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  1. Help with Seat Belts

    Hi, I have a Renault Megane Scenic 1.9l diesel from the year 2000 and I need to change the seat belts but I can't take off the top trim of the B pillar without breaking the unlocking knob, I really need help on how to remove the trim without breaking off the knob. Thanks
  2. Holy Jumping Accessory Belts, Batman! (Espace 3 III 16v 2.0)

    Did a long run yesterday in the heat, sat for a half hour for a good heat soak in the engine bay, and got back into the car only for there to be a 'ffffffffgogok' type noise and no power steering! Moved off the parking spot and the alternator low volts warning came on, stopped the engine and I...
  3. Megane 1.9dci and trafic 1.9dci timing belts

    Hi I'm replacing the engine on my trafic with a f9q engine out of a Megane I have a brand new belt for the trafic engine but are the the same for the megane? On the front of the timing belt box it doesn't say anything about Megane 1.9dci, Tia
  4. Timing belts........ advice ?

    A couple of weeks ago I purchased a 15 year old 1.4 Kangoo with 50k miles on the clock and I am wondering about the engine killer, the timing belt given the vehicle's age as I cannot find any record of the belt having been changed at or around 60 months. Now it is I have already set about...
  5. Grand Modus rear seat belts

    Hi all, sorry if this has already been asked but I'm a newbie here! I think my kids have dropped some food, small part of toy or something into the seatbelt receptor (dunno what else to call it lol) and now its jammed and not accepting the seat belt. I figured I'd see if I could unbolt it and...
  6. difference between cam belts?

    Primastar engine has been changed out - was a F9Q but now has a F9A. Thought cam belts were the same but the cam belt for the F9Q does not fit. is the F9A engine 'taller' or the head thicker/ please?
  7. Belts Timing/cam

    Hi all I have a 2011 Renault Scenic Mk3, 1.5dci (engine Type K9K) Question, The Maintenance Programme states that I need to replace the Accessories belt and rollers and replace the timing belt and rollers at 6 years or 96000 miles, I always thought it was at 72000 miles or am I mixing it up with...
  8. Odd whirring sounds - heating/air-con or belts?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi folks, Got an odd issue which I am putting under heating/cooling... a wild guess. The motor is a Clio estate 1.5dCi (2011). Any thoughts welcome as I'd love to be forearmed before giving the Renault garage a ring. I'm not particularly car savvy - sorry. I had a long drive from...
  9. quite quiet engine but tappy belts

    My Clio is nearing 90000 miles and still drives like a dream the engine is quiet the only noise is coming from the belt pullies anyone got any tips to quiet them down .... And its louder when lights on
  10. drive belts

    can any one help I have a laguna iii 2.0l diesel 150 it has 80000 0n the clock now when do the drive belts need changed im shure they are over due any help of the cost to change I no the timming belt is on a chain im just wanting to no about the drive belts or belt help!:mad:
  11. Squeeky belts + Car not starting first time = ?

    I have a scenic fidji 2003. Lately it has had a squeeky belt so I took it to the garage and was told it needed an 'alternator tensioner' or something similar. Its booked in to get fixed next week for that. Lately the car hasnt been starting first time, just turning over and over until the kids...
  12. Renualt Master 2.5DCI 2007 belts

    Hi, Does anyone have a diagram of the belts which go on the alternator and power steering pump etc etc. I have a master 2007 which was a tyre van and has a PTO fitted and I'm wanting to remove it and need a diagram of what it was like when it left the factory. Also any help with the size belt...
  13. Espace seat belts back row

    Apologies if I am doing this wrong but on Friday after having my 2003 espace for 3 months I went to use the rear seats, 6 and 7 for occasional extra people and I have found that both seatbelts have been cut rendering them absolutely useless I have been quoted nearly. £100 per seat belt just for...
  14. Squeaky belts

    I have a squeaky timing belt can I spray it with WD40 it only squeaks when idling
  15. Seat belts 2002 clio

    Hi all, The seat belt tension mechanism(2002 Clio) appears reluctant to allow pull out - I suppose that I can remove the door post trim to access the mechanism - but what would the problem likely to be and can I fix it ? I have only recently found these forums and now search and read with...
  16. belts

    Cars & motoring
    hi just a thought chaps,does a timing belt usually snap on startup,if it's going to snap at all.
  17. W Reg Clio - Rear Seat Belts

    Hi Folks! Being a newbie to the site :confused:, I have done a search but not found the answer to my Clio problem (yet! :() so thought I would have a go at posting! :d Anyway, we have a W Reg Clio in which both rear seat belts have"locked" and are unusable! The Centre one is OK, but the...
  18. Announcement 2008 Megane Cam Belts

    To save this being buried under many engine problems I though it may be better posted here & hopefully will buy other members in a similar situation a few quid for a little while longer than they may have previously thought. Mods please feel free to move this thread if required. My Megane...
  19. Modus - how to anchor rear seat belts

    Hi All, I've just brought a 2005 Modus that had the rear seats taken out. I've put them back in but cant see how the 2 outside rear seat belts anchor in, I can see a gap on the outside of seat that looks like its where the anchor point should fix to but theres no mechanism inside. Should there...
  20. Cam Belts an expensive lesson learned

    Well got my Scenic 2 to the garage and yes the cam belt had snapped, breaking 12 out of 16 valves and the crankshaft. Thankfully as I had AA repairs insurance and had the car serviced they paid out £475, still leaving me with a bill for £800. I turned down an offer from Renault when they...