulb from the right...
  3. FS: Valeo d2s low beam projectors, Valeo 5g xenon ballast and two Valeo d2s igniters

    For sale
    For sale is ONE valeo 5G ballast (12pin one), original fitted in factory on car when it was bought on megane 2 ph 1 xenon headlamps. it fits mor models of renault very likely. also included is a pair of d2s igniters together with wires for them. ballast was opened for inspection and is in mint...
  4. Replacing - Ballast Resistor for Headlight

    I have a Renault Laguna 03 model. One of the headlights is not working. After trying out new bulbs, I took it to Renault and got the issue cornered down to a faulty 'Ballast Resistor'. The next big challenge for me was digesting the cost quoted for a replacement ballast resistor plus fitting...
  5. How do I test the headlight ballast?

    Hi All, Xenon headlight has failed, I have purchased new bulbs but still not working. I have tried the new bulb in the opposite side and it works fine so the bulb is good, must be the ballast? before I spend more money how can I test and be sure that the ballast is the problem? :crazy:
  6. Xenon Ballast Unit

    I own a Laguna Mk2 Tourer Dynamique 2004. Love the car - best I've owned in many years - but...... I'm currently in France (yes - home of Renault) and the local dealer wants to charge me 800 Euros + fitting to replace what I think he is calling the ballast - my technical French not the greatest...
  7. Clio 172 Sport 2002 Projector Headlight & Ballast

    Hey Guys I am looking for a Clio 172 Sport 2002 Drivers side headlight and ballast pack, the starter and bulb are fine mine still work. (as cheap as possible fundage is tight). Shane :- 07590913770 Thanks in advance All the best Shane
  8. 172 Heater ballast resistor repair.

    Heating & cooling
    Stripped down my ballast resister and cleared out all the white gunge to reveal the fault is the MOSFET TRANSISTOR 'N' TYPE. Unable to read the part no though as its burnt through.Anyone have any idea what the number should be please? Looks like only costing a few quid to repair if i can get a...
  9. 172 ballast resistor repair

    Heating & cooling
    Hi is it possible to repair the ballast resistor in the pic for the heater fan from a clio 172? stuck on full no matter what.Anyone have a clue how? thanks
  10. laguna ll headight ballast

    Hi - my 53 plate laguna ll has a dead offside dipped headlight - friendly auto-electrician has diagnosed ballast/starter unit knackered - Renault want £230 (+vat) for a new one - local factors don't stock them - any suggestions for a cheaper source? Thanks...
  11. Heavy ballast fitted to kangoo?

    I am dismantling a 2008 Kangoo ( old shape ) to repair my other 2008 Kangoo. Bolted to the front offside crossmember ( on both cars ) is a ( rusty already ) massive chunk of iron which appears to be doing nothing - not connected to anything electrical or mechanical. Can anyone tell me what this...
  12. ballast unit

    i think my ballast unit is gone on my passenger side laguna however i do not know what it looks like or how to get to it any help would be gratefully received
  13. DIagnosing Ballast or HID?

    Hi All. My Lag today showed its typically french sense of timing. I have my MOT booked for Monday, (6 days away), and it decides that my N/s xenon lamp will stop working. hmmmpphh..:mad: Anyhays, I check this invaluable forum, and there is probably a 50/50 that its either the bulb or the...
  14. Passenger side ballast , drivers side

    Would a drivers side xenon ballast be the same as the passenger side ballast , just to be safe .
  15. xenon ballast

    Can you repair a xenon ballast , it has stopped worrking after heavy rain , bulbs are fine . is it possible to dry them out .:d
  16. Xenons Ballast

    I previously posted about my xenon's blowing, Ive swapped bulbs and they both work Ive checked the fuse and it's ok. Am I to assume that the ballast/power unit is shot and that only renault sell replacements?
  17. Xenon Ballast Replacement Help!

    Hi all, many thanks for a great site, giving me lots of help and tricks with my lag 2. I'm half way through a ballast replacement on my pass headlamp and have hit a snag!! The new ballast from allparts has a smaller multi-plug with grey and orange wires coming from it whereas the orig one in...
  18. Xenon ballast testing

    I have asked a few questions on the xenon headlights and after some ellimination process and talking to people i now need to test the ballasts. The problem with the lights is there lumin output. They start up fine and run flicker free but they are dull even compaired to halegon lights let alone...
  19. Xenon Headlight Replacement Ballast

    The garage have told me that the reason one of my headlights is out is not because the bulb has failed (I asked them to switch the bulbs between the two lights) but because the ballast unit has died. Renault want around £180 for a replacement and I've been scouring the internet trying to...
  20. Where can I get hold of a Xenon Ballast?

    Hi again, After fiddling with the pasenger side headlight and side light I came to the conclusion that the ballast has gone. Does anyone know where I can find a new or used ballast to save going to the Renault Stealer. I have found the pdf doc on how to remove bumper and replace but need to...