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  1. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi all I signed up to get some help and hope i can get this car sorted before sending it to the scrappy. I brought the scenic mk2 off what i thought to be a good family member only being told (and on the MOT check site) rear tyre needs replacing and and a bad keycard, well found i needed 2...
  2. Computer Club
    I am now sat at home and the solution I created at work has sorted my main PC at home, no more Big Blue Cookie Irritation, here are the instructions to remove it:- This will only work on a browser that is capable of utilising add ons and you can get uBlock Origin add on for it 1. Remove...
  3. Vans
    Hello folks, Had a nightmare,bought a Renault Master dci 100 2.5 extra hi top van in very good condition for money, great body,really tidy, seats mint etc, yesterday knowing it had no 1st gear, absolute bargain due to but big problems driving back from my sisters last night. Van was driving...
  4. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    hi all heidi has got the real big squeal happening, and my voltmeter to leisure batt usually reads 14.7 when running now reads 13, just wondering is it just fan belt or could it be anything else also is it an easy fix as prefer to do myself as she is costing me quite a bit at the moment...
  5. Electronics
    Hi guys I have a problem I seem to have a parasitic drain on the battery and I have managed to trace it back to a large fuse under the top fuse box in the engine compartment. It is a 70 amp. there is a fuse at the front which is 40 amp then there is a space with no fuses then there is the one I...
  6. Engines
    HI, I have put in the engine prefix because to be honest this question is about a Nissan Note which has exactly the same engine as the 1.5 diesel Clio (hence the reason I'm tasked with the job of fixing it!) I haven't yet take the bearing shells out yet mainly because despite many posts on a...
  7. Engines
    Hi I am looking for the torque settings as per title. Thanks Walter
  8. Engines
    Seems the knocking from the engine is a big end,does this mean a new crank as well,bugger Laguna 1.9dci
  9. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi, The brake fluid hasn't been changed in at least 9 years on the above super 5 we have in France that is only used over the summer. After being able to feel the bottom of the pedal travel I look it to a main dealer asking for the fluid to be changed. They are saying the master cylinder needs...
  10. Interiors
    Hi, I removed the battery and the ECU in my Megane II 1.6 16v (K4M 760 Petrol Engine) in order to change a TDC sensor.. I was surprised to see a hole in one of the pipes bellow the battery/ECU (Please see photos).. What is this pipe for? What a hole like this can cause to the car?
  11. Engines
    As I said in my other thread my car (laguna II 1.9dci) dropped all it's coolant and overheated causing the engine to stop itself. With the coolant pipe fixed I drove home about 300 miles with thin burnt oil (but plenty of it). Now I have a tapping sound coming from around (I think) the bottom of...
1-11 of 62 Results