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  1. Building a Base for a Metal Shed

    General Chat
    Just needing a few ideas here for the base of my very own shed. :grin2: The plan is to build it on top of the patio slabs, but obviously I want it as moisture proof as possible. Initially, I was going to collect some engineering bricks, cement them frame wise, one brick high, to sit the hut...
  2. Laguna 3 aerial base

    Hello Guys, Since winter I have problem with receive radio station during driving, signal lost or radio mutes itself etc. and also my aerial base not stick to roof... couple millimeters gap... Today I disassemble aerial base and I notice strange white powder. Can anybody tell me what is this...
  3. Espace Seats - knowledge base

    Hi all, Just spent a day stripping down a Phase 2 Espace IV rear seat. I recently bought some Phase1 seats thinking I could swap bits over but have found they are totally incompatible. The only parts which are shared seem to be the headrest and seat belt catch. Doh. So now I have a full set...
  4. Clio Mk 3 seat base trim clips

    Hi Folks 1st real post, so please dont bite I need to get the 4 trim clips that hold the plastic trim that covers the seat base - the plastic trim you can see that goes between the seat cushion and the floor when viewed with the door open. I've tried some aftermarket clips and these dont hold...
  5. Replacement Clio Aerial base

    Hi, I bought a 54 plate Clio 1.5 Dci and it came with a small metal aerial, the reception was never brilliant so I have just bought a replacement. Unfortunately when trying to get the old one off the screw snapped and it is stuck in the base unit. I have looked all over the web trying to make...
  6. 2002 clio van aerial base cable help

    Hi. Got poor signal. Trying to remove the aerial base and got as far as undoing the 22mm bolt to loosen the base and unplugged the short the power connector but the aerial coax wire itself seems to go for miles. Does it go all the way to the head unit or is there a joiner somewhere. I got as...
  7. Ravetto: Caterham looking for a new base

    Formula 1 news have confirmed they are looking to leave Leafield and move into new headquarters as part of ongoing restructuring and stabilising efforts. Team principal Manfredi Ravetto said the team are aware they still face 'bumpy roads' in...
  8. Deposits around battery base

    My Clio is remarkably reliable for a 14 year old car. It is the 1.2 mark 2. However , yesterday , I noticed some white/grey powdery deposits around the base of the battery where it rests. There was quite a lot of the stuff. This must be a recent thing as I had the bonnet open a couple of weeks...
  9. Double Swivel Base & Single Swivel Bases

    Hi there all, I'm just about to convert my 2005 Trafic panel van into an events vehicle / camper and would like to retain all standard 3 seats, I.e. divers and bench. Does anyone know or heard of a double swivel base for the bench seat? I've seen plenty for VW's but nothing for the Trafic...
  10. Factors Aerial Base - more trouble that it's worth?

    After finally getting around to resolving the poor radio reception on my Mk2 Clio, I bought a replacement aerial base from the factors. After getting the headlining down and the old aerial removed, I see the connectors aren't even close. While I could have a go at splicing the coax, the power...
  11. 04 Scenic base model rear child locks

    Hi there. this is my first time posting so bear with me:crazy: i have an 04 scenic phase II base model, it only has electric windows in the front. my child locks dont seam to work though, the switch is next to the controls for the head light height adjust and display brightness but doesnt do...
  12. Honda to base F1® operation in Milton Keynes

    Formula 1 news have announced that they will base their European racing operation in Milton Keynes, UK as they continue preparations for their return to Formula One racing. The Japanese manufacturer is returning to the sport in 2015 in a joint...
  13. what is under drivers side rear passengers seat base

    took my rear seats out other day and there is like a big round platic lid about a foot round,any idea what it is.
  14. Isofix car seat base

    I have a maxi cosi cabriofix car seat and wanted to install the base but now i'm confused as the base has a support foot which is not compatible with the Renault Scenic because of the storage compartments in the floor. Can I use it in the middle back seat as there are no storage compartments...
  15. clio mk3 drivers seat base part no:-7701063003

    guys im after a clio mk3 drivers seat base part no:-7701063003, same as this one:- but not willing to pay £80.00 anybody got one ?
  16. Aerial base replacement

    Hi all, I have an 05 Scenic 1.6 Dynamique. The aerial has snapped off (fitted at rear of car roof) upon doing so it has knackered the threads on the base as well. I have tried drilling it out etc but now require to replace the base. Any ideas on how this is done, do I have to take back the...
  17. How do you remove the rear trim to replace aerial base

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help? Someone ripped my aerial out of the base and wrecked my aerial, as there is no thread to screw a new aerial into. So I brought the tools and parts to replace the base, thinking it would be quite an easy job. I used the torx key to undo the rear middle...
  18. Attempting to remove headlining in clio mk2 to replace aerial base

    Hi, Some ##### decided to rip the aerial off my clio taking the thread from the base as well. To start with wasn't to bothered but now I have listened to the same CD's about 100 times I have decided to change the base so I can listen to the radio. I have got my torx keys and wrench, but just...
  19. McLaren partnership and new base for Virgin

    Formula 1 news have signalled the seriousness of their intent to become real Formula One contenders by announcing a new, long-term technical partnership with McLaren Applied Technologies. It will see the Anglo-Russian team benefit from access to...
  20. renault data base

    Cars & motoring
    hi does ant one know where i can get renault clio data base part numbers etc thanx