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  1. Need Driveshafts but when I buy new the hub splines are too big!!

    Campervan Chat
    Does anyone know where to get new driveshafts with smaller diameter splines at the hub end? I***8217;ve tried to buy new ones twice using the reg but they all have 28mm diameter which is too big!
  2. Beware! Big Brother

    General Chat
    Watch Out! the spies are out!:frown2::frown2:
  3. Big problems with scenic

    Hi all I signed up to get some help and hope i can get this car sorted before sending it to the scrappy. I brought the scenic mk2 off what i thought to be a good family member only being told (and on the MOT check site) rear tyre needs replacing and and a bad keycard, well found i needed 2...
  4. Big Blue Cookie Irritation - *SOLVED*

    Computer Club
    I am now sat at home and the solution I created at work has sorted my main PC at home, no more Big Blue Cookie Irritation, here are the instructions to remove it:- This will only work on a browser that is capable of utilising add ons and you can get uBlock Origin add on for it 1. Remove...
  5. Same day bought Renault Master has died on motorway, big rattling cambelt not snapped

    Hello folks, Had a nightmare,bought a Renault Master dci 100 2.5 extra hi top van in very good condition for money, great body,really tidy, seats mint etc, yesterday knowing it had no 1st gear, absolute bargain due to but big problems driving back from my sisters last night. Van was driving...
  6. A big hello and introduction

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Good morning all, Just joined this forum so thought I'd introduce myself to you all and say a friendly "hello" I'm Nige from north Lincs (south side of Humber). I've not actually got a Renault yet but hopefully will be the proud owner by the weekend, I'm looking at getting a Laguna coupe so...
  7. Big problem?

    I posted previously about an oil leak on my 54 plate grand scenic, it turned out to be the oil breather pipe which kept coming off. I attached the hose and secured with a jubilee clip yesterday but then today I was driving about, went to pull out of a junction and got the 'low oil pressure'...
  8. Big Heads

    General Chat
    Just watching "Big Heads" on the telly mad but very funny just my humour, oh well:grin2::grin2::grin2:
  9. The big squeal

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    hi all heidi has got the real big squeal happening, and my voltmeter to leisure batt usually reads 14.7 when running now reads 13, just wondering is it just fan belt or could it be anything else also is it an easy fix as prefer to do myself as she is costing me quite a bit at the moment...
  10. Scenic 2 big fuses

    Hi guys I have a problem I seem to have a parasitic drain on the battery and I have managed to trace it back to a large fuse under the top fuse box in the engine compartment. It is a 70 amp. there is a fuse at the front which is 40 amp then there is a space with no fuses then there is the one I...
  11. K9K 1.5 big end bearing change

    HI, I have put in the engine prefix because to be honest this question is about a Nissan Note which has exactly the same engine as the 1.5 diesel Clio (hence the reason I'm tasked with the job of fixing it!) I haven't yet take the bearing shells out yet mainly because despite many posts on a...
  12. Big thanks from Chris Knott

    Chris Knott Insurance
    I'd just like to thank every club member who has taken out car insurance through the Chris Knott Car Club Scheme so far in 2016. Every month (for the 7 months in a row) we've beaten our New Business target and we're now almost 10% ahead of where we expected to be. It's thanks to you and we're...
  13. Dacia making big gains in the UK

    Motoring news
    Dacia making big gains in the uk with the owners giving the cars the big thumbs you will probably know its a Romanian company owned by renault..:wink2: Best Tow Cars - Duster is ranked @ No1. http://www.carbuyer....d/best-tow-cars Top 10 best cars for dog owners - Logan ranked @ No9...
  14. scenic3 big garage bill ????

    General Chat
    Hi there been having loads of problems with my 10 reg grand scenic3 dci expecting it back from the garage after new year just wondering if you want to guess how much it's gonna cost.....I'll give you a list of what's happened 1.oil light came on in car park looked underneath all oil had come...
  15. Genuine or big con

    Computer Club
    Having found yesterday that I've screwed up my Genuine retail version of Windows, I've been trawling the net today to see if I can get a pucka replacement disk. I dropped on this site which allegedly is Microsoft, where you input your serial key & download a genuine ISO file to generate a...
  16. HELP laguna dci 1.9 white smoke after big turbo fitted

    General tuning
    hi guys im new here and in need of some help my car is a 2005 laguna dci 1.9 120bhp rite here goes a few weeks back the car started to smoke\burn oil as turbo was on its way out i removed down pipe and air intake on turbo to conferm this so started looking for a turbo look all over and decided...
  17. 2006 1.9 Megane Diesel 62k kilometers - Big AC Issues?

    Heating & cooling
    After being told by the owner it was a leak, I took the Megane to a mechanic and they; 1. Charged it but determined there was a leak 2. Changed hoses - no fix - so they replaced the condenser 3. No fix - The found Stop Leak abundantly throughout the systems - tried to clear - no -fix 4. Are now...
  18. Hello from a Clio II dCi owner and big thank you!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Thought it was about time that I joined. Proud owner of a 2004 Clio II dCi 65 that I have something of a love-hate relationship with... you guys have been invaluable in helping with the many niggles that this car has been throwing up, frustratingly in increasing number as of late. Just wanted...
  19. 1.4 Clio 8 valve main & big end clearances

    Hi Looking for the clearance specifications Regards Walter
  20. Clio 1.2 8v Big end & Main bearing torque settings

    Hi I am looking for the torque settings as per title. Thanks Walter