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    Think that the authorities need to look again at this as to much of the emphasis is being placed on HGV/bus/coach drivers many times have we witnessed a cyclist trying to squeeze past large vehicles at junctions etc also many a time I would be sitting at traffic lights indicating to turn...
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    Who looks at it..Hondo is king of the ban boys..:devil:
  4. Formula 1 news One racing's governing body, the FIA, has revised its planned restrictions on pit-to-car radio and pit board messages ahead of this weekend's 2014 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix. Messages concerning a driver's...
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    there has been some rubbish said in last person to post who should get a days ban :d:d
  6. Formula 1 news's Romain Grosjean has been given a one-race ban after the stewards at Spa-Francorchamps judged him to be responsible for causing the first-corner accident at the start of Sunday's 2012 Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix. The ban...
  7. Football,19528,11945_5559841,00.html A statement from Uefa on their official website read: "Following examination of all the evidence, notably the declarations of both the referee and the referees' assessor, as well as the various video footage, it was not established to...
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    Just when you thought that F1 had quietened down,this story pops up..... I think Mr.Piquet has been stirring things up,but to be honest I really can't see that a team would try and manipulate a race result in this way.
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    We still have a bit of a problem with spammers registering to post rubbish on the forums. This does, unfortunately, mean that we still have mechanisms in place to catch the spam before you see it. If you are interested in the number of users we are banning as a result of the system, please view...
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    There must be very few of the top flight clubs that don't carry substantial debt ? SRC BBC News
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    :eek: caught with intent to supply drugs I think is the least of his problems :crazy:
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    :MORE @
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    What a plonker, Got his 15 minutes of fame
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    The Department of Culture, Media and Sport have deemed the RAF Red Arrows as Unsuitable for the 2012 Olympics because they are too British. This is a ridiculous decision and should be overturned in the name of common sense. Sign the petition........ Petition to: Allow the Red Arrows to Fly...
  15. Football
    Mourinho in the frame for Portugal job after Scolari gets four-match ban | the Daily Mail Portugal coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has today received a four-match ban and a fine for fighting with Serbia defender Ivica Dragutinovic - fuelling speculation that Jose Mourinho is to take over the national...
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    :p BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Man Utd | Ronaldo critical of 'unjust' ban
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    Now that the smoking ban has being in place for a while now what are peoples thoughts on it ?
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    Estimated 8 million problem drinkers in Britain ? News | Telegraph
  19. Cars & motoring
    What do you think? Banning/restricting cars over 10yrs old. This is on the .gov website. "Several EU proposals across the years are dangerous to the classic car movement. One that has been under consideration is to ban the use of cars older than 10 years. Similarly, Edinburgh City Council is...
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    how long before english clubs are banned from europe again, man utd last night,as i am watching the footy on the tv above my monitor,tottenham and seville fans are fighting.the ugly side is popping up again.