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  1. 1984 trafic rimini bent speedo needle

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Anyone know how to get the instrument cluster out and if it's possible to straighten or replace the speedo needle, it gets stuck at 20mph Cheers
  2. Megane II headlight socket bent

    Changed headlight bulbs on my megane for some more powerful ones ( Philips XtreameVision), right on went normal because there is bigger hole where i could see what I was doing, but the left one I messed up badly. I somehow managed to bend the bulb holder or however you call it and now bulb moves...
  3. 2009 Clio Bent Wheel

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi Guys, Bought a 59 Plate Clio 1.2 Extreme around a month ago, and have begun to notice one of the rear wheels is bent inwards compared to the other, with the top facing inwards and the bottom jutting out a little. I'm a fairly new driver, so wasn't entirely sure if this was a problem at all...
  4. Megane mk3, bent impact bar after a rear end impact.

    Hello all. Had some idiot tailgate me for a mile before ploughing into the back of me. Apart from a dented and creased rear bumper, a few chips, a misaligned tail light and bumper on one side and a licence plate light that only works when I hit it, the exterior doesn't seem too bad. Still...
  5. Renault clio 1.6 16 valve timing belt shredded are the valves bent

    Hello and thankyou to the people who have time to read this. My 1.6 16v clio,s timing belt has shredded. Has it caused damage to my valves or is it luck of the drawn that my valves are ok.
  6. Renault Laguna I rear axle bent

    Steering and Suspension
    After i hit the curb with the rear wheel, now the wheel is bent inwards. I removed the rear brake drum, and i think the rear axle is bent downwards. Can it be removed?How much am i looking to spend?
  7. Please help :( 1.5dci Megane over fuelling cylinder 2 bent conrod & injector failure

    Please help :( 1.5dci Megane over fuelling cylinder 2 bent conrod & injector failure Hi All. 6 months ago and counting the megane had high pressure in the sump. This is after changing fuel pump and a couple of oil filters, injector, oil pump and turbo. We run 3 cleaners but could not get...
  8. megane valves bent

    Hi there I am from south africa,looking for help for 1 of my friends with his Renault megane 1.6 16v rxe 2000model.All 16 his valves are bend,but the timing belt is not broken,does anyone have an idea why this happened,maybe the tensioner pulley that went slack or what other explanation can...
  9. laguna dti bent valves

    Hi i'm in the process of sorting out a laguna 1.9dti with a broken cam belt, I've got two valves stuck in the head as the stems are distorted above the guides and therefore cant be pulled out. has anyone got a reliable procedure to get em out (without handing the head to a machine shop lol)...
  10. Senic bent valves

    I have a 2003 Renault Senic with bent valves. The original problem was accessory belt pieces went into timing belt area and jumped timing belt teeth and bent valves. Since then it has bent valves twice when all timing marks are perfect "timing has not moved at all" . It has bent the valves both...
  11. Clio 1.2 8 v - Bent Valves

    Hi all, im new to the forum and this is my 1st post so sorry if i go on a bit:crazy: I had my cam belt & tensioner replaced a few days ago along with the water pump. Yesterday i broke down due to a sudden loss of power and when the recovery came out they said that the cam belt had either...
  12. 40+ bent valves??

    Hi guys, here we go again,my little 01 plate megane coupe 1.6 16v 62k mls fitted with the K4M 700 engne has just made contact with the valves for the 3rd time :confused: when l purchased it from a friend 2-3 month ago with a snapped timing belt l O/hauled the cylinderhead 16 new valves,valve...
  13. bent dent on the sill due to hydraulic Jack

    :eek: Hi everyone.. got distracted by the kids while getting the car down from the axel stands. Due to the wrong positioning of the hydraulic jack, there was the sill has bent just under the door. SEE attached image the door is closing properly... I guess getting this fixed will cost a lot...
  14. broken or bent or stuck engine VALVE HELP

    hi, i have a laguna 3.0 v6 1999, with 142,000 on the clock... the problem is one of the 6 (v6) valves has stuck or bent or broken the car still starts and drives just has less power lost about 30-50%, my question is can i repair the valve my self if yes how? if not how much will it cost thanks
  15. 16 Bent Valves :(

    Hi I am a new Renault owner and new to the forum:d Last week i purchased a 2001 2.0 Scenic and me and my partner fell in love with the car. I done a bit of research on the site and read up about the common noisy dephaser pulleys. So i booked the car in to have new cambelt and dephaser pulley...
  16. Megane 1.4 16v - Timing belt slipped; valves bent?

    Hi all I have recently bought a 1.4 16v megane. It has full service history but no history on a cam belt change so I thought I would change it. All went well apart from the camshaft pulleys where very slightly out but I got it to fit, I thought this would be ok as it seemed to be running ok...
  17. Cylinder Head possibly bent valves

    Hi All, My first of many posts no doubt, and it's a quick questions... Armed with a Haynes manual I decided to jump straight into the deep end of my car and change the head gasket due to the fact I was losing coolant... After getting cylinder 1 to TDC as described in Haynes I removed the...
  18. £500 to much for a change of bent valves

    hi anyone no if £500 is to much for a change of bent valves on a renault scenic 16v 2000 reg already had new waterpump and change of timing belt as it snapped that was 250 on its own
  19. bent valves ?

    Hi IVe just had a go at doing my timing belt on a 2.2 dci laguna borrowed the timing tools so i would not get it wrong but boy did I.I forgot to take the camshaft locks off before starting up it took about 12 teeth off the belt tried another belt just turns over are these engines on rockers...
  20. Bent Crossmember = MOT failure?

    Sadly tuesday last week i had my first ever accident in my clio mk1. I had a good old look for some damage and at first i only found a dent in the bonnet and that the bonnet had trouble closing, no engine damage so i thought i was lucky. Next day when i had more time had a thorough look and...