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  1. Clio mk4 (2015) Wiper Blade Replacement

    Recently bought some Bosch Aerotwins to replace the front and rear blades but I’m having problems removing the current Renault ones. Anyone know how to remove blades with this type of fitting? Can’t see anything about this type anywhere else online. I’ve tried pushing the button on left side and...
  2. Wiper blade sizes for Clio dCi mk2 ( Solved )

    Hi all, probably a silly question but I'm not sure what the correct size blades are for the front windscreen of my mk2 2001 clio dCi. I know the rear one is 12 inches but I'm seeing twin packs sold online which comprise 21 inches for both or 21 inches for driver and 18 inches for passenger...
  3. Blade fuses keep blowing

    Renault Mégane 1.5dci 10 plate. The cigarette lighter sockets seem to blow the fuse quite regularly. Am I right in thinking that they are 20 amp 'mini'? I am using the same items (FM transmitter and a air compressor), and they work for about 6 months then the fuse will blow. Any reason for...
  4. FS: Whiteline Rear Sway Bar 18mm Heavy Duty Blade Adjustable Rena... - TMS Motorsport

    TMS Motorsport
    More great items brought to you by: THE MOFF SHOP / TMS MOTORSPORT FS: Whiteline Rear Sway Bar 18mm Heavy Duty Blade Adjustable Renault Clio This Whiteline 18mm 2 point adjustable sway bar = more grip = better handling = outright performance - it's the best dollar for dollar handling...
  5. Wiper blade collision **Fixed**

    Ascending Carter Bar (Scottish border) in a snow storm late yesterday afternoon the wiper arms/blades on 05 G Scenic decided to have a meeting. On inspection the N/S arm was working normally but only one drive shaft for the driver's wiper was working (the middle of the 3 shafts). To get home I...
  6. lost key blade renault clio mk2 2002

    Tools & equipment
    my wife came out of supermarket and discovered that the key blade was gone out of remote-dont know how this happened--remote still opened central locking for her but no way to start car--------unfortunatly we only have 1 remote key------we have a second key but it has no remote(not a transponder...
  7. Is there an easy way to replace air vent blade?

    I'm a Renault virgin, having bought a Laguna phase 2 just 3 weeks ago. I love the car already but there are a couple of little items that need my attention. I'm no mechanic and I feel a bit silly asking: 1) The 2 vents above the centre console have the top "blade" missing. I found the blades in...
  8. 3 button switch blade fob

    I've been searching all night and I can't find anything on how to open up the dam key fob. can anyone point me in the right direction before I attack it with some force please. Its for a 2010 Clio. As above its the 3 button switchblade version with the silver Renault badge on the back...
  9. Wiper blade and arm on Renault Megane - HELP!

    Hi, I've got a MkIII Renault Megane (2011), and I tried changing the larger wiper blade the other day. Am not used to this type of fitting (last car I had was a MkI Ford Focus), but I couldn't really get the blade off, and now whenever I go to wipe the larger blade catches on the smaller one...
  10. Replacing wiper blade.

    Have just bought a replacement wiper and linkage as old one too worn to take new bearings. Old one has pretty ne blade on but I cannot see m to unclip and part of the plastic clip has snapped off. How can I get it off and re use on new part? :confused:
  11. Wiper Blade Sizes

    Cars & motoring
    What size are the front wiper blades for a 2004 Clio 1.4 16V as I am not too sure whether they should be different or the same?
  12. Megane II keycard key blade

    Hello there, I just purchased a Megane and the main keycard plastic is broken, and the second one I have doesn't have the keyblade so I'd like to get a replacement so I do have a back up in case I lose the working one. My question: I've seen blank key blades on eBay and was wondering if I could...
  13. wiper blade sizes ?

    hi my daughter has a a 2001 scenic 1.6 sport and was wondering what it the correct size for drivers side window wiper i have tried the size it sayed it the manual but it hits the roof when moving and does not clear the bottom part of the screen if that makes sence the wiper it came with...
  14. Scenic 1.9 DCi rear wiper blade problem

    On my 2001 Scenic, I have recently replaced the rear wiper arm and blade with brand new items, but like their predecessor, they are not clearing the rear window properly, and leaving about 40% unwiped, most of it within my vision. Any solutions?
  15. Grand Scenic spare keycards & wiper blade problem.

    Hi, I have recently purchased (from a private sale) a 54 plate 1.9dci Grand Scenic. The o/s wiper blade is missing a large area in its sweep. It doesn't even touch the rain etc, not even smearing it. I have been informed that this looks like a bush at the bottom of one of the arm mounts is...
  16. Dragging wiper blade trafic

    Anŷ ideas,fitted new wiper blades but the drivers side wiper blade drags (jumps) across the screen, very annoying
  17. Single wiper blade?

    Exterior styling
    Ok so I saw a Clio, later model than my 97 but it had a single wiper blade across the front windscreen and that looked sexy. So can anyone tell me how I'd go about doing this or post us a link that'll talk me through it? Was thinking about just diving in and giving it ago, but don't really wanna...
  18. Grand Scenic 54 Wiper blade problem

    I just bought this car and the wipers it cam with are no good, they added water instead of clearing it, anywho I bought some Bosch new ones, But my problem is my wipers when they start from the normal position they drop a little and the end of the driver side blade pushes under the bonnet the...
  19. Wiper Blade Sizes? Clio 1.5dci 65. 54 Plate!

    Hi, Any one have any idea of the correct front wiper blade sizes for my renault clio 54 plate 1.5dci? I've measured the ones fitted and these are both 22" but i recall them supposed to be different sizes? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks alot in advance. Micky.
  20. CLIO 1 - Rear Wiper Blade Connector Clip

    Hi I was replacing the rear wiper on my clio yesterday but when trying to connect the new one, the plastic clip on the end of the wiper arm snapped in half in my hand. I rang renault who claim it isnt a seperate part and id need a whole new wiper arm, im not sure i believe them. Ive hunted...