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  1. Lost fixing bolts for roof bars 2016 grand scenic

    Ask the Experts
    I’ve mislaid (lost) the bolts for fixing my roof bars to my 2016 grand scenic. Anyone know where I can obtain replacements. My local Renault garage says I have to buy the whole bar kit
  2. Tow bars

    Hit Gang. I have a Clio mk 3 1.2 16 valve on a 55 plate. I want to know if there is a wiring connector plug in the boot to save cutting into the loom?? Regards Mouse..
  3. Scenic 2 Aero roof bars

    For sale
    Locking Aero roof bars for Mk II Scenic/Grand Scenic. These Bolt into the flip-up attachment points on the roof of the car and are official Renault part. Includes all fittings & keys. £40
  4. koleos roof bars : what length

    Exterior styling
    Anyone know what length roofbars would need to be to work with a 08 koleos? Thanks
  5. Hi. I've just bought a scenic 2 and am looking for roof bars.

    Sorry if it already been covered just loads on about it. Been on a couple of websites and it says roof bars only suitable for cars without sun roofs. Well guess what ours has sun roof. Any ideas what to do? Thanks.
  6. Renault Scenic MK1 Roof Bars

    For sale
    My dad an unused set of Renault Scenic MK1 roof bars which he found from when he had the car new 20 years ago! If anyone is interested in having these, please PM me. Open to offers. Thanks Jamie
  7. Scenic III roof bars coin lock to key lock replace

    Hi guys, I've have original Renault Scenic III roof bars as on the picture: and would like to replace coin locks in the side covers to a standard Thule-like barrel lock...
  8. Bars and boxes

    Hi all, Please excuse my ignorance here. What bars will fit my Clio IV. I have a Thule 360l box and I'm looking for the correct bar set to go with it.
  9. Grand scenic---spare wheel/roof bars

    For sale
    16 inch 4 stud spare wheel and hanging bracket ,fits in void under car, full size wheel , bracket fits to factory fitted studs underneath. Good tyre plenty of tread . off an 07 plate , no issue with ground clearance. will fit other models with 4 stud £55 Also roof bars bolt straight in to...
  10. Roof bars for Laguna I

    I've still got a pair of Renault roof bars from my first Laguna saloon. Free to collect in Strathaven, just PM your email if interested. Also a pair of Halfords bars off the Sport Tourer.
  11. how to fit roof bars on grand scenic 14 plate

    Tools & equipment
    I have a Grand Scenic 14 plate and want to fit roof bars, however, there are no visible fixing points. There's also no rubber strip, it's just the roof if that makes sense. I've looked at Thule universal bars but can't figure out how they would fit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. roof bars for scenic 2015 wanted

    hi there im looking for a pair of roof bars for scenic 2015 thanks please txt 07475543934 thanks :confused:
  13. 2005 Clio MK3 Roof Bars

    Hi All, I have been searching for some roof bars to fit my 2005 Clio MK3. I thought i had fixed point fittings but alas i do not. I only see one "plastic cap" on each side of the car towards the rear (what are they for?). Does anyone have any recommendations for roof bars, or even better...
  14. 2003 1.2 8V Clio - Engine Temp only 2 bars

    Heating & cooling
    Just picked up a Clio 1.2 8V 2004 for the daughter's first car and noticed that the temp display moved to 2 bars quite quickly but stayed there. Plenty of heat from the heater and car seems to be running fine. Could this be the coolant sensor ?? cheers Mark
  15. roof bars for a scenic 2002

    Anybody got any roof bars a 2002 scenic in the south yorkshire area
  16. Roof Bars for a 2006 Grand Scenic

    Hi all, First time to post. I am looking to get roof bars for it and came across these They are of an Espace, so without having to drive a distance to see would an Espace roof bars be compatible with a 2006 Grnad Scenic? if these are not compatible can anyone...
  17. Year 2000 Scenic Rack/tie bars

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello, got the MOT up in a month so I checked over my old Scenic just to be sure of no nasty surprises. I have slight play in what I hoped was the track rod ends but I think it might be more serious as I cant feel any play between the tie bar and the hub so it seems the play must be in the...
  18. clio 172 temp gauge stuck on 3 bars

    Heating & cooling
    help,car 172 cup 2003,car has had new renault stat coolant and 2 coolant temp sensor and still the guage wont even go to half dont know what else to try,im sure this is affecting the performance any help thanks
  19. Roof bars for 2012 mk3 3 door Clio

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, is it possible to source roof bars for a 2012 3 door mk3 clio? It seems to have fixings at the back ends of the car behind the front doors? I can only assume all bars have to be fitted at the back end of the car or is it possible somehow to fit at the front too for more even load...
  20. Laguna 2 hatchback genuine roof bars

    For sale
    As per title, I have a pair of these for sale, with the fancy Allen key. Open to offers but people will have to factor in additional postage if not collecting in person Cheers Jamie