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  1. how to bleed clutch 2012 grand scenic

    Ask the Experts
    the master cylinder clip broke so I replaced the master cylinder with a Luk one I have fitted it but I cannot bleed the system cannot get the pressure please help
  2. brake bleed order

    a real newb question folks. Grand scenic mk2 2006 1.9dci what order do i bleed the brakes in please and is there anything odd or unusual to watch out for when i do?
  3. Scenic 2006 1.5dci Clutch bleed help

    Hi, Car is a 56 plate Renault scenic - So recently my "clutch resonator" failed and leaked a load of fluid and i lost my clutch pedal, i changed the resonator, it comes as a complete unit with the pipe but i changed just the circular resonator on its own as it just clips on. Anyway i am now...
  4. Megane 3 1.4tce Bleed screws

    Heating & cooling
    Hi guys, I need to take the air out of the cooling system. I found one of the screws that is on a hose above the gearbox, is there any other? Also what is the procedure? Do you just open both screws and wait for the air to come out and the coolant start leaking?
  5. G-Scenic MK.2 Brake Bleed advice

    Time to change brake and clutch fluid in the Scenic(s) Any special order, engine on or off, abs advice ( not to damage ) how much fluid etc?
  6. Renault Trafic SL27 DCi 115 Quickshift clutch bleed

    Hi guys, Could anybody recommend good garage/mechanic to do clutch bleed (it can only be done with laptop using Clip) somewhere around Twickenham area? Thank you
  7. Clutch bleed nipple

    Hi, could I ask members for some advice please. The cylinder that the bleed nipple for the clutch is attached to on a Laguna 2 does not appear to be very secure. It passes through the bell housing, but can be moved quite easily. I need to bleed the clutch, but the bleed nipple is extremely tight...
  8. Coolant Air bleed screw.

    There is only one that I can find on my Kangoo 1.4 engine to ask the question, given I have found where the trapped air is in my system - between the cab heater matrix and the return to the water pump am I right in thinking if I leave that bleed screw open overnight the air might bleed itself...
  9. Garage snapped my nipple. Advice needed please *Fixed**

    Hi guys, My megane went in for repairs post MOT. It just needed drop link and front driver side brake pipe. The work was carried out however, when the mechanic went to bleed the brakes, the bleed nipple crumpled away apparently. So, they called me up, told me what happened and said I will...
  10. Rear Bleed Screw size

    Hi, I have a 2004 Renault Grand Scenic 1.9dci and I need to change a rear caliper bleed screw. Do you know what size I need (e.g. 7mm x 1mm)? Thanks in advance. Damian
  11. new brake drag, nipples stuck, banjo bolt bleed

    hello, i have recently put on new front disc brake pads, which were tight to fit. now i think there is drag on the brakes because the pads are a tight fit. is this bad? i do feel that the car is pushing against them. i did watch a video where the guy talked about the rotor or disc, wearing at...
  12. Renault Kangoo 1.9 diesel unable to bleed air from fuel lines

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum although I have been checking all the posts relevant to my problem. I have a Renault Kangoo 1.9 diesel van (2001 model) and recently I have changed the fuel filter and there is now an awful lot of air in the fuel system which can be seen through the clear fuel...
  13. 1984 Trafic brake bleed nipples

    Campervan Chat
    Hi All, I have a 1984 1649cc Trafic campervan and want to know what bleed nipples it has. Rear right bleed nipple is really rusted and was seized, it was fairly rounded when I went to try and bleed the brakes. I have managed to get it out in one piece but am unsure what size it is so I can...
  14. Renault Master clutch bleed

    Hi All, can anyone tell me or point me to a picture / digram of where the clutch bleed nipple is located on a 2001 renault master ?
  15. Clio 2 1.2, 16V Heater Hose Bleed Screw

    Heating & cooling
    Please could someone point me in the right direction to buy a new thumbscrew bleed screw for this car. Cannot find a sure on the Internet strangely. Thanks
  16. megane 2 clutch slave bleed nipple

    Hi I want to bleed the clutch on my Megane mk2 and I am having problems opening it. My slave unit has two wire clips in front of the nipple and to open it I have pushed in the clip furthest from the nipple and attempted to pull out the pipe one click by lifting the clip nearest to the nipple at...
  17. Bleed vlavle weeping

    Heating & cooling
    What looks like a bleed valve is weeping, if I tighten or loosen it gets worse. It's a bit like a tyre valve dust cap. Tom
  18. espace heater matrix bleed nipple

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all I have a 2004 3.0dci espace and have been told that you have to bleed the heater matrix is this correct? If so how? I know there will be air in there due to the system been empty for 10 years :-/
  19. 2003 clio 1.4 radiator bleed valves

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Guys I need to bleed my cooling system as I believe there is a air lock. I understand there is 2 bleed valves but unsure where these are located. Can anyone help please. Thanks Stu
  20. Laguna mk1 fuel system bleed

    Hello, can't get my laguna to start, injection pump was changed but can't get it going, think the fuel system needs bleeding, this model does not have a bulb, please advise. thanks.