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  1. The Newshound is now banned

    Formula 1 news
    For those of you who may currently be unaware, The Newshound will be banned on Thurs night / Friday morning prior to any F1 race, this ban will occur providing I remember before every race throughout the year, the ban will be lifted on the Monday following the race. The ban is to avoid The...
  2. The Newshound

    Formula 1 news Bull's Sebastian Vettel produced a sublime lap in treacherous conditions to claim his ninth pole position of the season in Brazil on Saturday. Heavy rain had delayed the start of Q3, but when the action got going it was the world...
  3. Reactive ride height to be banned

    Formula 1 news
    Not too much time effort and money down the drain then ...... I can only assume that the red team couldn't get it to work in time :rolleyes:
  4. DRS Could Be Banned For Monaco GP

    Formula 1 news
    Amid safety fears,the new Drag Reduction System could be disabled for the Monaco GP weekend.... I think it would make sense for the system to be removed for the event,Monaco is very much a one-off on the calendar and the race won't be effected...
  5. Chelsea have been banned by Fifa from signing any new players for an entire year.

    Click here for more unlucky chelsea! But you cant break rules year after year and get away with it! Hope fifa dont buckle on appeal! Got to be the heaviest ban I ever heard of! cant register ANY players, not even youth!
  6. Athhletico MAdird banned from next 3 home champions league games.......

    at short notice (like a week) causing MASS problems for liverpool FC's trip there NEXT WEEK!!!!!! Only at least 3,000 flights booked and hotels..............
  7. Banned driver jailed for hit-and-run death

    Cars & motoring
    Banned driver jailed for hit-and-run death Banned driver jailed for hit-and-run death | the Daily Mail Someones finally listening!!!