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  1. Happy birthday Bagpuss

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    Another day and one year older..let the be lots of cake and nooky..:laugh:
  2. Birthday greets to phil!

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  3. Happy Birthday Twodogs

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    @twodogs Happy Birthday and thank you for all you put into the forum.... and put up with :grin2:
  4. Happy Birthday Nexxusone

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    Many happy returns @Nexxusone and enjoy your day
  5. Happy Birthday Phil48

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    Happy birthday mate, have a good one :wink2:
  6. Happy Birthday Batty

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    Many happy returns Stu and I hope you have a great day buddy:wink2:
  7. Doddy's 90th Birthday!!!

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    Many Happy Returns Doddy long may you reign:grin2::grin2::grin2: Just one thing to ask can you leave your joke book in your will to Ours2012 Please :grin2::grin2::grin2::grin2::grin2::grin2::grin2:
  8. Happy Birthday Lady H

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    She's probably going kill me now:grin2: But I just wanted to say happy birthday to a lovely person and let her know how appreciated she is on here, and more importantly as a person/friend .. I know it's a day late Heather but I hope you had a great day:x:x:x
  9. Nottnocs Birthday!

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    Congrats Tim on surviving to reach 65 Have a great day youngster:beer::bowdown::toast::popcorn::):beer:
  10. Happy Birthday Nexxusone

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    Many happy returns Nexxusone. Hope you have a good day.
  11. Happy Birthday Phil

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    Hope you have a great day Phil:bowdown::bowdown: Happy Birthday:toast::toast::cheers::cheers::beer:
  12. Happy Birthday TwoDogs

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    Many happy returns Twodogs.. Have a great day..
  13. Happy 20th Birthday Clio

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    My Prima Clio (like Nicole's and Papa's) is now over twenty years and there's NO RUST anywhere. What did Renault do back in 1996 to rustproof these little cars? This little Clio can be stripped and rebuilt, quite easily, with just a socket set and a small tool kit. Its what its not got that...
  14. Happy Birthday Phil

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    Many happy returns of the day Phil. Hope you had a good day mate you deserve it.. Stu
  15. Happy Birthday Chuffs

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    Happy birthday mate I hope you have a good un.. Dave and Frank said you were 60 the lying sods:mad: I put them right and said your only 55 anyway buddy:moonie: Stu
  16. The 65th Birthday Cake!!

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    This is the cake SWMBO had made for my 65th.. theres not much left now:d:d,i just can't seem to get away from excavators!!!:d:d
  17. Fans mark Schumacher birthday with hospital vigil

    Formula 1 news of Michael Schumacher have gathered for a vigil outside the French hospital in Grenoble where the seven-time Formula One world champion is being treated following his skiing accident. Schumacher, who is currently in a...
  18. McLaren celebrate their 50th birthday

    Formula 1 news marked their 50th anniversary on Monday with a celebratory event at their UK headquarters. Staff witnessed the historic running of a number of iconic McLaren cars, driven by - among others - the team's current drivers, Jenson Button...
  19. Horner recognised in Queen's birthday honours list

    Formula 1 news Bull's team principal Christian Horner has been awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in the Queen's birthday honours list. Horner, 39, has been recognised for his services to motorsport. "I'm naturally shocked," the Englishman...
  20. Happy Birthday HeatherJ

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    Happy Birthday HeatherJ I hope you had a good one :) :toast: