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  1. Scenic Mk3 2009 High Level Brake Light Bar Removal (Solved)

    Ask the Experts
    The high level brake light bar (LEDs?) over the rear windscreen has stopped working. I've searched high and low to find out how to remove the bar, without success. I have access the rear of the bar from inside the tailgate and pushed in three metal, spring-loaded, lugs but I think there may be...
  2. electrics on a tow bar

    I all i'm after a bit of advice I've just ad a tow bar fitted to my 2013 megane coupe i had to take it back the next day because the fog light wouldn't work on my trailer he looked at it and got it to work saying Renault are funny with the electrics etc saying that he had to put a second live to...
  3. Tow bar

    Ask the Experts
    Would anybody be able to help me please. Can someone advise if a tow bar for a 2004 megane estate would be compatible and fit on a 2007 scenic. Cheers Tony
  4. Anti-roll bar links and rear engine mount

    Steering and Suspension
    Both flagged as advisories on the Clio's last MOT ... and one checking now one of the links has actually snapped! Both will be replaced this weekend but any problems with changing these for an able DIYer? (I also have an angle grinder if the going gets tough!) Also anyone replaced the rear...
  5. Anti roll bar moving

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi guys my anti roll bar was moving so i got new bushes as i was advised it would be them if the brackets and bolts were ok, they were. Anyway when putting it together again i niticed the bushes were not sitting flush together ( was an half inch gap) and i could still move the bar so i kept...
  6. Bar

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Hopalong Happychopper and his faithfull scout Cherokee Chum walk into a saloon. The Bartender says " We do not have filthy prairie dogs in here , now you go git yerself out". Cherokee Chum tells Hopalong Happychopper to stay for his drink and he wait outside and tend to his horse. After a while...
  7. seat belt bar

    Hi does anyone have a Picture of the lower seat belt bar holder on a 2007 3 door megane cant work out how it comes out from the holder to get the belt off :crying2:
  8. Engine steady bar

    Hello, I have a 61 plate 1.2 litre Clio 3 Dynamique. I want to replace the engine steady bar but I'm unsure of the torque settings for the 3 fixing bolts. Can anyone help please ?
  9. Espace Roof Bar Adaptor Kit 7711218405

    For sale
    Hi folks, Genuine roof bar adaptor kit for the Espace IV. This takes the curve out of the roof bars for a roof box to sit flat and flush. Bought last year for a trip, but never used. I fitted them but then didn't use them due to taking another car. Originally bought from Renault for £40 In...
  10. Tow Bar

    Will the tow bar on my 2012 trafic sport fit a 2017 trafic sport
  11. FS: Whiteline Rear Sway Bar 18mm Heavy Duty Blade Adjustable Rena... - TMS Motorsport

    TMS Motorsport
    More great items brought to you by: THE MOFF SHOP / TMS MOTORSPORT FS: Whiteline Rear Sway Bar 18mm Heavy Duty Blade Adjustable Renault Clio This Whiteline 18mm 2 point adjustable sway bar = more grip = better handling = outright performance - it's the best dollar for dollar handling...
  12. Anti roll bar knocking.

    Steering and Suspension
    Traffic 2005 roll bar is knocking. Looking like it's the two central rubbers. Are they pretty easy to change? Also the centre or rear enginge mount is split. Are they easy to change? Thanks for any replies.
  13. 52 Laguna 2 small bar on l/h suspension

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a Laguna 2 52 plate, hit a pot hole the other night and could heat a knocking noise after that. Found a broken arm about 3 inches long connecting to lower wishbone and then onto a plastic unit on the body side by two ball joints. Cannot identify what the part is, it has two numbers on it...
  14. Handbrake cable popping off equaliser bar.

    So the right cable popped out. Hardly surprising as the bar is an inch further forward on the far side. Back at the calipers the left handbrake operating lever is in mid travel. It is midway between stops with the cable fully released. Has someone assembled this wrong ? The cables look new.
  15. Regarding a Clio Mk 1 snapped torsion bar

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi! Here's my first post! I just bought a 1997 Clio Mk 1, which I got cheap because the passenger side is well down at the back. I took the rear wheel off and could move the trailing arm up and down with no resistance from the torsion bar spring, only from the shocker. So the spring is either...
  16. Renault Scenic MK1 Tow Bar

    Towing & Touring Club
    Been trying to post a query on the Scenic forum as regards Scenic MK1 phase 1, and Scenic MK1 phase 2 tow bar fittings but am having no success. The question is, is there a difference in the sub frame and mounting locations between the Phase 1 and the Phase 2. mark 1 Scenics. I recovered the old...
  17. rear bar on 2002 renault scenic mk1 cdi 1.9

    Steering and Suspension
    Car: Renault scenic 2002 , 1.9 diesel cdi I attach a picture of a rectangular bar at the rear of the car which is now rusted through. It seems to be attached by two bolts ? Could anyone tell me what it is ? what its for ? is it structural ? AND Where can i get one ? I ask as i dont know what...
  18. Tow bar wiring for 2012 Clio (Mk III)

    Hi I wonder if anyone can advise. I have fitted a towbar very easily and it came with a universal wiring kit for connecting the 7 pin socket. I am led to believe that I dont need a Can Bus relay for this model, so I should be able to wire into the rear lighting cluster wiring. My first...
  19. Anti roll bar bushes Laguna II

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi! I have read a couple of posts about replacing Anti roll bar bushes, and they state subframe must be lowered. I have only done things like caliper, brakes and electrics and I don't know how to lower subframe or how to identify it. Is it really necessary? Is there a way of doing it without...
  20. Tow Bar electrics

    Hi, Just fitted removable tow bar to my Laguna Coupe III. Can anyone tell me where the connection plug for the vehicle dedicated electrics is located?? Many thanks grahamejackaman