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  1. Electronics
    My 17 plate Kadjar makes 2 small beeps when locking, but then once the mirrors have folded in and the car is locked, it makes two long, loud and high pitched beeps. I don't think it's always done this, can anyone help if I can turn this function off so I only get the 2 smaller quieter beeps?
  2. Electronics
    Hello, I am experiencing constant beeping (2 beeps) that occurs only while media nav computer is turned on, if I turn it off then there are no beeps. It is not related to seatbelt or door beeps, they have a different sound. Here is a 5 second youtube clip with the beeping sound:
  3. Electronics
    Hello, I have a strange issue with my Clio IV 2015 0.9TCE LPG. As you can see on video, when I insert card, dashboard starts to beeping, but without error on display. It is very annoying. Any Ideas? Signal stops and I everything is okay. Car drives normally, as usual - nothing wrong seems to...
  4. Electronics
    Had the medianav replaced recently, but when i'm on the bluetooth either playing music or on the phone - there is 1 loud beep every so often - when you on the phone and the volume is full so you can hear the other person talking - the beep is so loud it actually hurts your ears..... This is...
  5. Electronics
    Hi guys new to this so bear with me, I have a 2016 Renault traffic sport and every so often when I turn the ignition it beeps twice but no warning message or anything, usually happens once or twice a week anyone know what it could be or is it serious I only have the van since September
  6. Electronics
    Clio mk3 beeping and won’t start I recently bought a 2008 Clio Freeway. The car was parked up for a week. Yesterday the car started making a beeping noise (coming from ignition key area) when the key was put in the ignition which comprised of about 8 beeps. The car would start and the beeping...
  7. Electronics
    Hi everyone I need some help as the dealer here in Australia where I live are hopeless and can’t help with anything have had nothing but trouble since I have owned my Renault Trafic van. The question is my van has just started beeping when turning left around corners but there’s no warning...
  8. Electronics
    Morning , I have a 66 plate clio Dymonique dci . I have an intermittent beep sound happening . no warning sound on dashboard ... any ideas Thanks J
  9. Electronics
    I've just got a Renault clio year 2003 sensation and whats the score with these annoying beeps that go off when you turn the engine off and pull the key out of the ignition? - i presume its informing you that the immobilzer is initialising ... but I dont care!! - i find it just past mildly...
  10. Electronics
    I have just brought my first ever Renault and I am very happy with it apart from the CD/radio that keeps bleeping every few seconds. How can I get rid of this? Thank you.
  11. Electronics
    I have a Renault Clio 2013 series, have had it since last September, it has now started to intermittently beep, it seems to be when I go round a bend or corner, but it doesn't happen all the time. There is no warning light or message appearing. Some days it doesn't happen at all, other days it...
  12. Electronics
    I've been experiencing this issue for a while now, didn't give it much attention as it seems as just a computer bug. It happens randomly and not in any special situation: 1 - Displays "Traction Control On" 2 - All warning lights flash 3 - RPM dial falls to 0 and goes back up 4 - Short beep...
  13. Electronics
    Hi I have a 2004 Scenic Automatic that I have owned for a short while and it's exhibiting some very odd behaviour I'll be driving for a bit and it always starts with a small beep and an "auto lights activated" message. This is accompanied by the heater fan stopping and the speedometer only...
  14. Electronics
    Friday 16/12/16 bought Laguna Coupe 2.0 dCi 150 tom tom 2010,from local (Nationwide) dealer it was transported 160 miles to the local garage, Took it for a spin no problem, bought the car next day, part x and cash, after about 20 mile intermittant stop sign with beep on dash, does this about...
  15. Electronics
    Whilst driving, my new clio will beep, sometimes its every 30 seconds, sometimes its every few minutes, can't find anything in the manual to explain this, no warning lights are showing, doors are all locked, my seat belt is securely locked, so i have no idea help please!!!!
  16. Electronics
    Hi my 03 renault megane beeps once on each journey. Nothing is showing up on the dash and all fluid levels are ok. The car is running fine. Anyone any idea?
  17. Brakes/Hubs
    I have recently bought a second hand Megan Convertible 52 plate. I have not driven it for a week and consequently the battery went flat so I recharged it to max. However when I drive I get a constant beeping for the whole of my journey when the handbrake is released, and it only stops when I put...
  18. Electronics
    Ive a 2006 laguna top spec. Morning times,get in car no issues, no warning lights. Turn on engine,lights on,pull away and the damn beeping starts. 30 ish seconds oc a low pitch followed by 30 ish seconds of a louder higher pitch. Today it stopped after the higher pitch,the other day it repeated...
  19. In Car Entertainment
    hi guys my sterio beeps every few seconds. ive read that I need to enter the code to stop this but how do I get it to go to 0000 so I can enter it. ive pressed every button a million times but cant work it out.. its a 2001 scenic many thanks
  20. Electronics
    Hey, I was driving up the highway today on my megane 2009 16V 1.6 cc (in Europe I guess its the 2008 model) its a hatchback old design Anyways so as I exceeded the 120km/h there was a horrible beeping sound the eventually stopped but kept coming back as I exceeded 130 and then every time I...
1-20 of 76 Results