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  1. bit of an add on to the dash that may help others

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    so the mrs 107 had no usb charging ports so i thought i would add some and a voltage gauge as a member did on another forum , also a handy place for when ever she charges her phone or has to use the sat nav just waiting get the red volt meter as they sent blue
  2. A Bit of Renault History

    Cars & motoring
    Some surprises here for you!:wink2:
  3. Strange bit of metal in Turbo

    Had this 2014 master 3 dropped off to the workshop the other day with a limp mode issue, initial engine scan showed that all 4 glow plugs had issues, but none that would put it in limp. Checked from GPM and only 1 was low resistance, changed the naff one and again same codes. Checked for the...
  4. Thought you might enjoy this ,musis a bit naff mind you !

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  5. Espace 3 III DP0 reverse auto gear 'slips a bit' the other gears perfect

    Hi guys, As you might recall I have had my Grand Espace for abut 7 years now. The auto box has always been fine, never a problem, i have changed the oil occasionally, last time some months ago. Odd thing today - I noticed that when I engage reverse it is a bit slow and if I accelerate as I...
  6. bit of info and fun

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    this guy is good turns a normal video into fun
  7. Clio III, bit of a project

    My mottah!
    Not my car, but a family members, here it is, a 1.4 litre petrol Dynamique... A rather noticeable scratch on drivers door Polished out Installed a dashcam (and a new drive belt, which turned out to be the wrong size) Out with the old stereo In with the new stereo One of the...
  8. Electrics have gone a bit dodgy

    Hi all I have a RENAULT CLIO EXTREME 2 AUTHENTIQUE (1149cc PETROL, 3 Door HATCHBACK When I got the car everything was fine on it. But not long after I noticed things went working like they should . Interior light doesn't come on when you open the door. The warning alarm for when you leave the...
  9. Hello, need a bit of help

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello from Estonia and sorry about my bad English :grin2: I just got my first Renault Laguna II a couple of weeks ago, never had a Renault before. Car has a 1.8 88kw engine and manual gearbox. Actually found this forum because I have a problem with starting the car, one morning it didnt work...
  10. A bit of advice buying a Clio estate

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all first of sorry if this is in the wrong place trying to get used to using these forums lol Basically I was originally looking a Peugeot 207 SW as a second car for the dogs etc and some suggested the Clio estate is a better car so I am investigating this option now hopefully with a bit of...
  11. Bit of a rant...from a newbie

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    I have just joined the forum, but I have visited here many times in the past, I like to think over the years I have been a bit of a Renault fan, In the past I have owned a R16, R18, Fuego, a Phase 2 Espace (which I still have but more about that later) and my latest Renault a 2005 Grand Scenic...
  12. Bit of Fun Video - Stripping a Cylinder Head

    General Chat
    Hi All, Thought we would have a bit of fun doing a time lapse stripping an RB25DET Cylinder head... The keener of you will note, we didn't number valves etc when they came out, but this was a damaged head, so stripped down to sell off the parts to you guys Let us know what you think :)...
  13. nobbly bit

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys No question is a stupid one so i'm gonna ask this :laugh: I have removed the plastic cowling from the back of the mirrors both sides as they are tatty and need sorting. However on the passenger side there is a nobbly bit with wires attached here's a picture of a ebay one Mirror...
  14. Alternative Uses for Tools **Bit of Fun**

    General Chat
    You get the idea, sillier the better........ Pictures Please...... Sorry about the focus, well tis the smallest room :frown2: Been doing some bathroom Cladding. Piggin Cloaking strip wouldn't stay still whilst adhesive was setting. This is the method. Tools from the 1970's helped.
  15. Bit pointless but meh

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    Just thought I'd let you all know my leaky megane 2 convertible has just hit 60k miles and passed its mot with no advisories all in the same week :D So I'm made up. As the title says pointless thread really but I'm super chuffed and wanted you all to know lol Merry February to you all ;)
  16. Renault Kangoo 1.5 DCI 2003 Little bit of blue & white smoke

    Please Help Yesterday i went and got some injector cleaner from halfords (because i am too miserable to buy diesel i thought i would try and save a few miles) put it in and filled the tank . Now my Renault Kangoo 1.5dci has a small amount blue/white smoke coming from the exhaust when siting...
  17. busted the bit that hose connects to on heater blower at side of the air /heater 198

    Heating & cooling
    i have a 1989 1.7 petrol renault trafic campervan was changing spark spark plugs and busted the bit where the hose connects to on the heater thing that is up the top underneath the middle of engine bay it was held on by 2 small bolts has a metal bar on it i am struggling to describe as dont have...
  18. Espae engine a bit rought running

    I have an Espace but despite being 6 years old it has only done 17,000 miles from new. It was not used for a period of time when I bought it but although everthing works, the engine is a little lumpy. ie not quite as smooth as it should be. It runs well and seems to have full power but when...
  19. A bit grubby around the edges

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone, I joined nearly 3 years ago but don't think I posted here. As I have been scuffing around on here and lurking I feel a bit grubby around the edges and can't really call meself a newbie. I recently sought advice about the wife's Clio and the pathetic excuse for what are normally...
  20. Audi A3 Rear brakes a bit worn.

    My lad recently bought yet another new, old banger.:crying: 1998 Audi A3 1.8T. Yes, the seller said it needs the rear brakes doing but bleedin hell. Maybe a bit late for the old sandpaper clean up.:d Had to borrow an air fed rewind tool to keep the pressure on the pistons because they were...