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  1. Wheel bearings or not??

    Steering and Suspension
    We've been getting vibrations and a humming type noise which increases with speed, coming from the front end. My first thought was wheel bearings, so I had them checked out, and all was good. The mechanic said it was probably road noise from the tyres. We had them changed a month ago and it's...
  2. Master bearings **Fixed**

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, can anyone tell me why my master 2.8td is eating front wheel bearings, i have replaced them 3 times in a year,now the drivers side needs done again, the van needs tracked would that be the cause! or worn hubs, its a 2007+180,000 on clock cheers
  3. Wheel Bearings Kit

    Ask the Experts
    Can anyone tell me (Link) where i can get REAR wheel bearing Kit for my Laguna 11 2003 ... Thanks
  4. 04 Master rear axle replacement and front bearings

    Ask the Experts
    I***8217;ve got an 04 hr lwb that needs a new rear axle (lost a bearing and the stub has welded itself together with friction) and front bearings - I***8217;m considering doing it myself if I don***8217;t agree with the mechanics bill. Does anyone have an exploded diagram of the wheel hubs or...
  5. change rear wheel bearings

    Ask the Experts
    how easy is it to change the rear wheel bearings on a mk1 megane with rear drums
  6. Clio IV change driveshaft bearings

    Hi Guys. Im a Renault noob so bear with me ;) One of my friends has a Clio IV, it have some bad knocking noices, I found around 3-4mm play in the bearing for the innder CV joint on the left side of the car. Do any of you know if its posible to change that bearing from the outside? or is it a...
  7. noisy rear wheel bearing mk2 clio - packing with grease?

    Steering and Suspension
    wife's car - Clio Mk2 2003 (drum at rear, not disc) has been making hollow noise lately from the back travelling up to front of car when she were driving so this weekend I jacked up the rear wheels , undone hand brake , spun wheels around. Passenger side run nice and smoothly , Drivers side was...
  8. Tightening torque bearings?

    Does anyone know which tightening torque it should be on connecting rod bearing and big end bearings? Should also need one on the oil pump bolts if there is. For my engine Renault Espace 2.0T -04 F4R-794
  9. Blower bearings - how to lubricate?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi guys, I've removed the blower motor from my wife's RX4, which was starting to fail. It spins briefly if I give it a hefty turn, but certainly not freely, so I want to lubricate the bearings. The problem is getting access to them. I removed the lower shaft-end clip and washers, then tapped the...
  10. Renault Laguna Coupe (Not wheel bearings) Whining/grinding noise on right bends

    Hello everyone! I'm getting a whining/grinding noise when Im going around right hand bends at speed when the weight of the car shifts over to the left. The noise appears to be coming from the front left of the car. Its very noticable between 50-70mph. The noise frequency is linked to the speed...
  11. wheel bearing whine , bearings ok ????? *Fixed*

    Wheels & tyres
    Got a strange one on my 2007 lag 2.0 16v . At around 40 mph up to 60ish i'm getting a whine type noise that sounds like a wheel bearing whine . Strange thing is when I jack the car up and test for bearing wear they all seem fine and no play and spin freely . I'm wondering if it could be a tyre...
  12. Mk 2 Scenic front strut top bearings.

    Steering and Suspension
    Anyone done this job recently? How awkward a job is it, an idiots guide would be ideal.
  13. Front Bearings - what to order ?

    Here we go again what should be so simple becomes not so simple when you find there are three bearing sizes listed for your vehicle causing that eternal question; which bearing size do I need. So far for my vehicle registration on ECP I have three outer diameters listed ; 72mm, 65 mm and 52mm...
  14. clio mk 2, bearings, wheel cylinder

    hello, more problems with my clio. i love it when this stuff happens....NOT! had a noise from the rear right wheel, bearings gone, bought new bearing from eurocarparts, removed hub, took hub and bearing and £15 to local mechanic. asked mech to remove old bearing and press in new bearings. he...
  15. Does my clio has sealed wheel bearings?

    Wheels & tyres
    Evening, So my clio (1.4 Lt 2006) was making a loud noise. Took it to a mechanic who said the back passenger wheel bearing needs replacing. I was originally quoted 50 pound to replace but now is saying that because the bearing is sealed he has to fit a full drum/hub assembly and now the price...
  16. Do my brake discs have bearings?

    I have a 1.6 petrol Megane II estate 2007 (refresh), can anyone tell me if the rear brake discs have integrated wheel bearings or not - or would it be obvious to see if I took one off?
  17. Trailer taper bearings

    Other makes
    Off again later this week..... spot the trailer tent behind the Trafic..... Checked the bearings on the trailer and I was happy with a touch of play. My pal was aghast! ' You can't have play, tighten them up or you'll lose the wheel.' Now I think you preloaded a bearing whilst spinning the...
  18. Tragic gearbox bearings

    I have a noisy box in 5th and 6th so am taking the box out to replace the bearings I have read loads on here and is a great help but need just one answer I carnt find how to get the outer bearings out of the casing the bearing on the shaft look easy enough but how do the shells come out of the...
  19. Trafic- bearings, driveshaft or gearbox

    There's a definite noise and I'm trying to pin it down as it's getting worse. It's related to speed, a deep sound rather than a whine. Noise same at set speed ,40 mph, if in 3rd, 4th or 5th. Noise changes slightly I steer right. Lashing it down here and tractor in workshop so waiting until...
  20. Renault Clio Front Wheel Bearings

    Hi everyone, My partners Renault Clio (1999 Ph1) has started making an awful noise above 60mph. I'm suspecting it's a wheel bearing but will know for sure this weekend when I take a look at it. I've replaced the back ones not long ago, so I presume it's a front one. It seems the front wheels...