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  1. Ask the Experts
    I’ve mislaid (lost) the bolts for fixing my roof bars to my 2016 grand scenic. Anyone know where I can obtain replacements. My local Renault garage says I have to buy the whole bar kit
  2. Bodywork
    Hi guys, I've have original Renault Scenic III roof bars as on the picture: and would like to replace coin locks in the side covers to a standard Thule-like barrel lock...
  3. For sale
    16 inch 4 stud spare wheel and hanging bracket ,fits in void under car, full size wheel , bracket fits to factory fitted studs underneath. Good tyre plenty of tread . off an 07 plate , no issue with ground clearance. will fit other models with 4 stud £55 Also roof bars bolt straight in to...
  4. Tools & equipment
    I have a Grand Scenic 14 plate and want to fit roof bars, however, there are no visible fixing points. There's also no rubber strip, it's just the roof if that makes sense. I've looked at Thule universal bars but can't figure out how they would fit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Wanted
    hi there im looking for a pair of roof bars for scenic 2015 thanks please txt 07475543934 thanks :confused:
  6. Bodywork
    Hi All, I have been searching for some roof bars to fit my 2005 Clio MK3. I thought i had fixed point fittings but alas i do not. I only see one "plastic cap" on each side of the car towards the rear (what are they for?). Does anyone have any recommendations for roof bars, or even better...
  7. Heating & cooling
    Just picked up a Clio 1.2 8V 2004 for the daughter's first car and noticed that the temp display moved to 2 bars quite quickly but stayed there. Plenty of heat from the heater and car seems to be running fine. Could this be the coolant sensor ?? cheers Mark
  8. Cars & motoring
    Hi, is it possible to source roof bars for a 2012 3 door mk3 clio? It seems to have fixings at the back ends of the car behind the front doors? I can only assume all bars have to be fitted at the back end of the car or is it possible somehow to fit at the front too for more even load...
  9. Bodywork
    Hi all My Mk2 scenic has the electric sun roof and the glass panel just behind it, I was wanting to get a set of roof bars and a roof box but have been told that the car cannot take the weight on its roof because of the glass. is this true of is someone winding me up? regards als.
  10. Tools & equipment
    hey guys can anyone help? been trawling tinternet for ages but cant find anything about fitting kits for these bars. got a set but they dont fit my megane. can anyone tell me part number for fitting kit for megane 1 facelift. called swansea renault was told dont do them for megane but i cant...
  11. Bodywork
    Hi All, my question is this; will roof bars for a 2005-on Clio III fit my facelift 2012 '62' Clio III (3 door)? Did the mounting points change or move? Or am I correct in thinking that the facelift changes were only to bumpers and lights as most Renault facelifts? This is what I was going to buy...
  12. Bodywork
    Hi All I have a Renault Espace 2004 1.9 dci and want to fit the genuine roof spoiler/bars, I don't see many on eBay so wondered is it possible to fit the Mk 3 type spoiler/bars onto the Mk 4? if I was to do they fit straight onto my runners or do I need extra parts that I hope would come with...
  13. Tools & equipment
    Hi I have recently changed from a 2004 Grand Scenic to a 2011 Grand Scenic and was wondering if there is an adapter to allow me to use the older Renault roof bars on the new car? Only bought them last summer, new from a Renault dealer on EBay so would like to re-use them, but newer Scenic...
  14. Bodywork
    Hi This is odd but today on the motorway the cap of one of my roof bars just flew... Could I get another one somewhere? Regards
  15. Bodywork
    Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone has experience of using Thule roof bars with a 5dr saloon Laguna (2008). I am a little concerned that the fitting mechanisms might compromise the water seal at the top of the doors. Grateful for any wise words or experience on this. Thanks Jeff
  16. Bodywork
    Hi people, simple question, I am trying to get hold of some roof bars for my Grand Scenic II from ebay, are the bars for the scenic and grand scenic the same?? I thank you. Paul.
  17. Bodywork
    Hi! I'm a new guy hear and new to Renault cars. I was reading some threads/posts and still I don't get it.I have a scenic 1 and want to fit roof bars, I have the full plastic strip on the roof with no slots for bars. When I pull the plastic trim back I cannot see anything obvious that the roof...
1-17 of 74 Results